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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. goody
    the equaliser works me it has great bass not has good as my ZX100 but it is better than the mid bass on my A17
  2. Gosod
    You like it better than the A17?
  3. luisdent
    the a17 sounds great and measures incredibly flat response. with all effects off there is no bass bump or any ither frequency alterations from a neutral response.
  4. fish1050
    Actually I find that depends on when you bought your A17. I bought my unit initially from the first batch sold in North America in October 2014. The sound was far from great and certainly not flat to my ears. The treble was somewhat harsh and brittle and I found the bass to be overdone a little and somewhat loose. Subsequent firmware updates helped to some degree sound wise especially 1.21. Then I sent my original A17 in for a battery replacement under warranty in August 2016 and Sony sent me a new replacement unit vs replacing the battery. The new unit was from a much newer batch based on the serial number. The newer unit along with a visibly better build quality (better fitting parts and screen quality was improved) along with noticeably better sound quality. The treble was much smoother and the harshness from my original unit was gone. The bass also seemed a bit tighter and less overdone.

    I really like how my A17 sounds now with my B&W headphones and adding the Fiio Q1 for more power makes me love it even more. There is nothing wrong with my A17 and I still use it every day but entering my 4th year with it I am craving an upgrade. The A45 certainly seems like it should be a nice improvement but I will wait to demo before upgrading
  5. nampramos
    My A45 isn't playing some flac tracks, even though they play fine on VLC on the Mac for example. It says it isn't in a compatible format. Any idea what it could be?

    Can flac be encoded in such a way that the A45 won't read it?
  6. fish1050
    I am not an expert on the flac codec but I read that a new version 1.3.2 was released January 1st 2017 and the previous version 1.3.1was released November 2014. How large are the flac files as I know previous Sony DAP's can't handle files over 4 GB if I remember correctly

    I also understand that if the metadata is not done correctly it can cause playback issues. I would try MediaGo or Media Centre for all of your flac encoding to ensure it is correct for the A45.
  7. corius
    Hi, looking for some advice. I want a DAP primarily to use with my WH-1000MX2 headphones over Bluetooth. Would there be any benefit apart from build quality in getting the nw-zx300 instead of an a45?

    Also, I had an a35. Is the a45 UI any faster?

    Thanks for the help
  8. foreverbelmont
    For second question, don´t know if i can say a45´s UI is faster than a35, but at least smooth enough compare to a35. I keep my a45 always on and only restart once every week and everthing is fine.
  9. Kingston12
    Could I ask how you find the battery life using it like that?

    I have recently got my A45, and I use it in exactly the same way. I seem to be getting about 12 hours listening out of it before the battery runs out.

    I assume that running it likes this means that it is using power whilst I am not listening to it. I am a bit disappointed by this, because one of the things I really liked about my A15 was that the battery lasted for a long time, even if it was not used for a few weeks at a time. The A45 looks like it would be dead in a week unless I turn it off fully.
  10. foreverbelmont
    Sorry can´t really figure out it because I always connect my a45 with pha-2a, and pha-2a can only stay up around 5-6 hours without power supply so I usually use powerbank on the road. Charge pha-2a also charge a45 at the same time so I don´t really know if battery life from a45 could go through 12 hours.
  11. Kingston12
    Thanks for the reply. I will keep experimenting with it, but I am hoping I can get a bit longer out of it than I am currently seeing!
  12. fish1050
    No stock today!

    For weeks now bhphotovideo.com had an eta of today's date for A45 stock. I just checked and the status is now Coming Soon with no eta. I am wondering if they simply pre-sold all their stock coming in today or it never showed up?
  13. kismetsky
    I've been following this as well. I believe it to be the latter since they normally list out of stock items as backordered.
  14. luisdent
    saw the same thing. i preordered. waiting to see what happens.
  15. kismetsky
    Spoke to a BH rep:
    Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 2.31.36 PM.png
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