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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. neo_styles
    I 100% agree and found it interesting that your mind went directly to MD as that's exactly what I thought of when I heard the A45's signature. I have a M0 to compare and, while it has this airiness and ability to pull out some crazy detail from my tracks, there's just something about the A45 that says "listen to me...just...listen." It's not the clearest DAP out there, but it's still so much fun for listening. I haven't been tempted to take the M0 out of the house at all since my A45 showed up.

    Thanks for the suggestions on EQ. I did have to tone down the top band to a +1 since it was just a little too bright on my iSine 10.

    Have you considered the Nuraphone? It's a little different take on EQ (and a really bizarre design), but it saves EQ profiles that you'd make on your phone directly to the cans so you can use them on multiple devices. I don't have first-hand experience on it, but the tech looks really cool and, assuming it works as intended, might be exactly what you're looking for.
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  2. neo_styles
    I'll bite. PM incoming.
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  3. abitdeef

    I do agree Sony has that special presentation on sound stage and naturalness of sound. It does remind me of the good minidiscs and Sony CD Walkman.
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  4. abitdeef
  5. bandario

    I'd love to give them a go, they look pretty unique and the limited number of reviews give them a pretty good rap but the design is so out there that without being able to physically test them out I am way too worried about the fit to drop that much $$$.

    Great concept but an in-ear inside an over-ear would have to fit perfectly or you are going to have a real bad time.

    Looking into the MDR-XB80BS as well but not sure that the sound quality would tick the boxes, though some people are directly comparing them to 1000xm2 which is mind boggling.
  6. david8613
    I know old thread, but is this unit a good starter dap?
  7. Koolpep
    Absolutely. The UI and overall quality beats any of the usual comeptitors for me .and I have a quite a few daps .especially with the current price on Amazon. It's an absolute good buy.
  8. david8613
    that's the exact one I ordered, but I am not sure but I don't think this has wifi, I would like to stream Spotify or tidal when I want to. if this does not have that feature which one is a good unit to start with that has this feature.
    I am looking for budget friendly, aptx/ldac, wifi streaming capable.
  9. bandario
    I totally get it, and there are some products that will do streaming AND hi-res audio but I've yet to see a single one that doesn't take a massive dump on battery life by doing so.

    I assume you own a smartphone. Have a think about using that to stream etc. That kind of listening does not require HD audio. Keep your DAP for listening to hi-res audio in premium quality for a long time which the walkman does really well.

    If you must go down that road, the new HIBY looks good but you are going from 45 hours of battery down to 8 if I remember correctly. All of the streaming DAPs are the same. Anything that runs android will have the same issue.
  10. david8613
    good info! thanks its a lot to consider and balance. thinking about it now. the reason I would like a dap to stream also is because I am using my vmodas so much that I am killing the battery on my Samsung note 8! lol. that's why I want a separate unit to do everything.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2018
  11. kwangomango
    Is there a short cable to connect the A45 to a Chord Mojo? I understand the fiio L27 is not compatible with the Mojo and touchscreen Sony daps.
  12. rsfaisal
    Hello. I’ve been using xduoo nano D3 for daily DAP. And I think I will upgrade to a40 series. But I still confused between the unit only or with noise canceling bundled IEM. Is the IEM worth the extra price? my current IEM is also sony MDR EX750AP.
  13. david8613
    I just recieved my a45 today, OMG! this thing is small. In videos and pics it looks bigger, I cant imagine the M0 being smaller, how do they cram so much tech into such a small package? Were are the best places to download EDM, hip hop, house, urbano, spanish, regaton in flac or other hi rez format?
  14. BadReligionPunk
    For some stuff and cheap prices that go directly to the artist pockets, Bandcamp is pretty cool. Lots of free music there and lots of pay what you deem fair music too. Can DL in FLAC here.
  15. neo_styles
    As mentioned above, Bandcamp for the guys who host there and you'll probably get there most variety. Plus, there's no download restrictions once you buy, so you can download in multiple formats if you find the need.

    Beatport is a different story. Tons of electronic music, but if you corrupt a drive and lose their files, they'll give you a major hassle trying to download them again.
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