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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Shane D
    Size doesn't bother me as this is my "at home DAP". The bigger models just had too big a price for me.

    Shane D
  2. Shane D
    I will be picking up my balanced cable and my Miter box case today.
    I just plan to run the DAP in SE this weekend to compare to my A17. I am hoping that I can just swap the micro SD card between the two DAPS and do some true A to B testing.

    Shane D
  3. Hinomotocho
    Except for 1 month of the year when I'm on holiday in Japan mine never leaves the house. As I move around the house alot I decided to just focus the funds on a mobile set up. I am considering the Z7.
  4. Shane D
    The Z7's are awesome! I can't wait to pair them up. I hope it cools off at least bit this weekend. The Z7's are very warm. I was soaking the earpads all weekend.
    I want to hear the A17 although I sold my amp today, so it won't fill them out. I learned that lesson last weekend.
    Next up is ZX with SE.
    Then ZX balanced.

    ANYTHING can drive my Grado's and SE will be just fine. Hopefully Z7's balanced will hit that sweet spot.

    The Z7's are bassy, but are the most "open" closed-back headphones that I have ever owned.

    Shane D
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  5. Hinomotocho
    Apart from the Sony PHA-3 are there any other dacs with 4.4 mm input?
  6. yomiura
    As far as I know, PHA 3 DOES NOT has a balanced input.

    In case you are talking about balanced output, Sony - PHA2A has the 4.4mm one.
  7. Hinomotocho
    Apologies, I made a couple of mistakes there - I'll start again.
    Apart from the Sony PHA range, are there any dacs that have 4.4mm output?
  8. superuser1
    Yes the iDSD Pro has an option for a 4.4mm jack
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  9. PJBrownSkin
    The upcoming portable DAC/amp from Woo Audio has 4.4mm output
  10. Sezgin
    ....and is there anybody who uses the "usb dac" side of zx300 ?... I think ,it sounds marvelous .. ofcouse if there is a way to not hear all that usb distortion crap, disk, mouse movement noise :frowning2: ... does really that purifying, jittering, somethinging things work?... there ara a lot of youtube videos .. but are they really worth it? .. and which one is the best money\perf. thanks by now for sharing opinions :) ..
  11. Lookout57
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  12. Hinomotocho
    Slowly 4.4mm is getting adopted - good to have some options.
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  13. superuser1
    I agree and in comparison it seems so much more robust for me! I would like to see more adoption of these definitely.
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  14. Hinomotocho
    Indeed, I've never used 2.5mm, but even 3.5mm is a bit thin - 4.4mm has a really solid feel to it and I no longer feel concerned about it in my pocket
  15. koven Contributor
    Got a nice ZX300 w/ Sony case for sale if anyone is interested.. :p Reason being I "upgraded" to the WM1A!
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