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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. QsTree
    Absolutely, SonyNWDestTool is easy to use and the results are great. The volume uncap is huge (at least for EU) and the playlist feature is great.
  2. derekbro
    Anyone know how to take a screenshot on this? I've done it accidentally once but can't seem to replicate the process...
  3. derekbro
    Never mind, I figured it out.: +Volume, -Volume, then hold the power button. It is really hard to take one that doesn't have the power off menu but I managed to get one finally.
  4. Callaghan
    When you say "line out", do you mean the 'line in' recording feature?

    As far as I was aware, the line out via the WM-Port cable is available to all destinations. I've been happily using the line out cable with the USA destination since I got the device about a month ago.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  5. fish1050
    Info on NW-A50 starting to trickle out

    http://thewalkmanblog.blogspot.com/2018/05/new-sony-nw-a50-walkman-to-debut-this.html. So it appears Sony will be making a slight form change to the A50. Apparently it will be slightly taller than the A40 more in line with the ZX300. Same battery so about the same battery life. Expected to have the same BT chip as A40 so nothing new bluetooth wise likely. Storage still the same at 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB. So what new features will Sony add info to follow. Again looks like Sony playing it safe. Not sure I like that it will be bigger, at this point the move by other manufacturers like Shanling is to go small and more portable. Seeing this info glad I went with the Shanling M0 instead of waiting on the A50.
  6. Focux
    where i am, the FiiO X3 gen 3 is the same price as the A45, which do u guys think is better?
  7. Aevum
    Please have a USB C instead of that crap WM-port...
  8. georgelai57
    7F3AF07A-7F7E-4498-ADF6-A36BC2554AC7.jpeg I believe the A40 and A15 doesn’t officially have a Line Out through the headphone out port. I have lying around the house a WM Port plug which I bought years ago from China where one end is a 3.5mm female. I connected this to my desktop amp and I think it is Line Out or at least it is to my ears. The volume on the A40 and A15 then is at a fixed non-adjustable level.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
  9. Leetransform25
    Can't wait to see what the A50 will be like, though I probably won't be getting it since I own the A40 already.
  10. pinkbecca
    what's the point of the Playlist feature when we have the Bookmark feature?, what's the difference between the 2?
  11. jpgr
    The bookmark takes you to a specific location in a song. The playlist lets you create a list of songs to play.
  12. fish1050
    Sony has never advertised LO through the WMport as a feature even though it is possible with the right cable. Sony never offered their own cable capable of LO until very recently. I bought the Fiio L5 to use with my A17 but constantly plugging and unplugging it broke the connector. After that I just went HO and very happy with the results with different amps.
  13. georgelai57
    I had the Fiio L5 too with my A15 but I recall that the volume out was very low. I have since misplaced the L5 but that very same A15 is now louder through this adapter.
  14. fish1050
    Yes I noticed that too and the low output was a big complaint with the A10 series. I found the results much better going HO to an external amp and I actually found it sounded better. Even just today listening to my A17 and Q1 stack I find I still really like how it sounds with my headphones even though it is almost 4 years old. Waiting on my Shanling M0 impatiently mostly because I wanted something new to try and the super small size vs having any issues with my A17 which is still working great. I see the M0 as a possible bridge DAP until I see what the A50 series brings to the table and can actual see one likely some time next year. I really also want to see other Shanling DAP's are coming out with their new OS and features. I would have no qualms buying another Sony DAP if they make it a worthwhile upgrade and finally ditch the WMport as it really hampers the flexibility compared to other makers DAP's.
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  15. DW10
    The Sony NW-A45 is $148 in Amazon US right now for those still interested. Sold by Amazon.

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