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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Shane D
    Found the cable on Newegg in Canada. It is $299.00, plus tax (15%).

    Shane D
  2. mutnai
    indeed. problem was in windows policy
    solved by:
    opening cmd as an administrator and writing
    net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice + Enter
    net localgroup Administrators /add localservice + Enter

    and zx300's Sony driver works!
  3. Lookout57
    Any externally created playlists cannot be edited on the ZX300.

    Only the Japanese region code can create new playlists. Using the Roxbox tool you can change your region code to Japanese but keep your current language. Use search for how.

    If you create an empty playlist file on your computer and copy it to the ZX300 you can add to it and edit on the player.

    I wish Sony would have feature parity between the Japanese region code and the rest of the world for the ZX300 and WM1A/Z.
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  4. Kagaz817
    Hi All,

    I'm new to Hi Res Audio. Spending last 7 days in this thread and finally done reading from page 1 to page 462 :sleeping:. Ordered my zx300 on 28 June and delivered on 29 June. Received my iBasso IT01 this morning, convinced by all the positive feedback in this thread. Next, need to decide on which IEM i should invest on for the balanced output, too many choices. I'm wondering should I just invest on mid range IEM between $300 ~ $600, while waiting for the new high end IEM.
  5. Signal2Noise
    I can easily suggest trying Acoustic Research AR-E10 IEMs. For the price point they sound great and include 4.4mm balanced cable (lesser-priced AR-E100 does not included balanced) AND Bluetooth adapter cable. There's not much for reviews on the E10 but you can find some commentary here. It is a good match for the ZX300 until you land on something's truly superior (likely a never ending journey :wink: )

    Oh, and welcome to head-fi.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
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  6. linux4ever
    CampfireAudio Comet ($199) pairs very well with zx300.

    Massdrop plus ($299) is another wonderful option.

    There are excellent options like the 2 above that doesn't require us to sell our arm or leg or kidney :)
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  7. peteh
    Don’t massdrop currently have the Lyra 2 for $399?
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  8. Signal2Noise
    They did. I ordered a set. Massdrop ended a few days ago tho'. There will be another opportunity eventually.
  9. Kagaz817
    @ linux4ever, peteh and Signal2Noise,

    Definitely will check it out. Thanks. Actually, I'm tempting to get Campfire Audio Andromeda :L3000:. I do have the budget but wanted to do proper research and survey before pushing the button.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
  10. Hinomotocho
    Thanks, I've been following the thread since last year and I know about the option to use the tool to change to Japanese. As the bookmark feature seems to achieve what I need for now I have put off doing that tweak as there was someone who bricked their player, and as simple as that process is, it sounds like something I might end up doing :scream: I'm also wondering if it may affect any future firmware updates?
    I was just curious if anyone had discovered a way for externally created blank playlists to be added to on the player.
  11. cocolinho
    andro + WM1A + 4.4 = bliss!! :ksc75smile:
  12. Lookout57
    All that needs to be in the blank playlist file (for this example let's call the file Blank_Playlist.m3u) is the following:


    This file can be anywhere on the internal memory or the SD card in the root MUSIC folder or any MUSIC sub-directory. You can have as many blank playlists as you want, just give them different names.

    After you have copied the blank playlist you will see it's name as a playlist you can edit on your player.
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  13. peteh
    I have the andro and lyla 2 both superb Andro my favourite with all my daps. Also have Roxanne 2, beyerdynamic and k5005 which are all excellent though I found the akg5005 sound awful with some earbuds.
  14. Shane D
    Any comments on KK cables? They are on amazon.com.
    I was looking at ordering a case and came across them. The cable is OFC vs OCC.

    Any comments?

    Shane D
    I bought this KK cable for 50$ - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C33DPC2/

    The KK cable felt very plastic-like and microphonic. Can't comment much soundwise.

    Also bought this cable for 40$ -

    The cable is extremely soft and flexible. It feels like silk cloth. So far sounding great with the Vega. I was so impressed I bought 2 more cables.(Black 4.4 and Silver 3.5)
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
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