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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. Drew2388
    You have to use the buttons on the side.
  2. mikp
    I was referring to the eq and those settings. Could not get it to work
  3. hagber
    dose nw-a45 series have balanced output ?
  4. chinerino
    no it does not have balanced output
  5. chinerino
    it doesnt work, its stated in the sony guide for NW A40 series
  6. DavidM2
    A45 vs cowon plenue j
    Is someone can help
    (I now about the Bluetooth)
  7. jamor
    I went with the iGadgitz frosted-clear silicone case and screen protector for $7.50 and now I can toss it around and not worry about it as much. Both the case and protector fit and work well.
  8. bruce1967
    I ordered a TPU rubber case off Amazon for mine and a pack of screen protectors. I like the TPU rubber because it's smooth and won't stick in your pocket or collect lint although some silicone is anti-static and doesn't collect dust.
  9. gimmeheadroom
    Thanks, no problem. Actually I was on the road again for my job for a couple of weeks and didn't do anything. Had my FiiO X3III and Shure 215s with me. Sounded great but still not getting enough volume from the Shures over the balanced connection. I will probably try the Sony and give it to my wife if I don't like it, since she is a more casual music listener.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
  10. bruce1967
    Has anyone purchased their A45 or anything else from a store called Accessory Jack? It's located in Hong Kong and they have good prices on the A45 plus free shipping all over the world. I might try them out.
    HulkFlyer likes this.
  11. Kingston12
    I did and I found the service excellent.

    It took a while for them to get stock, but I still had it a long time before I could have bought one here in the UK.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
    HulkFlyer likes this.
  12. bruce1967
    Well they seem to have all colors in stock now and I can't find anything bad about them online so I think I'll give them a try. It's the only DAP that I want after looking at all the others out there (that I can afford) and It should be nice to use coming from the Fiio X1II which I've been using for a year and a half.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  13. Kingston12
    Sorry, I meant to say that I found the service excellent rather than the device! I have updated the original post.
  14. bruce1967
    OK well that is good too. Hopefully you found the service and the device excellent. Thanks :beerchug:
  15. HulkFlyer
    I bought mine from them after being a little concerned as well. The concern was not necessary. They were quick on the shipping, and the item was as described. Just know that if you require any warranty service you have to send it back to them at your expense. Warranty is issued in Hong Kong. I took the gamble because they had the best prices and the color I wanted. Sony products have in general held up well for me. So hopefully I wont ever need the warranty service. It's only for a year anyway.
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