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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. fish1050
    Maybe they will with the A50 :), we should start hearing about that one by August or September just before the IFA show. Seriously though given Sony's pattern of keeping the same design for two iterations A10/A20, A30/A40 we should see another design refresh with the A50. My wish list, bump up the power to 50 mW per channel, maybe add a second microsd card slot or at least bump the base model to 32 GB memory onboard, faster boot time. Honestly that for me would make the next A series perfect for my needs. Depending how long it takes for the A45 to finally arrive in Canada I could wait to see what Sony will release for 2019.
  2. pinkbecca
    I have the WF-1000X and when I raise the Bass on the Sony app then I connect to the Walkman, still there's not bass!
  3. derkpans

    Hello Starrpish/All!

    I'm considering the ZX300 and A45 but the price difference is just too high. I listened to both and it seems the sound almost the same. Is the A45 a good buy? I use mostly BT headphones: MDr 1000x, Beats Powerbeats3, and jaybirs X2's for working out. Am looking at getting a wired 1more Triple Driver as well. Will the A45 be good with these? Am looking amplified sound.

  4. kismetsky
  5. jant71
    Yep, at least go back to a single press to turn on. Takes like 3 seconds of hold. A bit shorter to turn off but then it asks you to confirm and tap the screen. Holding power down for 2 seconds has been the global shutting off method for years now so just shut down w/o asking as nobody holds a power button down that doesn't want to shut down.

    As for the power Sony really overrate it. Really wanted the A15 to be a good bit more than the old Sony 5mw per but it really wasn't. Now with the A45 my Cowon is a more legit measured 19mw per and is what the Sony is. About 20mw. I think they measure based on the output with all the EQ sliders maxed out how loud it can be but it is not based on the flat sound. Would expect 35mw and 19mw to not both need 3/4 volume to drive the same earphone. Of course it is obvious compared to my old 5mw MD player that they do not measure the output the same way they used to.

    Another wish is stop trying to be cute. Not the best screen so stop with the little switches to turn things on and off. I tap an icon on my Cowon to mute the radio and the A45 has on little on/off slider switch to do the same thing that is small and doesn't register that easy. Just tap and change the icon for the on off settings.

    of course bring back the podcasts and no reason not to drop FF/RW changing the radio presets like they used to in so many Sony models.

    Still a nice player I like but there is room to grow and certainly to just make things easier to use like in the old days. I have a folder + folder - button on my MD remote pod that is bigger than the three play/RR/FF buttons put together on the side of the A45 and of course the A45 doesn't even have folder skip anymore like MD or my other Walkman players.

    A way to go before perfect but a lot of my little niggles can be solved if they went back to basics and stopped overthinking some things.
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  6. fish1050
    I suspect Sony is using the switches to prevent accidental presses. One of the few niggles I have with my A17 is sometimes before putting it in my pocket I forget to hit the hold button. If I bump into something then my player jumps to another track or even a different screen.

    As for the power of the A45 and Sony DAP's in general the Class D design while great for battery life is not so great for power as they don't scale up very well. For me I always bought my gear together so when I upgrade my DAP I try to upgrade my headphones as well. That way I know they will be well matched. Now I haven't done that since I got my B&W P5S2's but they are very efficient so I haven't needed to. Frankly I am amazed at how well my puny powered A17 can drive my headphones. So I know power won't be an issue with the A45. It is one of the trade off's to buying a Sony DAP but then again would you want to cut the battery life in half or more like most other DAP's to get more power?

    On the other hand if you think the Sony touchscreen on the A45 isn't great then check out the screen on Pioneer XDP-30R which is the same resolution as the A17 and only slightly larger. I tried to audition one over the weekend and I simply gave up trying to use the touchscreen. It is a nice DAP and I liked the sound quality but with my big hands I got frustrated immediately trying to use the touchscreen. The screen was actually quite responsive but just to small for me to be usable.
  7. fish1050
    I have said this before, if you are primarily using bluetooth then I find the A45 a better choice because sound quality isn't an issue. The ZX300 won't sound any better using bluetooth than the A45 does and you get better battery life from the A45 as well. They both support AptX and AptX HD along with LDAC so no bluetooth benefits for the ZX300 over the A45. Having used LDAC extensively along with sounding quite good it eats the battery life. So in that instance the added battery life from the A45 is a nice bonus over the ZX300
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  8. duo8
    Do measurements for Sony players exist?
    I can't find any, it's strange because you'd think these are more popular than chinese players yet those always get more extensively reviewed.
  9. iJay
    Is this the same for digital out via wm-port? I would like this basically as a transport for an amp/combo. I also will fly with it solo for hiking and such. If I can use a great dac/amp with a45 I’m in. Otherwise I’m thinking zx300
  10. damex
    it is the same digital output and yes, you can use with with external dac/amp like ... sony pha3? oppo ha2?
  11. iJay
    Probably Oppo HA-2se unless you have a better suggestion! Pha3 is too pricy ATM.
  12. fish1050
    If you are going to pair your DAP with a DAC/Amp then the DAP becomes basically a hard drive with a UI. The ZX300 would be a total waste of money in this instance and the A45 would be a much cheaper and practical choice. I would even consider another DAP that has a proper LO implementation vs having to use the dreaded WM-Port and having to swap cables when it needs to be charged. Just my two cents. I was using a Fiio L5 cable with my A17 for awhile but the constant swapping of cables to charge my A17 actually broke the L5 connector. Once that happened I switched to HO with the Fiio L16 and I am much happier now.
  13. damex
    actually i didn't mean to make any suggestion for you to buy :)

    i meant that you could actually pick ANY usb dac (to be safe - that does not need/does not charge though usb port you connect it through)

    yohohoho... actually something like fiio q5 might be a good choice if you don't need much power and which could be nicely reused for other devices... well it is all up to your choice of cans or preferred form factor.

    you could also take a look (just take a look) at nw-a45 + fiio-walkman-line-out-cable (or anything else) + aune b1s (for teh powa)
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
  14. iJay
    Thanks for all the great suggestions! It takes me forever to research, decide and weigh cost vs. benefits vs. performance. The a45 seems a no-brained though.
  15. davidcotton
    This, this a thousand times this. I recently had a pioneer xdp100r on extended audition (thanks to amazons generous extended christmas returns window no less!) and thanks to it's android interface could download apps to allow audiobook/podcast listening which is about 50% of my listening. It went back, mainly because of a) it's size (compared to the sony it really was quite chunky) and b)I wasn't entirely sure there wasn't a problem with the headphone socket (it always sounded like the headphone cable on either iems or headphones wasn't clicked in the entire way). Since then I've been through fiio x5-III (twice), and a Cayin N5-II, both of which went back and so am stuck with the sony a35. It's a nice little player, fits easily in the pocket, decent size screen. It's just the lack of podcast/audiobook support that kills it for me. IF the a45 or even the zx300 had it I would of happily upgraded/sidegraded and been done with it. There's just something about the sony build quality and sound that I like. Drag and drop for music files is a nice bonus as well (no more sodding itunes!) The next roll of the dice for me is the hiby R6 which I've backed and am waiting for tracking number (which won't happen until after cny sadly)so I can go back to using apps again.
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