Sony's new flagship 2014 - MDR-Z7

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by seeteeyou, Jul 24, 2014.
  1. dweaver
    Grab a Pono and your all set because you can listen in balanced mode. But even straight from LG V20 the Z7 sounds awesome.
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    It may not be a conventional suggestions, but I really enjoyed the Creative Blaster E5 amp and DAC, plus it was apt x Bluetooth meaning you could stream to it with a phone making a nifty little portable system. Otherwise a Schiit Modi/Magni stack might work or perhaps a used JDS The Element, but personal taste will determine how any suggestion works for you. I did own the Z7 a ways back driven balanced by the PHA3, but you can get by with less and still really enjoy the Z7, in my opinion anyway, but the PHA3 is pretty darn stunning. Yes Pono might get some votes as the FiiO K5 might.
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  3. Xanoc
    I'll look into all of the suggestions!

    How's the mic on the creative?

  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
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  5. pietcux
    I ran the Z7 out of a Fiio E12a. This model is obsolete, but you could get the successor Fiio A5. It will do an awesome job with the Z7, don't worry.
  6. cjfrbw

    After listening to the Z7 with pleasure over several weeks through the headphone jack of an ESS Sabre Yamaha Aventage receiver, I decided to give them a try with more bodacious amplification.

    The upgraded arrangement is Mac Mini server>Airplay>Yamaha Aventage/Sabre Dac>Manley Neo 300b preamp. The Manley has a 1 watt headphone output and is tube rectified. I use it with NOS 182b tubes rather than 300b, because the circuit specs are identical and the 182b is more like a 45 tube with a 5 volt cathode.

    You would expect that better amplification would yield a better sonic result, but I have to admit I was surprised how things got kicked upstairs. Soundstage is even larger, and the sound got incredibly clean, almost stat-like. Bass became much purer sounding with more definition, no sag or push. Any suggestion of bass heaviness or overhang is gone and the bass seems nearly perfect. If I had any "complaint", which I don't really, it would be that some extra treble shimmer might be nice. Went from being enjoyable before to being top notch with the better amp. I now don't just enjoy it, I am impressed with the Z7. Even more curious to hear a Z1R now, will probably haunt a headphone meet to hear one.

    Although it is a very efficient headphone, it does seem to enjoy the extra "discipline" of a more powerful amp arrangement.
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  7. pietcux
    Yes the Z1r is the only natural enemy of the Z7. The only one....
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  8. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I think those who use it really like it. There is a dedicated and active thread for the E5. It is certainly a solid device with far more up side and offers quite a bit for the money asked. Whether or not it is a hit with you, who knows, but it is available at so many sellers you are sure to find one with a great return policy so that you can try and see.
  9. gerelmx1986
    My MDR-Z7 are in Good shape still after one YR, just my XBA-Z5 started to discolor, i bet because the Z5 come in contact with my body oils which react to the anodized painting? vs Z7 cups never come in contact with grease other than when putting them hands touching them, but still good no discoloration on Z7
  10. davidmthekidd
    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently considering these headphones after buying and regretting the Audeze LCD-2's. I cant stand the clamp pressure of the LCD2's and I noticed that Amazon list TWO version of this headphone, one for $499 and the other for $699, can anyone enlighten me as to why the massive price difference and if it is worth the chance getting the international version? any rumors on a replacement of the Z7? i see that most online retailers have them back-ordered. Thanks!

  11. fullranger
    Less expensive is probably a good way to go. Some have gotten them a little cheaper.
    They are super comfortable, and sound great to me.
    The Z7 replacement is the Z1R which is about $2k...
    Pietcux, who owns both stated that "the only natural enemy of the Z7 is the Z1R..."
    If you're new to great headphones, the Z7 is recommended.
  12. gerelmx1986
    I love how this thread still says New flagship :D
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I have an absolutely mint set on sale at for $475 Canadian so pretty solid price there. Sorry, shameless plug I know.
  14. fullranger
    That's totally fair.
    And another Z7 enthusiast can get a great deal!
    I can recommend it.
  15. davidmthekidd
    Its been a few hours since I posted the question, I will ask it once again.

    Does anyone know suggest buying the Z7 from Amazon (international version) for $499? They sell for $699 on retail at most US stores, seems like the international version does not come with Warranty. Any thoughts?

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