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Stax SR-009: Best Headphone Ever Made? - Head-Fi TV, Episode 008

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Jun 28, 2011.
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  1. marone

    Yes. It's just a matter of priorities. If you save $500 a year for enough years you can do it.
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  2. justin w. Contributor
    the SR-009 cost about $1/day if you look at expected depreciation.  most people spend more than that on coffee.  though in the case of previous high-end headphones like the Orpheus, HE60, Sony R10, Sony Qualia, AKG K1000, Stax SR-007 mk1, Stax Omega...you end up getting back all your money or more.  
    so far cant rent to own them though :)
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  3. catspaw
    I gotta say, there must be a huge amount of honor and trust among audiphiles.... If someone asked me to borrow my HE-400 id probably pull out a gollum.
  4. MrTechAgent
    Ahhh can never forget that evening I spent with the he60's , I wish I could find them or tell my uncle to give them away to me :D
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  5. catspaw
    Well, the life of an audiphile is terribly hard, mainly becouse there is always "something better".
    at 10.000 dollars for the ultimate setup, i belive Its slightly too much. It limits the market extensivly.
    I wonder on the other hand, what is the cost of manufacture of those headphones.
    I mean... its hard to belive its even over 1000 dollars. (thou it could be possible, but somehow i doubt it).
    Lucky for me I am already happy with my HE-400.
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  6. Kurios
    You can? I am looking for a new car in that price range. And is'nt a 300ZX a damn fine car. Hmm, no 300ZX for sale around here, but how about some 350Z?: http://www.autoscout24.de/Details.aspx?id=237826848&asrc=st|sr
    That ..or a headphone?
  7. catspaw
    Id really love to know what the production cost of those HP is :D.
  8. schorsch
    I listen also to records (the vinyl sort :))
    I carefully clean my records before I play them and try to avoid dust....
    Regards Georg
  9. Angelbelow
    Heard the ones that Darin brought to the recent San Diego meet... and boy.. they were amazing. Easily the best headphones I tried out at the meet.
  10. Gradius
    $4300?  At that price I would go with stereo speakers.
  11. arnaud Contributor
    Good luck with that. I go to high end speaker show in Tokyo each and every year. Well, each and every year I am comforted with my choice. And we're not talking 4300usd per loudspeaker there even...
  12. AnakChan Moderator
    Actually, one setup that did wow me at the speaker show this year (I went again on the last day after we met up), was the Wilson Audio. Hated the looks but they did sound really great.
    Back on the headphone topic though are there many SR-009 owners here (and barring price) who feel the Abyss is a decent contender? I have to admit, I was quite wow-ed by the Abyss & LAu combo (driven off my AK120 as transport/source - imagine what an Invicta or MSB would do).
  13. cszdcr
    I did want to order one before when I was in Japan but I was told this is needed to queue about half year.
  14. Gradius
    Very funny review:
    "Upon purchasing this pair of headphones, At first, I was extremely pleased. All I had to do to purchase them was sell my first born child, and a tad bit of prostitution. But it was well worth it. Although the quality is stellar, for the price I paid, I assumed there to be some type of extra features. I don't exactly know what I was expecting, but something along the lines of turning into a robot that I could ride, or shoot out diamond encrusted dollar bills or something. If you are looking for something along these lines, you will be extremely disappointed. These headphones were definitely not worth my son. If you have a spare daughter, that should be okay. Overall, these headphones are alright. The quality is noticeably better than my old apple headphones. It is a close call, but it's only takes a few sacrifices, so I think it is well worth it."
    Btw, for $4K you can get something really good (speakers).  You don't need to burn $200K for a pair of speakers, after all 48kHz @ 24-bit is good enough and perfection is something doesn't exists.
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  15. Kdavis71
    10 to 12 K for a good system but what about the DAC. I think a good DAC would be needed for a Stax Sr-009 set up as well and that drives the price up even more. How much is the DAC used in the review?
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