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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Hinomotocho
    My XBA-A3 are still mint after 3 years of regular use, sadly the XBA-Z5 haven't shown to last.
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  2. superuser1
    Sony DAPs dont support progressive jpegs no matter what you do. Until that changes one has to manually convert the progressive jpegs to baseline jpegs for them to display correctly.
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  3. Signal2Noise
    Holy crap! You've just used two terms I am not aware of.: "progressive" & "baseline" jpegs. How do I tell the difference and what makes them different? Do I simply use Photoshop to convert/save as? This is obviously something good to know.
  4. Hinomotocho
    I too know nothing of the requirements of tag art etc. I used MP3tag for pc for years with all my previous 5 Sony daps with no issues then suddenly a few months ago none of the recent art would show - perhaps there was an update that changed a setting? I switched to Tagscanner (pc) which gives you options to resize and/or recompress art which has corrected all the ones I previously had issues with the click of a button. I could recommend it as a solution instead of doing the Photoshop way.
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  5. Hinomotocho
    #$%@?!! Trying to edit my last post, something went wrong
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  6. Stuff Jones
    I have a new ZX300A and have the following problem. Even if I start on say song #5 in an album, it is labeled "1/x" songs and the numbering starts from that point. Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. Ritu
    I think that music play mode is in "shuffle playback" . Select any other play mode and check.
  8. Sarcasmo
    Quick answer is yes, using Photoshop to save as baseline (non-progressive) is fine. Also Windows 10 basic photo viewer also saves as baseline as standard. I don't have a Mac so I can't comment on anything that's baked into the OS, but again, Photoshop is the same on any platform.
    I wrote a script on my Linux server that corrects any artwork it's pointed at in FLAC files - examines any embedded art, resizes it to 500x500 if bigger, saves as baseline and re-embeds. Big time saver now it's done and recommended if you've got a big FLAC collection that's not displaying properly on the ZX300...!
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  9. kms108
    Yep, just use photo viewer on any version of windows and open the photo's, then save and it's converted.
  10. superuser1
    IrfanView also does batch conversion from progressive jpeg to baseline (non-progressive). LINK

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
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  11. Shane D
    I am joining the club!!
    I have been reading and reading and reading and reading...

    I was considering the Fiio X7ii hard but I have no interest in bugs and waiting for firmware updates.

    When I explained my very simple requirements to one dealer he recommended the Opus 1s. I do not/will not stream and have no interest in using my player as a DAC. Seems like a great machine, but I really want a finished, complete product

    I just want to recline in my lazy boy and enjoy my ideal headphones. My three+ year journey is over.

    I can't wait to get my new toy next week.:smile_phones::smile_phones::smile_phones::smile_phones::smile_phones:

    Shane D
  12. hemipowered007
    I've been thru quite a few amps/dacs while owning some Form of a t50rp. I finally got around to plugging in my inefficient set the other day to my zx300. Now, I haven't finished my 4.4mm balanced cable for my full sized cans ( all modded to smc jacks) so just went to SE. I really have never heard the t50 driver sound so musical and engaging. It's gone thru, emotiva mini x, jds c5, fiio x3i/e17, audio gd nfb10se (balanced), project ember, pioneer sx727 and sx1010, ifi micro bl, and probably more. Now, most of these amps were before I went full on rebuild with nothing left tbut the drivers themselves, but still. I have to crank the volume to 100 on SE, but, I was absolutely hooked again once plugged in, this dap is just engaging as all hell. I can't wait to go balanced on it to the t50s, denon d2k, and see if it will at all drive my hifiman he4. I did make a balanced to rca out so I can test all hps off my sx1010 as well. That'll be double amping though, sounded good on some vintage speakers but not sure what I'll get off the headphones themselves. I cannot vouch for this DAP enough, I'm so glad I chose this over the X7ii and the dx200, this thing is just musical and I love it. 20180628_215323.jpg
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  13. Shane D
    I have not read this whole thread yet, but I will. In the meantime, I have one ordered. Can anyone recommend a balanced cable for using this with the Sony MDR Z7's?

    Thank you.

    Shane D
  14. Shane D
    Also, I should expand on my recent purchase. This unit is on sale by Sony Canada on Sony.ca.
    Problem is Sony don't sell direct. Their online partner Gentec will honour the sale price ($699.99), but doesn't have any units and has NO idea when they might get some.
    The only stocking dealer I could find in Canada was Bay Bloor Audio in Toronto and they will not honour the sale price.

    I contacted many online dealers with no luck. Most never even heard of the product.

    I called a local dealer here in Halifax that doesn't even carry Sony DAPS. He said he would contact his supplier and see if he could even get them. He got back to me and said the supplier in Ontario had two and he could get one. He said would honour the sale price, but that I must pay up front.
    I agreed and the DAP will be in my hands next week.

    Sony has almost NO retail distribution for their higher end products. At least in Canada.

    I should mention the local dealer helping me out is Peak Audio in Halifax, NS.

    Shane D
  15. knudsen
    Received my zx300a, have been running without a pause for the last 30 hours.

    First thing I did with it was compare it to a friends Iphone X from the SE, which it complete floored. No contest at all, clearly not in the same league - we were quite shocked as we did'nt expect that kind of difference.:jecklinsmile:

    I've found it excellent with all earbuds I've thrown at it. And below 4.4mm jack I find is really solid quality:



    Anyone else using zx300 with earbuds? I find it sounds fantastic with both emx500s (10$ !!) and Willsound mk2 rev2 (40-45$). Both are earbuds with a bit extra bass
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
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