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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. lior777
    What compare zx300 to other dac\amp desk ?
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
  2. Teryon

    Is there really only memory size that's different between Zx300 and Zx300a ?
    I've seems some people talking about connector made of copper instead of gold, is it really the case ? does it matter ?

    I'm trying to decide if I buy it from joybuy, or wait to buy from accessory jack !

    Thank you for your help.
  3. kova4a
    They are the same
  4. Signal2Noise
    I am totally blown away with both ZX300 & AR-E10 fresh out of their respective boxes. The GUI of the Sony OS is smooth and intuitive. The audio output is adequate, listening between 60~70. Using the AR-E10 only because it includes a 4.4mm balanced cable but the audio from these "inexpensive" IEMs does not disappoint. I will experiment with other balanced (2.5-4.4mm adapter coming) and SE 'phones in due time. However, let's say if this was the first DAP and earphone set I had ever bought I could have stopped here for a number of years. Ears are happy, wallet stays happy.

  5. hemipowered007
    Agreed, it's a perfect sonic sig for me, and a great match for the ex1000. I just need to find an re-262 again now
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    Just received my ZX300 yesterday. None of my playlists are showing up. Does anyone know what absolute path I'd have to type into notepad to get playlists to be seen?
  7. kms108
    Only the Japanese version supports add playlist function, you have to convert it to the Japanese version, for other version, you have to connect to the PC to add playlist, you have to read within the thread for more information.
  8. nanaholic
    If you are using drag and drop, the playlists has to be put into the root of the Music folder. The path in the playlist file can be relative to the Music folder.
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  9. lior777
    In terms of quality...?
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
  10. Lookout57
    Playlists can be in any folder inside of MUSIC on the Walkman and SD Card.

    The playlist must start with /MUSIC/ or for those on backwards OS \MUSIC\
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  11. applepro
    I got my NW-ZX300 from Japan an I have a dead pixel (White dot) on it do you I should return it to Japan or stick with it maybe Is normal
  12. Qrays34
    One small question guys:
    Can the zx300 probably drive Beyerdynamic Amiron Home/ Audeze LCD2C?
    I’ve recently sold all dacs/amps leaving just my zx300A behind (cause life’s easier with just 1 plug not a bunch of cables, and power bricks, and cables...)
    But I’m into some full-sized hps, well the Amiron Home or the LCD2C to be exact. And the zx300 through SE gives quite little power. The balanced 4.4 pentacon gives a lot more but my previous test I could but not give the HE400i the power it really needs to shine (so I sold my HE400i too,... but that’s a different story...)
    So, can it handle those two I mentioned? By “handle” i mean “feeding them probably so I won’t need a separate Dac/amp again”!
    Thanks for reading (and maybe answering)(≧∇≦)
  13. applepro
    Do you have try the high gain settings?
  14. Qrays34
    Yes, I’ve always used the HE400i with Balanced, High gain, actually not that bad. It sounded decent, but clearly lacking of proper power! I’ve tried the HE400i with WM1Z, balanced, and holly molly that was a different headphone for sure! After realizing I didn’t get the proper gears to drive it I sold it.
    But now I’m keeping an eye on the Amiron Home. I heard it sounds good without requiring so much amplification. But clearly it’s 250ohms, and i doubt the ZX300 can really brings it to life. Same story with the LCD2C, plannar magnetic always requires alot amplification anyway.
  15. applepro
    I don’t think I can drive this but can use the NW-ZX300 as a preamp with a headphone amp like one for WooAudio
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