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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. Policelonton
    Yes, I've tried to set up but that's not enough :frowning2: don't know what to do so I guess I'd better change my earphone
  2. Gosod
    From my experiment, playing with headphones (with sufficient volume) on the A15, not good enough to play on the A35.
  3. luisdent
    if it's just a folder of images you want converted, both Photoshop and gimp can batch open, convert, and then save to a new folder... Photoshop can be setup with an action that you create and then run against the folder of images, although there could be a different way as well as i haven't used it in a while.

    gimp haa similar actions as well as an actual batch job section to open, modify, and then save images in a folder.
  4. nampramos
    Just got myself an A45 today. Charging now while I'm listening to Adele 25 album on MDR-1A. Sounding very good.

    When will this player show Hi-Res is playing? I have a bunch of FLAC albums but none of them are showing Hi-Res. Only higher than CD quality will? These are CD rips.
  5. mundixx
    I think it has to be at least 24 bits...
  6. nampramos
    Might be that then. I think they are all 16bit. Sound fantastic anyway but just wondering.

    Regarding microSD cards. Is the A45 picky regarding brands or it will take any major brand or even some cheaper OEM cards? I've seen some pretty cheap deals on OEM cards of high capacity.

    EDIT: Never mind, just got a Verbatim 256GB for a steal of a price :)

    Has anyone used the igadgitz "leather" skin flip case?
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2018
  7. mundixx
    hi all - another question. Has anyone tried to pair this with your car via bluetooth? I have not had any success so far :triportsad:
    i can pair with JBL Charge 3 and the Sony WH-1000XM2 just fine...
  8. haveblue
    16/44.1khz FLAC won't show high res but 24/96khz will.
  9. Bepli
    Works with a Audi MMI without problems.
    The hi-res definition is, it has to be higher than 16Bit 44.1 kHz or higher than 16Bit 48kHz. So a minimum of 24Bits or min of 88.2 kHz to get the HR-Symbol.
    mundixx likes this.
  10. kevin341
  11. mundixx
    couldn't help but notice that you have zx-300 and dragonfly in your gear... does dragonfly work with the DAP?
  12. nampramos
    Thanks guys!
    Got myself some New Order 24/96 to try it out.
    Must say that regular CD quality track sound fantastic anyway! Really please with this little player.
  13. fish1050
    With this statement are you referring specifically to bass or the sound in general? The reason I ask is having spoke to a Sony rep awhile ago it sounded like Sony was going to a flatter more natural sound for their DAP's. They are getting away from boosting the bass and offering more Extra bass headphones and speakers for those who want the extra bass. I would actually prefer this approach as my A17 can be a little bass heavy on some tracks even without equeing. From what I understand the bass on the A45 is suppose to be better (tighter but not emphasized). Having not had a chance to hear the A45 yet I can't say if this is true or not.
  14. nampramos
    I'm really happy with my A45. Have no experience with other players but for what I paid, this is a lot of value!

    Now I just need to get some more hi-res tunes. Where do you get yours?
  15. fish1050
    I don't bother with 24 bit tracks as I can't hear a difference between 24 bit flac and 16 bit flac on a portable DAP. I would rather save the space for more tracks at 16 bit than waste space with 24 bit tracks. For my older music from the 60's and 70's I go with AAC 320 kbps as the tracks are low res enough to not benefit even from ripping to 16 bit flac and it saves me even more space. Besides with your A45 you can just turn on DSEE HX and it will upsample your 16 bit tracks to near HiRes according to Sony if you believe their hype. Don't get caught up in the HiRes propaganda machine, there are plenty of sites that will explain why 24 bit audio is a waste of space and money, especially on a $300.00 DAP.

    The little HiRes icon that lights up on the DAP when you play 24 bit tracks is just another gimmick to get you to over spend on 24 bit tracks.
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