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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. Eighty8
    Just ordered this morning! Hoping it will pair well with my Polaris IEMs.
  2. fish1050
    Same price on bhphotovideo and another reason I have come to hate Sony. They never offer discounts in Canada as A45 still selling for $298.00 CDN on amazon.ca. My Shanling M0 ships today (with a pre-order discount and 5% off coupon) and I am hoping it will be the DAP that gets me away from Sony finally. If LDAC is solid on the M0 there is no reason for me to get another Sony DAP and with any luck I can pair it with my Sony receiver and bluetooth speaker.

    I have to wonder why the big price drop now?
  3. peppie71
    Does anybody have the combinatiën of an NW45 and a B&W PX or another BT head phones other than of Sony?

    I have to connect the head phones everytime I switch on the player. It paired it once.

    More people with this (minor) problem?

    Otherwise great combination! What a sound! I am reinventing all my music because I hear things I haven't heard before.
  4. jant71
    Make sure the screen is on. Everything I have connects fine unless the screen is off. Seems to try to save power so BT shuts off if not actively transmitting when the screen times out. The A45 ignores stuff until you make it active and either turn the BT phones off and on again or manually connect themthrough the menu.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
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  5. Leetransform25
    Apparently the MSRP in general has been bumped down to $150 for the A45, which means that it's basically 30% cheaper now. No clue why they did this, buy I believe it has something to do with it being replaced by the new A50 that'll likely be introduced in the near future.
  6. lessblue
    I purchased a Samsung 128GB Evo+ microsd.

    I noticed the database takes some time to build on powerup. Also adding soon s to a playlist takes some time.

    Would there be an advantage to buying a higher performing card, sandisk pro extreme, delkin, lexar...which have read speeds that are twice as fast, 200MB/_sec, read speeds? These cards are very expensive, ~$180usd but would be worth it to me if there were noticeable improvements to database loading speed and adding to playlists on the fly.
  7. Eighty8
    Really liking this little player. Using it solely for IEM use right now. Seems powerful enough. The UI is miles ahead of any Fiio player I've owned. LDAC works great with my Wh1000XM2 cans. One thing I do miss is the ability to click an artist that is part of a compilation album and go directly to that whole album.
  8. llakssz
    Is it not possible to 'add' a song/album to the current playing list?
    I'm not asking about real playlists.

    Because I can't find this basic option, if I want to pick two albums to play, I have to play one, then manually find the other and play that after.
    Or create a new playlist of both albums.
    But I just want to 'enqueue'!

    Last edited: Jul 20, 2018
  9. fish1050
    That isn't Sony's way in Canada anyway, you can still buy the A20 series here in Canada and the price is exactly the same for the A25 as for the A35 and A45, the same price it was when released 3 years ago. From talking to people I know in audio sales a big reason Sony is losing dealers at least here in Canada for their A series DAP's is they won't let dealers drop the price even when new models are coming out. The A50 will be announced at the IFA show in Germany in September just like last year and past years for Sony DAP's. So you might see the A50 in Asia in October or November and North America some time in 2019 the same time frame as the release for the A40 and A30 the last two years. They submitted the A50 to the FCC earlier this year likely due to a design change. The A50 design will be longer and thinner than the A40 series and more in line with the ZX300 shape. Not sure what else Sony has planned but it needs to be substantial based on what the Chinese DAP makers are now offering. I think Sony dropped the price on the A40 series because other manufacturers are now offering as much or more in performance and features as Sony is for less.

    Other manufacturers aren't hobbled by a proprietary port and they can now offer LDAC just like Sony. Sony really doesn't offer anything to substantiate its A series DAP's from the competition in its price range.
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  10. dannydj
    Finally bit the bullet and purchased the A45. I wanted to buy it last year in the US in Oct/Nov but they changed the date of release. Managed to get one for £100 so very happy (in black but would have preferred moonlit blue).

    Just a few questions ...

    Anyone use this player with the B&W PX ? How do they sound together ? Is there much difference wired compared to AptX HD ? As I think the PXs still use the internal DAC when wired.

    As it's a UK spec player what needs to be done to move the EU sound restrictions and enable playlists ? Is there anything else that needs to be done to the player ?

  11. chinerino
    For the restrictions, read previous replies, I believe the wired form uses an analog signal hence the DA conversion takes place in the DAP and not the headphones. So in short, the headphones won’t receive a digital signal at all
  12. dannydj
    Wading through the thread but haven't come across the link yet.

    Actually the B&W PXs still use their internal DAC when connected via Aux cable. Quote below from B&W rep

    "The signal needs to be digitised via the internal DAC, so any input is being digitised for playback via the internal electronics/amplification of the PX headphones."

    That's why I asked originally for opinions when they are wired to see if there is actually any difference then going via BT.
  13. Eighty8
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  14. dannydj
  15. dannydj
    can anyone help me with the volume limit tool please ? first time using command lines and not sure what I am doing wrong. https://www.rockbox.org/wiki/SonyNWDestTool

    Daniels-MBP: Downloads Danny$ sudo scsitool-nwz-v20.exe Daniels-MBP:WALKMAN: dest_tool get
    sudo: scsitool-nwz-v20.exe: command not found

    Above is what I have typed in the command window.
    Received the player today, perfectly sized for me :hand_splayed:

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