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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. phower
    I don't think Sony is lying. Output power depends on maximum voltage, current and output impedance of the amplifier. This being TDA amplifier the input signal for measurement has to be digital and would be 0dBFS. You can't equalize a 0dBFS anymore since it will start clipping.

    If you feel the output power is low, blame the various health laws that limit max. output power to be around 85 dB SPL in the earphones. So, from the average sensitivity of an earphone driver, the maximum power required is calculated. Even a $0.50 DAC can deliver enough power to blow your ear drums out. The power is limited to protect hearing and also the drivers in the earphones.

    What could be done is to measure the impedance of the earphones and adjust power accordingly. Most modern audio chips detect the impedance as soon as you insert the plug into the headphone jack. I use this feature to measure the impedance of my earphones to check L/R balance.
    Some android phones(Axon 7, LG G6) already do this I think.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
  2. jant71
    Not lying but measuring differently to get there numbers than they used to. Plenty of older Sony devices that were 5mw and 10mw per and no way that this is 35mw per measuring the same way. Older devices were measured fairly consistently back in the day. Have an iriver that is 20mw per into 16ohm and is has more power than the A45. Has enough power to get by. Just saying it isn't what it used to be :) It won't jive with Sony numbers from the 80's through ~2010.
  3. derkpans
    Thanks for the feedback! I just bought the A45 and am still learning its functionality. Which leads me to another important question:

    How to I create playlists? The manual only shows how to manage them and adding/deleting files, but non on how to create them. I'm using a Macbook.

  4. DW10
    Compared to a FIIO this is really easy on the NW-A45. I don't use Sony Music Center but copy everything directly to the MicroSD Card. You can't CREATE playlists using the DAP. I usually have 2 methods:

    1. Using a computer and foobar: Have the same file structure on my computer drive and use foobar 2000 to create the playlists on the root directory and transfer the m3u files. I use robocopy to sync the microsd card with my drive folder.
    2. Using the player and computer: first create as many empty playlists as you can on the root of the MUSIC folder using your computer (m3U). Name the files as you wish. Once they are created, you can use the NW-A45 Add to playlist option, and the m3u files will show up when you try to Add a song to playlist. What I usually do is I create a list of songs using the Bookmark Lists and then move the Bookmark list to a Playlist from the player.

    I use a Windows 10 computer for this. I haven't tried from my MacBook.....

    This is how I do it. Other people may have other ways.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
  5. HulkFlyer
    I considered the Fiio X5-lll for the same reasons but would rather have the Sony a45. But there seems to be too many issues with the Fiio. You said you tried twice. What was the reason you gave up on it?
  6. davidcotton
    Wasn't used to android at the time, device got warm which surprised me, and the important one for me they broke gapless, so it went back. Then awhile later a box opened one became available on amp3 for a very good price (£200, so nearly £175 off and it was mint as well) so figuring I had been too harsh on it I gave it a second go, and got even more irritated with it. So that's why it went back (again). Plus I hate stupid volume wheels on the daps which seem to be all the rage atm and far prefer buttons. Less chance of accidental knocks to the volume pot. The Cayin went back because again it got warm, screen flickering (which it now transpires is a bug and on the to fix list)and so on, nice sound to it. The irony for me is that the dap I would buy in a split second (the 128 gig ipod touch) is the one dap that I can't use at work due to no camera restrictions. Say what you like about apple, but at least their stuff just works and doesn't need updates to fix stuff out the box. The minute you have to look up how to access the track listing for an album (no kidding, that's what I had to do with the fiio!)you know someone needs a look at gui design!
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  7. derkpans
    Thanks!!! Using Option 2, how did you create the playlist? What application din you use?
  8. BadReligionPunk
    Got My DAP yesterday. Nice unit. Looks sexy and feels good in the hand. I'm an old effer, so something feels really nice about owning a Walkman. First impressions through Sony WH1000XM2 usuing LDAC are pretty sweet. Unit sounds much much better then thru my phone. Bass is big and full. On my phone using the Sony App, I use the Treble boost EQ setting(I'm older, need a little treb) and then set the clear bass to +6 esp when listening to Hip Hop and Reggae. That said the NWA45 didn't carry over the eq setting and reset it back to "off". The bass on the NWA45 was less flubby then my phone/app eq setting, but extended a lil bit further and sounded a lil bit more natural to me. The treble was also more natural, and I didn't find myself with 42 year old man ears, needing a lil more sizzle on top. it was just right.
    Anyway only about 20 minutes on it so far, so I expect things to change when my ears get used to it. first impressions though are its def better then my phone.

    Using it through folder mode and just transferring files onto card into MUSIC folder. None of the artwork shows up. Personally not a big deal for me, but wondered if Sonys Music Player software has an option to download/fix the artwork to be usable?

    I'm also on FW 1.00 btw
  9. DW10
    In Windows I just have to right click on an empty space in Windows Explorer and choose create Text Document, change the extension to m3u. On Mac, Finder don't have an option like that on the context menu, so I think you just have to open TextEdit, change the format of the document to Plain Text (Format Menu) and then save it with the m3u extension (uncheck the .txt option in the save file dialog box).
  10. DW10
    I also have the WH1000XM2 and LDAC is excellent. I miss the control you have on iOS using the Sony Headphones App. I guess it is possible for Sony to enable those options in a future firmware on the NW-A45 as the options are there but for 2 specific earbuds models.

    I also had some artwork issues and had to delete and change them using dbPowerAmp. The issue is that the NW-A45 only support jpeg in Baseline Standard Format. Any jpeg in progressive or optimized format will not show up, neither PNG. So for some of my albums I have to download the cover art from the internet and use Photoshop to save them in jpeg Baseline Standard Format. Once I did that, problem was solved.
  11. fish1050
    It is quite tedious but in a pinch you can make one manually using any text editor. Below is an excerpt from one I made by hand just to test it. All you need is the #EXTM3U entry at the top of the playlist and #EXTINF: with the track number (I got the track number for the song off of my A17) , Song Name, and the path to the song in the Music folder on your player for each song on the playlist. Save it with a .m3u file extension and copy the playlist into the Music folder on the player.

    The track number will change over time as you add and delete tracks on the player but the file table on the player will keep track of the track number changes over time so the playlist will keep working. The track numbers only have to match between the playlist and the DAP when the playlist is first added to the Music folder on the player. I have added and deleted hundreds of songs since putting this playlist on my A17 and it still works perfectly.

    I decided to try making a playlist by hand as I am looking to switch my computer from Windows 7 currently to Linux Mint 19.0 when it is released. So I won't be able to use either MediaGo or Music Center once I switch over to Linux. I haven't started researching it yet but I am hoping to find a Linux based app that will help with creating playlists to speed up the process. If anyone here is using Linux and can recommend a good app for creating playlists I would appreciate it.

    My folder structure is Artist\Album\Song

    This is an excerpt from a playlist I made by hand and currently using on my A17.

    #EXTINF:223,A Head Full of Dreams
    Coldplay\A Head Full of Dreams\A Head Full of Dreams.flac
    Coldplay\Ghost Stories\Ink.flac
    #EXTINF:331,Warning Sign
    Coldplay\A Rush of Blood to the Head\Warning Sign.flac.
  12. DW10
    On the NW-A45 an empty file with no tags works. When you add a song in the player a line with the #EXT tag is created.
  13. fish1050
    Yeah I found that out when looking at the A35. But I think it is actually faster to do it externally as you can copy and paste all the track info into the .m3u file and then simply add the #EXTINF entry (copy and paste) and the track number for each song. If you do it on the player you can only add one track at a time, right?
  14. DW10
    When I do it externally I use foobar 2000 to create my playlists as copy and pasting is tedious as I have to find the nested folders structure to find the song I want. On foobar I just drag and drop the song to the playlist. The process of finding the song and adding it to the playlist one by one from the thousands and thousands of songs I have is smoother on the player for me. I find the process on the NW-A45 easier than other players. Usually I listen to a song and add it to a queue (that was in my iPod classic) then I converted the queue to a playlist. On the NW-A45 I have 10 Bookmark Lists available, so I classify the songs I am listening into a Bookmark List, after I am done I move the Bookmark list to a playlist. The NW-A45 let you move ALL the songs of a Bookmark list in one shot.
  15. derkpans
    Hmm... manually editing the playlist is not a practical method :/ I tried copying another play list. It finally recognized it but you can't add songs to it :frowning2:.

    Is it possible to create a playlist using Windows Media then I just add/remove songs to the list later on using the device?
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