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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Hinomotocho

    If you scroll down and click on the details tab there is some other more specific info than I can ever seem to find on the Sony sites, particularly the battery life estimation for dsd etc
  2. akãjerovia
    Hello Lookout57, since you have all three sony's daps; ZX300, WM1A and WM1Z. Can you please make a comparison on sound quality and volume level between them. Is it worth buying the WM1A over the ZX300? Can the ZX300 drive well the Z1R in balanced without an amp?

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  3. klyzon
    Yes to this. Am also considering the wm1z lol
  4. Sarcasmo
    I'm not sure of the rating of the Sony, but I'm using 16 ohm iems with the ZX300 and it's probably the best dap pairing I've heard with them.
    If anyone finds the rating it might be good to have for future reference.
  5. Hinomotocho
    Can anyone in Japan who's familiar with e*earphone please tell me if they do any mod service eg reterminating cables etc?
  6. equalspeace
    Are people turning this DAP off after playing it, or just leaving it on standby?
  7. Signal2Noise
    I've been just leaving it on standby and the battery holds charge incredibly well. I've only charged it once since receiving a few weeks ago but also have only registered 18.5 hours of playback time with mostly 16 & 24 bit FLAC.
  8. Hinomotocho
    I turn mine off as its usually 24+ until my next listening session, but I was wondering about the standby to start up/creating database battery usage
  9. autosleeper
    Always leave mine on as the battery's a beast. Doesn't take too long to rebuild the database on startup though (with filled on board memory and a full 128GB card).

    Will these things drive a pair of DT770 80 ohms okay? I can get some cheap but maybe the 32 ohms would be a better bet.
  10. hemipowered007
    Damn, I only get like 12, still fine by me.
  11. Erfan Elahi
    Hi, I am thinking attaching a 256 GB SD. It will be full with flac and DSD tracks, album arts from my PC. I listen album wise, not just hit songs or main stream songs. WIll ZX-300's processor can handle around 10,000 files?
  12. superuser1
    Yes people have been successfully using 400Gb card without any issues.
  13. Hinomotocho
    My 256gb works fine with flac,dsd and album art.
    The only problem could be with some album art depending if it is progressive or baseline jpegs, but there are easy fixes for this.
  14. Gosod
    With some headphones this player plays better?
  15. shamrock134
    Having read through most of this thread I feel I'm getting closer to ordering a ZX-300. I do have some concerns about the bass as I listen to a lot of EDM and D&B which rely a lot on powerful, deep bass. I would be pairing it with UM Merlins and intend to buy a balanced cable.

    The other dilemma I have is whether to order from Joybuy for £300 or take advantage of a chance to get one for £370 in the UK. The Joybuy one is black which I prefer but if it gets slapped with customs/import tax it may end up costing nearly the same but lose 48GB storage. Did anyone in the UK get a Joybuy one through customs without a charge?

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