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Surprise Arizona
A leader of grown-ups that act like children

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1000+ Head-Fier, Male, from Surprise Arizona

Kickin back and takin it easy. Jan 20, 2018

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    Surprise Arizona
    A leader of grown-ups that act like children
    Wife, family, our sweet little tripod rescue dog named Hope, music, movie nut and a sports fanatic. I'd watch pro badminton if it were on TV. The AZ Cardinals are my sports drug!
    Headphone Inventory:
    *MrSpeakers Aeon Flow open. (The best all around headphone I’ve ever owned/heard for the money. Warm sound signature that I can listen to all day without fatigue. Nice punchy bass, spot on mids and absolutely perfect treble. Simply excellent across all frequencies. An intimate soundstage)
    *Focal Elear. (Over the top with dynamics and detail. Great lower midbass but the treble can be weird and metallic. The right tube fixes that. My old man ears don’t really hear the dip most of the time at 4kHz that measurements clearly show. Like the AFO, the Elear has an intimate soundstage)
    *Meze classic 99 walnut/gold. (The best bang for the buck IMHO. Meze sprinkles some type of fairy dust on their drivers)
    *Meze Neo. (The second best bang for the buck....see above)
    *HiFiMAN HE560. (Very enjoyable. Excellent soundstage, detailed, can be bass light....track dependent, extended treble that can get sibilant based on source with spot on mids. Amp and source dependent for optimization. Can sound thin at times)
    *Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart with Lawton L1 driver mod only & ZMF Ori pads. (Driver dampening with pad swap takes these up a Level or 2. VERY fun HP as they're my bass cannons and still one of my favorite HP's)
    *Sony MDR-Z7 (Modded by Peterek. Connectors modded by Peterek for custom 4 pin XLR. Also the wire between the connectors and drivers has been upgraded and the dampening discs in front of the drivers have been removed to increase the treble clarity and widen the soundstage. Always loved the warm smooth silky sound of these. There is a bit of slow decay in the bass which at times becomes bloated, but sometimes you just want a fun thump. Non fatiguing treble. Incredibly comfortable too)
    *Denon AH-D2000 modded with wenge wood cups, Audeze leather headband, AH-D7000 cable (doesn’t sound like a D2000 at all. Chastise me but this HP modded in this way gets close to the TH900 with less sibilance IMO. Not nearly the soundstage of the TH-900 and it's a weakness. Also bass has less decay versus the 900. Still one of my favorite headphones as it scales up well and sounds like a poor man's TH900)
    *Senn HD650 (A classic that gets a LOT more headtime lately since upgrading Amp and DAC)

    *Beyerdynamic T5P V2
    *Fostex TH-900
    *Audioquest Nightowl
    *Audioquest Nighthawk
    *Sony MDR-Z7
    *Sony MDR-1A
    *Monoprice M1060
    *HiFiman HE 400i
    *Audio Techina W1000X woodies
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Schiit Mjolnir 2
    Schiit Lyr 2
    Garage 1217 Project Ember V2.1
    Schiit Magni 2 Uber
    Oppo HA-2
    Audioquest DFR
    Source Inventory:
    Schiit Gumby Multibit Gen5
    Cable Inventory:
    AQ Sydny RCA .6m
    AQ carbon USB .75m
    Yulong Cu2 USB SPC. 1.2m
    Venus XLR HD650
    Venus XLR ELEAR
    Venus XLR HE560
    MrSpeakers XLR AFO
    Schiit SE PYST
    Schiit XLR PYST
    RCA...too many
    Other stuff
    Power-Related Components:
    Schiit SYS
    WYRD (retired)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Integra 30.7 AVR
    APC J-10 power conditioner
    Def Tech BP10B,2006TL, 2002 CLR,
    Pro Monitor 1000
    SVS PB2000>SVS PB12 NSD>Def Tech Supercube 1
    Epson 6010 3D projector
    120" powered Elite Cinetension
    Oppo BDP-93.
    Sonos connect+ Niles OS7.3
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    *(2 sets)Novib Socket Savers
    *(3 sets)Xuling Audio Labs 6N3 to ECC88 Adapter
    *(3)Garage 1217 5672 to 6922 Adapter

    *1957 Tesla Pinched Waist D getter stab marking 2C51
    *1957 Amperex Pinched Waist 6922
    *1959 Amperex D getter 6922
    *Brimar E88CC/CV2492
    *1973 Philips SQ E88CC
    *Tesla NOS, non JJ E88CC
    *Genalex Gold Lion E88CC/6922
    *Telefunken ECC88/6DJ8
    *1960's Amperex Bugle Boy ECC88/6DJ8
    *1965 Siemens ECC88
    *1967 NOS Valvo ECC88
    *1967 Mullard Blackburn ECC88
    *1969 Amperex Orange Globe ECC88
    *Sylvania Jan ECC88/6922 Nos
    *(2 sets) NOS WE JW 396A
    *Bendix eclipse pioneer 2C51
    *GE Maverick 2C51
    *(2 sets)1960's Tung Sol 2C51
    *Tung Sol JTL 2C51
    *Tung Sol 5670
    *1957 GE Black P, Silver Shield 3 Mica, Top Getter 5670
    *1959 RCA D getter 5670
    *GE JG Black plates, D getter 5670
    *Jan green label 5670
    *1970 NOS Sylvania 396A
    *Tungsram PCC88
    *1956 Foton Istok Triple Mica 6N3P
    *1957 Foton Triple Mica 6N3P
    *(2)1965 Foton Double Mica 6N3P
    *1973 Reflektor 6N23P
    *1974 Reflektor SWGP Silver Shields 6N23P
    *1974 Reflektor 6N3P-E
    *1975 Reflektor 6N3P
    *1978 OKTYABR 6N3P
    *1978 ANOD 6N1P-EV
    *1978 Voskhod Rockets. Single wire, silver shield 6N23P
    *1983 Reflektor 6N3P-E
    *(5 sets) 1970 & 1972 NOS NIB Reflektor Gold Grid 6N3P-E
    *(5 sets) 1970 & 1972 NOS NIB Reflektor 6N3P-I

    *1977 RFL 6N3P-E
    *1978 ANOD 6N1P-EV
    *1983 RFL 6N3P-E
    *1989 RFL 6N3P-E
    *Tesla (32) Czech -Vrchlabf E88CC
    *Siemens Military A6-7I ,gray plate, silver shield and Ring getter. E88CC/6922
    *Amperex PQ orange label 6922
    *Phillips (Herleen) ECC82
    *Phillips SQ (Herleen) E82CC
    *Valvo (Herleen) ECC82
    *Siemens (Chrome Plate) ECC82
    *Amperex (West Germany, Siemens rebrand, Orange Globe) 12AU7/ECC82
    *Tungsram ECC82
    *WE 396A

    I admit it....i’m a hoarder!!!
    Music Preferences:
    Progressive Metal (NO scream)
    Progressive Metal Instrumental
    Progressive Rock
    Djent Instrumental
    Djent with vocals
    Progressive jazz
    Hard rock
    Classic Rock
    My wife
    Music is the panacea of life


    HT = Schiit Magni Uber.
    Desktop = Gumby Multibit Gen5>Mjolnir2>Project Ember V2.1.
    Portable > Oppo HA-2 & AQ DFR
    HP=MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open, Focal Elear, HiFiMAN HE 560, Sony MDR-Z7 (Peterek modded) Fostex TH-X00 PH (Lawton L1 driver dampening with ZMF Ori's) Meze 99 Classic (gold/walnut) Meze Neo, Denon AH-D2000 (Highly modded) HD650
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