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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. VandyMan
    Did you order the rack mount one or the headstand?
  2. kh36267
    The rack mount version.
  3. profsbg
    Is it possible to do measurements of an unequalized system with analog sweeps, and then for playback insert the equalization after the source but before the A16? By equalization I am broadly including frequency, time and delay compensation. If the equalization is done separately for each channel, then since these linear operations and filters should commute with the Smyth SVS linear filters in theory it should work, although their may be implementation issues. However, if the equalization is done jointly for multiple channels (such as Trinnov equalization with remapping), the situation seems less clear. Anyways, so long as one has channel-wise equalization before the A16, such as minidsp, audyssey, dirac , with blu-ray, AVR, PC, respectively, then one should obtain the same equalization as if digital sweeps were output over HDMI followed by equalization (not sure about dirac: does it do remapping?). This approach doesn't rely on any capability for PEQ in the A16 itself. Of course, the requirement to have the equalization in the loop affects portability and in particular the ability to share PRIR, unless one also shares an equalization filter, which may not be available or compatible. I wonder if anyone has tried this with the A8.
  4. VandyMan
    Thanks. I had a theory that everyone skipped over is getting the headstand version, but apparently that is not the case.
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  5. Got the Shakes
    @Sanctuary I figured out how to measure the way you’re talking about that worked on the A8. You pick your speakers for the first sweep, when presented with the enter to save or SPK to redo you hit the back button. You can then select different speakers to measure that what you just did. When you get back to the screen where it plays the sweeps it will have a little white outline around the speakers you’ve already measured. This will allow you to measure up to 16 speakers individually and save them in a single PRIR. Glad you pointed this out because it’s going to make my file management much nicer when I redo my measurements tomorrow.
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  6. sander99
    The user manual states that a PRIR can contain up to 64 speakers. I already suspected there could be more than 16 because I saw PRIRs with 32 speakers mentioned in one of the older documents.
    So I was wondering maybe with the method you mentioned you can measure and safe up to 64 speakers as wel?
    (Even if you can not use them all at once, you can put all speakers for all formats that you measured in the same physical room in one PRIR for neat organisation. I suspect by the way that PRIRs with 32 or 64 speakers have been introduced with the idea in mind of using multiple A16s cascaded together to do 32 and maybe even 64 channel simulations.)
  7. sander99
    Yes, using the multi channel analog inputs of the A16.
    And in theory also via USB, if you have a pc that can play the media file, decode the 3D audio formats, do the EQ etc. and send the result as 16 channel PCM over USB to the A16.
    However, in each case: you must have the EQ etc. calibrated with the real physical room and speakers! You can not do that afterwards with only the virtual system.
  8. CanMad
    My guess is you will receive an email next week. Two weeks running it has been on a Tuesday.

    Early on it seems more like five a week not even ten.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  9. sander99
    Yeah, maybe because of the new firmware and having to change the manual and getting into the "rhythm"
  10. raband
    Plus however many they sold retail

    Note to others - it seems worth confirming the plug (country) and extras you've ordered when you get the email confirming your address - I think a couple received wrong power plug and wrong accessories?
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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  11. raband
    Would the room you've done be something you could upload for others to try, or does that only work through the (as yet) unreleased exchange website?
    (I'm not suggesting you upload yours, just interested in the mechanics of sharing - are we locked out from doing it any way other than their site?)

    there's a few A8 files here you may want to try out with your A16
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  12. Got the Shakes
    I honestly don't know if there's any DRM on the files or if they could be used others.
  13. sander99
    I think the answer is here:
    My interpretation (and I can not think of another one):
    If a PRIR is measured with this lock setting off, it can be copied to an SD card, and from there distributed to other users any way you want, copied on an SD card again and used by all A16 owners.
  14. Dixter
    The A8 Files will work with the A16.. but the A16 files will not work with the A8... when you copy a A8 file to your micro sd card the A16 will be able to load them and the A16 will rename them for you... if you do this its probably best of have a PC directory for the A8 files and a seperate directory for the A16 files.... once you load the A8 files into the A16 and they get renamed then backup the files on the A16 and place them in the A16 directory... I would think you would also have sub directory for the Headphone files and the speaker files if possible.. it seems the A16 is more complicated than the A8 but managable if the data is backedup properly... one thing I did notice witht he A8 files is note taking of all the details during capture and what the files contain is a valuable resource down the road... maybe a nice Excel spread sheet ?
  15. sander99
    Very important!
    I would be very interested to know if you can already measure the up- and down- looking angles. If you do a PRIR measurement without these, you will never be able to use elevation head tracking with this PRIR (if and when it is implemented in the future).
    If [Edit: now already] you can and do measure a PRIR including the up- and down- looking angles then later , if and when elevation head tracking is implemented you can use elevation head tracking with this PRIR.

    @Got the Shakes, or anyone else, please try if you can switch "Look-elev" on in the "Config look angles menu" (see page 68 of the manual) and try to measure a PRIR including the up- and down- looking angles:

    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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