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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. fish1050
    Oh I understand foobar2000 and Windows Media player as I currently use Sony MediaGo to create my playlists and it works perfectly. My issue will be when I switch to Linux and being able to create new playlists as foobar2000 does not exist for Linux. I can copy my existing playlists off of my A17 and make changes to existing playlists easily enough. But starting from scratch will be a different story. I have created Bookmark Lists but I create alot of playlists for various situations so 10 would be to limiting for me. I am sure I can find something serviceable for Linux when the time comes. It's just nice to know if I had to I could do it manually easily enough.
  2. DW10
    I don’t see a difference with other OS. Mount the SD card and either use vi or a bash command to create an empty m3u file.
  3. fish1050
    I have never used Linux before so I am not familiar with either Vi or Bash. I am planning to use Linux Mint since it seems to be the most similar to Windows. I already have blank .m3u playlist files that work with Sony DAP's. I am looking to use a method that is most comfortable for me. If necessary I can run Windows 7 in a virtual Machine but I would prefer to get away from Microsoft altogether. Someone suggested Clementine saying it can create playlists.
  4. BadReligionPunk
    Ok. I can confirm that the Sony App works 100% with the Walkman player and Sony Wh1000xm2 headphones. Just start the App AFTER you connect to the player. It will ask you to connect on the App, or to connect to different device(my phone is set auto connect to XM2). Awesome! Everything works great. Am on firmware 1.10 and am totally happy that the app works. Adaptive Sound Control is useful to me at my job.

    Only complaints with player is that it would be nice to be connected to 2 devices at same time. My Plantronics Backbeat Pro's allow it and its ridiculously useful as I could listen to music from the NWA45 and still receive phone calls and text msg notifications thru my headphones. Why Sony cant figure that out, I dunno.

    Also while FM compatibility is an extra option and I would never complain about extra options, it would have been nice to include HD radio.

    Anyway. Liking the player very much, but still only 12-13 hours into it since new.
  5. sushisky
    Hi guys, first post here...

    Created an account cos I was quite interested in the NWA45, but I'm not too sure if I should get a Plenue D or a NWA45. Honestly the NWA45 looks more attractive, but the battery life might be an issue for me. Does anyone have any definitive comparison between the 2?

    Also just curious, has no one ever created custom firmware for walkmans? I read that it's impossible to create playlists using only the DAP and adding songs to an empty playlist is quite slow. Can anyone confirm/deny this?
  6. cagas
    Which Sony app is this ?and whats the function ?
  7. HulkFlyer
    I assume he's referring to Sony Music Center Desktop App. I ordered a NW-A45 and while I'm waiting for it to arrive. I've been getting my files set up in the desk top app. So when it arrives I can just hook it up and transfer everything. It's similar to the iTunes desktop app.
  8. BadReligionPunk
    Yea should have clarified. The sony headphones connect app is what I mean. It helps control adaptive sound control, NR, mic placement, EQ, ect, for sony headphones like the 1000xm2.


  9. HulkFlyer
    Oh my bad! But that looks interesting!
  10. James McGregor
    As there is no line out available, has anyone used a headphone amp via the headphone socket? If so, how do you find it?
  11. damex
    there is fiio l5 and similar cables that get lineout of wmport. you should be able to get LOD out of it.
  12. James McGregor
    The L5 is unfortunately now discontinued, and according to Sony themselves there are no options or planned options to provide line out. There are third party chinese cables which do it, but it's unsupported and the output is questionable. The conversation with Sony themselves was surreal, they kept just saying "use the headphone out". When I gave them basic information that a line out is not the same as headphone out they seemed really confused and stopped replying. Fiio too don't plan to reintroduce the L5 cable, again no explanation was given
  13. Mathieulh
    The issue is that on the latest walkman (WM1 series and the ZX300 at least) the line out pin for the s-master x is disconnected in order to reduce electromagnetic interference, so analog out will not work on these devices, cables or not. I have no idea if the same is true for the A40 series but it is likely.
  14. James McGregor
    Thanks for the info. It seems odd that such a basic feature, which even budget players manage to implement just fine is beyond Sony. Others seem to be using the HO at max just fine, so I guess that's my only option if I decide to go down the Sony route. Thanks!
  15. Mathieulh
    I don't know about the A40 series, but current higher end walkman all have a "direct source" option, making it possible to use the regular analog out as a line out, provided you keep the volume level constant while doing so.
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