Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. georgelai57
    I have so much music I don’t mind if my DAPs don’t show all album covers. I am a whole album listener anyway so if it shows, it shows. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I choose an album, press play, and switch off the screen.

    Yes, it’s nice to be able to see an album cover, but to me, it is way down on my list of priorities of DAP features. In addition, any album covers shown are only for less than 20 seconds and on screens that cannot compete size and resolution wise with my smartphone.

    This is not to minimise the importance to some users. I can understand that. I’m just putting out an alternative opinion worth 2 cents.
  2. fish1050

    I simply use MediaGo for all my album art. Just highlight all the tracks in the album, click the Get Album Art option. MediaGo gets the album art from Gracenote, downloads and resizes it for you. No muss, no fuss and you know the Sony DAP will have no issues with it since MediaGo is formattng it for you. Of course you can also have MediaGo get the metadata for the album and tracks as well. If you are converting just a few from progressive to baselline in Windows you can simply open each album art image in Paint, resave the file in jpeg format with the same name and it will overwrite the file and save it as a baseline .jpg file. I know the recommended size for album art for my A17 is 450 x 450 but do you know what the recommended resolution is for the A35/A45. I am hoping my A17 album art won't look grainy on the A45 screen when I get mine and need to be redone.
  3. Faintandfuzzy
    Wow...that is a big issue as I'd have to convert everything in my library from ALAC to FLAC. I don't think the CDs I've ripped to ALAC can be converted in iTunes.
  4. foreverbelmont
    I´ve tried using foobar2000 to convert my ALAC files with cover to FLAC and all files I got after that are also with cover, no additional work required.
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  5. damex
    there is no problem with ALAC. please stop misleading people.
    it is just baseline vs progressive covers. sony does not have support for anything but baseline.
  6. haveblue
    Yeah this really isn't an issue when you batch convert album covers with TagScanner.
  7. damex
    there is 100500 other utilities (specifically on cli) that could do the same. but okay, people need fancy gui.
  8. foreverbelmont
    Sorry it´s not working for me at least for all of my ALAC files. And convert those with problem to FLAC solve all issues.

    Just post here for people also have same problem later.
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  9. Kingston12
    Could anyone who ordered from Accessory Jack advise how long delivery took?

    I ordered a week ago and the order is still stuck at 'processiing'.
  10. goody
    mine came pretty fast with the free shipping it took about a week ..hong kong to the uk
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  11. haveblue
    Mine took a full 3 weeks from HK to US, but I don't think it was "processing" for very long.
  12. eaglesgift
    Yes, I much prefer using applications with a GUI and I used to be a software developer so it’s not because I’m unfamiliar with computers, it’s just far more convenient. Doesn’t have to be a ‘fancy’ GUI but I’ve no desire to mess around with a terminal prompt in my spare time; this isn’t the 1970s.
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  13. Sunartis
    About the album art problem I had before the same problem with my Sony NW-E394. I figured out that when the album art was missing it was because it was the wrong version of the ID3-tag. For my Walkman it works only perfect with the ID3v2-tag-version 2.3. If I used ID3 version 2.4 the album art don't work! I hope Sony has fixed this on NW-A45 which I'm planning to buy when it comes to Sweden. To convert ID3-tags I use EasyTag on Linux Mint (both free) works perfect it only converts the tags not the music. Settings for tag-format: Unicode (UTF-8), ID3v2-tag(version 2.3), automatic conversion of older tag versions to that version, using CRC-32.

    Don't use:
    ID3 version 2.4 or ID3v1 tags then your album art cover disappears. When I create album art for the tags I use JPG and 300x300 pixels using GNU Image Manipulation Program (free on Linux), but it also works with bigger images I don't think thats the issue it wont work it's the ID3-tag version that is the problem. I really hoped this is fixed so newer Walkman support ID3 version 2.4 or older ID3v1 tags can anyone confirm this else I think someone should complain to Sony so they could make an update for the new NW-A45 a new Walkman should support the existing ID3-tags for music files in my opinion.

    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
  14. docholliday
    There's very few players that support ID3v2.4 correctly. It's been known to have a lot of issues and for that reason, most people tag for 2.3 to ensure compatibility across the board. For most Sony (and car audio) players, the tagging parameters require that you use ID3v2.3 (with or without ID3v1), max of 500px on the longest side, under 100K in size, and NOT progressive mode (baseline only).

    CRC32 is a checksum format (and fairly obsolete due to ease of collision) - it is not a procedure to convert a tag...
  15. Sunartis
    I checked my settings now in GNU Image Manipulation Program (Linux) and progressive mode was chosen by default. I unchecked that setting now so it will be baseline in the future. But still my album cover art has worked fine on my Walkman NW-E394 anyway with progressive mode I guess it might depend on that I always used smaller jpg-images around 50 kbyte in around 300x300 so maybe the progressive mode saved it as a baseline image and not different versions of the image.


    But still I think this problem with the album art and different versions of ID3-tags is something that could be solved by Sony. In my computers music-player this always works fine regardless of the ID3-tag version so then it could also work fine on the Walkman NW-A45. Sony could use the same code as the audio-player on the computer for handling the ID3-tags so the album art works. Or Sony could just deleted the function for showing album art on NW-A45 or have a choice how the tag-information should be displayed. It is not important for me at all but it is very annoying when it works for some music and not other.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2017
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