Sony's new flagship 2014 - MDR-Z7

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by seeteeyou, Jul 24, 2014.
  1. gerelmx1986
    Yes, amazon is safe. I got mine for 300 euros on germany last year
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  2. davidmthekidd
    No warranty?
  3. gerelmx1986
    I got mine with no warranty but they are built like tank, Amazon is safe as something goes wrong with your purchase you can ask them for a refund or replacement.

    That happened to me when I bought my friend a CD Player and within five days it failed, with "NO DISC" error. Amazon Deutschland se the me a new one and I returned the defective unit at no cost
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  4. WildMurph
    I'm currently using a DragonFly black while I pursue the right deal on a PHA-2A/PHA-3 and I must say it sounds great still... When I plug them into a more powerful amp you can definitely tell they like the extra "juice" but for now, they sound amazing even just with the dragonfly... Also, I also have silver cables from
  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I really wouldn't get too hung up on warranty. The Z7 has been out for a long time and has never been flagged as a reliability issue model. Sony does seem to have pretty solid quality control. In general, warranty periods are designed to expire before the major risk to the manufacturer anyway so although it's all odds, odds are that you won't really get to use a warranty anyway.
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  6. RamGuy
    I'm considering to grab a pair of closed-back headphones to go with my Hegel HD12 DAC on my computer as my Sennheiser HD800 (which I love) doesn't cut it all the time as the open-back design doesn't really work when there are lot of noise around in my living room while using them. So I'm considering to grab some great closed-back headphones which I can fall back on.

    There is currently a sale on the MDR-Z7 in my country so I can grab them for 3'500 NOK, basically 350 USD when we consider taxes. I'm looking at these and the Beyerdynamic's T70 250 ohms for 4'000 NOK aka 400 USD. I tend to prefer headphones with good imaging and a wide soundstage. Which do you think would fit me the most?
  7. fullranger
    I paid the same for my Z7's. Haven't heard the Beyers, but theZ7 has a wonderful sound and great comfort.
    Z1R owners say they would also buy back the Z7 because it is similar enough in quality to use as a second pair. I also have Sony EX-1000 IEM's, and they sound excellent though different than the Z7 sound. The Z7 has a softer, lusher sound than the IEMs.
    But enough of that. You can't go wrong with the Z7's. -and you can always sell them if they're not to your liking.
  8. gerelmx1986
    I agree with @fullranger The Z7 have a lush soft sound, not even a hint of piercing highs, not even with good complex JS Bach harpsichord music (english suites f.e.). i will have one year with mine this december, still love them a lot. The sound better with balanced connection
  9. pietcux
    Go get it, the Z7 is very immersive and the average temperature in Norway will help so that you can use it all year. In my town with 4 to 5 month above 30 degrees they are too sweaty in summer.
  10. gerelmx1986
    same here in mexico with temps above 35 celcius
  11. koover
    I live in the Phoenix area where it’s gets to be 120F. I sweat and pant like a dog and I keep on listening to these sweet, lush (as already perfectly described) awesome
    Headphones. That’s how much I love these babies
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  12. pietcux
    I have a second can that can make you sweat like the Z7 and is worth it, the Z1R!
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  13. koover
    Yeah, that one is on the top of my list for next in line.
  14. fullranger
    And I never heard them balanced!
  15. Left Channel
    The MDR-Z7 has a very different sound from any Beyerdynamic cans. The Z7 has rich full bass and an overall stronger but darker sound. I have the Beyerdynamic DT-770, but reviews tell me the T70 has a similar sound signature, with crisp neutral mids and treble, and a very slight "V" shape that assists low-volume listening when needed. I feel the Sony tends to swallow the mids at low volumes. The Beyers have bass, but nothing like the Sony. Neither can be described as bright or as studio monitors. I don't have much to say about sound stage, sorry, because after all both are closed-back cans, and when I want a wider stage I switch to my desktop speakers.

    To me the Beyers sound better with classical, jazz, and most acoustic music, especially if there are vocals, while the Z7 sounds better with pop, rock, soul, and electronica. Your ears may be different in their reactions, but third-party measurements generally match my impressions.

    Their earpads are also very different. The Sony has big leather pads that are very soft, comfortable, and isolating, but may get a little sweaty during long listening sessions. The Beyerdynamics have smaller velour-covered earpads that breath better. Most people are happy with the stock Beyer pads, but they allowed the helix of my big ears to press against the plastic, so I replaced those with angled Brainwavz pads which changed the sound a bit.

    Edit: added the "V" thing.
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