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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. bruce1967
    I figured I'd have to send it back to them for warranty service if I need any but because of their lower prices it might still be worth buying from them. Sony products do hold up well..my wife has a Walkman that's about 8 years old and it still works perfectly and gets decent battery life...maybe not the 50 hours it originally got but still pretty long. I checked them out online too and they seem pretty reputable.
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  2. bruce1967
    Well I took the plunge and ordered the A45 from AccessoryJack..they said it should get here in 10 to 12 days...a little concerned too but ti should be fine :)
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  3. fish1050
    I am aware of a few people who bought from Accessory Jack who had issues under warranty on other Sony DAP's. Accessory Jack will take units back for repair but you pay the shipping both ways and it is crazy expensive. Now if you are willing to take a flyer on the A45 and basically eat it if something goes wrong with the unit then go for it. My question is why wouldn't you go with bhphotovideo.com in the US? How much cheaper is Accessory Jack? You can order it in Canada from gentec.ca and it will cost $299 but then what is the piece of mind worth knowing the warranty will be covered? Also bhphotovideo.com often has sales in May so you could get the A45 a little cheaper if you wait.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  4. fish1050
    I am willing to bet that if you have to ship it back to Accessory Jack for repair the shipping cost both ways will be alot more than what you save on the original purchase. Kind of a crap shoot if you ask me, anything can happen to the unit it transit. If you buy it here under warranty you pay to ship it to Sony but they pay the shipping cost back to you. Also they don't repair units bought here, they would send you a refurbished or even new unit as it is cheaper than repairing the unit. That is what happened for me with my A17 as I got a new unit back when I shipped mine to Sony for battery replacement.

    Sony no longer keeps repair departments in most countries as it is to expensive, cheaper for them to just ship you a replacement unit.
  5. jamor
    B&H was cheaper when they had it on sale for $198 in March which is when I bought mine. Now the sale is off and they are at msrp $218 which would make them only a few dollars more expensive than Accessory Jack. If possible I would always go with B&H for the iron-clad warranty and service.
  6. bruce1967

    Too late I already ordered it...if something goes wrong I guess I'll deal with that when and if it happens.
  7. bruce1967
    Yeah it's kinda late for that now since I already ordered it.
  8. jamor
    Well at the end of the day they are all the same anyway! Enjoy!
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  9. bruce1967
    I will thanks :)
  10. fish1050
    Did you try contacting Accessory Jack, if they are still preparing it to ship maybe they will cancel it.
  11. bruce1967
    No I didn't but I'm just going to keep my order.
  12. HulkFlyer
    Yeah. I'm not sure where you are located. But I got mine within the week of them shipping it. And it was the free shipping. So it didn't take the 12 days.
  13. HulkFlyer
    Well B&H does not carry all of the colors, just black and blue. I wanted the Gold. But I was going to settle on my second choice blue. But even then it cost more and was continually out of stock! I would get a notification that they were back in stock. And before I could order they would be sold out. So I was going to just pre-order it. When I contacted B&H for a estimate time I would get it if I pre-ordered it, it was several weeks at that time. Not worth all of the hassle to not even get the color I wanted.
  14. bruce1967
    I'm in Canada on the East coast to it might get here sooner than the 10-12 days. Maybe they like to err on the side of caution.
  15. bruce1967
    That would be frustrating especially knowing you could get it somewhere else much faster. I just wanted the black one and they gave me a silicone case with it for free so that was a nice bonus.
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