Suggest me some headphones with good bass that can vibrate and shake your head?
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I have the ATH-Pro700MK2s and when I crank up the bass boost on my e17 or on my X-Fi it can rattle my teeth.  You can feel it shaking the side of your face.  It feels like a bunch of tiny hands punching you in the jaw...

I can second this.. I just got a amplifier for my set today and the bass litterally is destorying my face.. so much bass its insane.. hopefully I don't hurt the headphones haha..
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I have the ATH-Pro700MK2s and when I crank up the bass boost on my e17 or on my X-Fi it can rattle my teeth.  You can feel it shaking the side of your face.  It feels like a bunch of tiny hands punching you in the jaw...

Oh man those things are crazy 

I didn't like how uncomfortable they were but the BASS......
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Well, I have just an M80 with the Digizoid ZO2.3 and it will vibrate to the bass of DnB and Dubstep with enough bass to make me thrilled, and they aren't concidered "basshead" kit. The bassiest headphones have been mentioned and yours are up there so maybe get the ZO it does boost bass a ton without my M80s distorting at all. I'm impressed. besides, when you listen to other genres you can adjust the bass a ton.
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if you really want a "Vibrating Headphones" i suggest get a skull candy skull crasher then turn the subwoofer to the highest and for more vibrate... get a digizoid zo2 then max the bass setting.. you will get super vibrating power haha
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I'm sorry but what are you thinking? Bass that shakes your eyes blurry? That much sound pressure will cause massive hearing damage. If you want visceral bass get a speaker rig.
And there is another 19800hz of the human hearing frequency response besides bass.

If you're listening to bass so loud that your vision is literally blurring then you are permanently damaging your hearing. Despite not sounding as painful as loud, piercing treble, it actually causes hearing damage as or more easily (perceived volume vs actual SPL). I know pro audio people who were having "fun" with bass and a couple days after the ringing calmed down had a severe throat infection + permanent hearing loss.

No offense meant, but that's basically the audio equivalent of huffing spray paint for kicks. No headphones will do that at normal volume levels.

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Just demo'd these " House Of Marley Revolution" Headphones, and despite the terrible reccession and peircing highs, the bass rumbles so low that you DO get that subwoofer effect when your vision is blurry and your teeth are being grinded to bits. I absolutely hated the sound. I am a basshead but that amount was unbearable.
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Avoid the m50's theyre not real basshead phones, also the xb1000's are sub bass focused, they have probably the most sub bass you can get out of a headphone but theyre all rumble no slam, same with lcd-2's

My suggestion is get the ath pro-700's mkII and either keep em stock or switch them out with black beyer gel pads. Out of the box theyre only relatively bassy but they scale up exponentially with stronger amps and eq. The bass on these is insane and they never distort.

The sony xb500s have the most bass you can get stock i think, definetly in my experience thats the case and they can be eq'd even further but the quality of the bass isn't all that, kind of muddy and also I've blown out the drivers on 3 ******* pairs already, amp with caution.

Never heard the q40's but theyre supposed to be comparable to the ath pro700mk2's
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  Thanks for your suggestions, i will have a look into the PRO700MK2 to see if its worthy.

M-Audio Q40 & digizoid ZO2.1 is what I've been rocking and this config can definitely shake your head, I've been using XB500 before but the Q40 offers the same bass quantity when powered with ZO (lvl 8~12 vs lvl 3~4 with XB500) and it's also of much better quality!

I've yet to find a better combo but it should be stressed, Q40 I think are picky headphones, it will vary depending on source & amp how great they sound. I greatly prefer the sound of ZO2.1 as opposed to the latest ZO2.3 when the source has good synergy with it but it can also sound bad with other sources, damn this hobby is such a complex matter. All I know is that my current Realtek ALC1150 Asrock Extreme6 z87 board + ZO2.1 has excellent synergy and sounds awesome (better result than using SoundBlaster ZxR as source why I'm selling it)
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If you want to have a new headphones with good bass, my suggestion is SR80i .
In my opinion, I think SR80i has the much more healthy and better bass than XB700.
To be honest, SONY XB700 owns two much bass, but it is a pity that the bass has already covered the medium and high frequency of the headphones.
My friend has owned SR80i for half a year, this summer I have heard it with some pop music.
It was amazing and before that I have never heard the sound which was so dynamic and attractive.
My English is not so good, so please do not mind... :)

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