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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Jettsom
    That’s it! Order is done for the NW- ZX300! I’m pretty excited! It’s my first high end dap. I expect a big sound upgrade switching from the IPhone 7 plus. Now I need to find some good pentacon cables for my IEMs. Thanks everyone!
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  2. Signal2Noise

    ZX300 or the ZX300A thru JoyBuy?
  3. EagleWings
    My ZX300A had the same problem with the Mac. It wouldn't work with any programs. I thought the unit was defective and I returned it.

    Btw, JoyBuy customer is quite good. Very responsive and helpful. If the ZX300A is defective, they ask you to ship it back using the cheapest shipping service possible. Their policy is to pay for the return shipping if the item is defective. But they don't have the ability to provide an international shipping label. From US, the cheapest option was using USPS Priority Mail, that came to a total of $44. While they will refund the price you paid for the item back to your card, they are unable to refund the return shipping charges back to your card. Instead what they do is offer a coupon for the amount it cost you to ship it back to them, that you can then use on any future purchase.
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  4. yomiura

    I understand a joy of putting efforts on your beloved hobby, but trying to figure out sorting problem on player is something unrelated to this joy. It's just a tedious chores and boring, manually sorting albums, artists, and try to find a way for iTunes to display everything correctly. Sometimes I even confuse with myself, I have a lot of fun googling for album art, new album, new hi-rez digital store, or browsing 4-5 years old thread about headphone, but dealing with tagging or metadata on music players application is just a pain in the ass for me.
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  5. superuser1
    I understand where you are coming from, if ever you get a Windows PC try TagScanner or Mp3Tag, really great applications.
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  6. ncristia
    Yes it is English version and 110/120, I’m down the road from you in Albany NY and all is well. 400g sandisk, no issues.
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  7. Dizzle77
    So I've been using my zx300 for a few days and absolutely love it.

    I've been using a dx200 w/AMP3 and 64Audio U8 iems from balanced output. This combo has served me well, but recently I started looking around for an alternative DAP. I originally started looking at the R6 and even bought one, but then came across some pieces about the zx300 and was intrigued. I already have a A35 which I mainly use for listening whilst on the move paired with my MDR-1000X using LDAC, so I was already familiar with the UI.

    Anyway fast forward to a few days ago when I tried my zx300 for first time and I was blown away. I've never heard my U8 sound so good. With the DX200 being a reference DAP, the low end output was always clean, but lightweight. Using the zx300 via balanced output I feel the sound is much more engaging and lively for want of a better term. Music seems to have more weight behind it, whilst still retaining good detail.

    I've not done much listening wirelessly using LDAC yet, but from the brief try at the weekend it certainly at least on par with A35, although I'm not too sure whether I should be seeing any difference with regards to this feature.

    Such a compact, well built and solid unit. Thoroughly enjoying this.
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  8. knudsen
    So happy to hear this. Never loved my dx90... there I said it:k701smile: Maybe correct but too polite, clean, boring

  9. gazzington
    I'm sorry the R6 didn't work out for you either. I preferred the zx300 too. Not sure why I didn't take to the r6.

  10. Jettsom
    Yeah ZX300A on JoyBuy.com. Around 450$Cad with free shipping. Great deal!
  11. Dizzle77
    Hey. Yes was a bit of a strange one. I'd seen bits about zx300, when I grabbed the R6, but the following day I read a few more things and was convinced it would be the better option for me. I don't think the R6 is bad as I quite like the sound and the responsiveness of the UI, however I feel the zx300 is more authoratitive and I love how it's a music player first and foremost. I can see this being my 'go to' DAP at least for now.

    To add I've just sent off my impressions for my first ciems and got a T2 silver cable with 4.4mm balanced connector on the way from Ted. Can't wait to try these with this!

    I rate the dx200, but like you say, I've never loved it. The AMP3 module helped, but I was still always left wanting more especially low end. Also Mango player works well most of the time, but I still used to get weird, intermittent touchscreen problems. That said in recent months I started using Hiby music player on Lurker's ROM and I preferred the user experience over Mango. Maybe the DX200 will suit me when in certain mood or when wanting to hear certain music......maybe.
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  12. superuser1
    One guess is Android :wink:
  13. Lookout57
    For Tagging and Metadata on a Mac I use kID3 (free) and/or Metadatics ($9.99 on MAS). kID3 is great for single albums and Metadatics is great for bulk changes.
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  14. Signal2Noise
    If you think that's a great deal then fantastic! It's only a 10% mark-down from MSRP.
  15. Jettsom
    MSRP is 799.99$Cad + tx here in Canada on Sony.ca so it’s more like 45% mark-down.
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