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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Signal2Noise
    You must have missed my reply to your earlier comment a page or so ago. Just so you know the ZX300A is the 16GB model and ZX300 is 64GB which is the $700/$800 version. The joybuy "deal" isn't as great as it seems. There is no difference audio-wise, just the onboard storage capacity which is really no big issue with a microSD installed.
  2. Jettsom
    Yeah, you’re right. I know it’s the 16gb version. But i’m saving over 450$Cad over the 64gb version. It’s a nice trade-off IMO.
  3. Signal2Noise
    Okay, now I understand what you meant. Just wanted to be sure in case others were thinking that was truly a 40% off deal.
  4. audioaudioaudio
    I've finally joined the balanced club, got my muc-m12nb1 cable from Accessory Jack (great service, thanks to everyone who recommended) and using with a pair of N3s and sounding very nice so far - now time to get to the 200 hours and see how much things change!

    I know from other messages a few people have a pair of N3s - which tips do most people use? I'm currently trying to go with the Triple Comfort ones, when I first tried them they wouldn't go into my ears well at all and sounded weak but I seem to have a good fit after a big twist and push when putting in - they feel like they're slowly getting a better fit each time and sounding very good.

    The default ones fit well straight out the box but were much more bass heavy than the triple comfort and I kept using the EQ on bass heavy songs to tone it down and also started to hurt a little after a while.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
  5. jonathane40
    I started with the triple comfort, then went to the Sony Hybrids, then to Comply Comfort and so far I have settled on the SpinFits. I get the best fit with the small Spin
    Fit and small Comply. I haven’t noticed a big difference in sound signature with the different tips when inserting them deeply in the ear canal. The N3 is bass heavy but it can be eq’ed really well. I am using an EQ setting to get them close to the Harman Target and it tames the bass and makes it more balanced! I specially noticed their bass heaviness after getting the EX1000 which are more treble and mid heavy but to my ears more balanced than the N3. The N3 are great for in the go given that they isolate fairly well. I hope you keep enjoying them!

    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
  6. Signal2Noise
    So this arrived today....

    Haven't opened box yet. Deciding whether I wait for AR-E10 w/ 4.4mm balanced to show up hopefully tomorrow. Case(s) may take a while to arrive.
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  7. hemipowered007
    No waiting plug something into it and see what the fuss is about
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  8. equalspeace
    Of all the players I've owned and own, the ZX300 is my fav. Recently finished the burn in on balanced (at 212 hours currently) and it sounds simply phenomenal. For starters it's utterly neutral in it's presentation. I have no need to fiddle with the EQ for this reason. The 3D/ wide sound stage, imaging, note weight, and very, very slight hint of warmth just works for me. I also find this player to be pretty musical as opposed to analytical which is what I prefer. The balanced output handles the HD6XX nicely as well. I have no complaints about this player, and I can usually find a thing or two to gripe about. This ones a keeper!
  9. Watcherq
    Don't wait. Open up and start burning the 3.5mm output. Takes about 200 hours so about 9 days later you can start burning in the 4.4mm output or when it comes.
  10. kms108
    Open it, check if all is ok, if you have a problem return ASAP.
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  11. Signal2Noise
    I caved in and opened the box.

    Sony could have easily named this "NEW-ZEXY300" because it is indeed sexy. The DAP is really nice to hold albeit a tad slippery on the sides. The display glass is oh so smooth and swiping glides effortlessly. It is weird having a DAP without WiFi capability and a closed operating system but this meant to be a bonafide music player. I don't stream anyway although I still would have liked a method incorporated for podcasts. Having podcasts and music together on a small device such as this would be perfect for a single portable solution for travelling.

    I still have yet to load a microSD and listen to it. Burn-in is, imo, overrated and I will be listening to this from day one and grow old together. My other DAPs could be getting jealous quickly.
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  12. superuser1
    Burn in in this case is not overrated as reported by 95% of bonafide owners. :)
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  13. Hinomotocho
    I recommend to fire her up now and have a listen, then you can enjoy it, firstly with the earphones you're used to, then going balanced.
  14. Dizzle77
    Such a nice piece of kit. I believe in burn-in, but decided to just start listening to it using balanced output. I find the sound slightly south of neutral, but obviously that may change given time.

    I’ve been really impressed with the battery life. With both NFC+BT enabled and playing mostly ALAC with some mp3s for around 8-9hrs playtime the battery indicator still hasn’t moved :)
  15. Sarcasmo
    For your podcasts, you could always hook up your mobile and DAC it :)
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