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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. sahmen

    Well, I have very selfish reasons for believing in your optimism, and also in the future success of the recent methods of the Smyths, because it is the only way I can keep alive any hope of receiving my own A-16 within any respectably decent time frame. In fact for those very selfish reasons, I am hoping and praying that the Smyths will get even more customers to purchase the A-16 at the present retail price...It seems that without that boost in liquidity, things could become deadlocked again, and shipping might simply slow down and the Smyths would retreat into their usual, well-known mysterious and opaque "radio-silenced" shell. That is what I dislike most: those opaque dark moments they like to withdraw into, and from where they respond to inquiries with vague, and typically unhelpful one-liner pieces of communication, or silence. if getting flushed with cash is what is going to loosen their tongues, and get the wheels of shipping running quickly and smoothly, then by all means let's pray for their cash in-take to grow. I just hope they maintain a vigilant eye on the steady shipping of the KS orders and pre-orders too so that the flow does not slow-down.

    (PS : by nature, I do not trust most trickle-down schemes, because I think they come with several risks, many of which are not even predictable, and that is always a source of concern for me. That cannot be helped. Still I am hoping the Smyths can pull this off successfully, and quickly, for several compelling reasons, including the selfish ones i have indicated).
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  2. Fox1977
    One French KS early backer got a tracking number and should receive his unit in a couple of days.
    I don’t remember how he was ranking in the backers order though.
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  3. phoenixdogfan
    I'm not.. I want to see a Youtube unboxing as well as a PRIR capture video ASAP. And I want to see who is offering PRIR rooms in the USA. This is an area where the folks on this thread can make a major contribution to getting this endeavor off the ground.
  4. audiohobbit
    AFAIK Darin Fong from OOYH has access some rooms, maybe you contact him. I suppose no Atmos rooms though.
  5. sahmen
    Okay so i just joined the A-16 "signature club. One caveat is that i so not have a backer #, so I improvised this tag:

    "Realiser A-16 pre-order : WTBTDO."

    I challenge anyone to decode what the expression "WTBTDO" stands for:)
  6. JohnEW
    I know that "gottheshakes" and "hadron70" have now received their boxes (and paid a high price for the privilege). But without the manual they are probably still as much in the dark about it's usage and setup as everyone else. It would be great to see them being unboxed and how to setup, but give them time to find their way around the controls etc. before asking for youtube videos.These two members do not have to help us with information,if they don't wish to.
    We are all friends here and no matter how or when we receive delivery of our boxes, we will probably require each others help in setting up.etc.
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  7. phoenixdogfan
    Yeah, Darrin is one of the potential go to guys, but really, AFAIK you really don't need a complete room set up for ATMOS to make an ATMOS capture, esp if you're using the single speaker method which I think most people will be using because I'll wager ATMOS, DTS-X, and 3D Auro rooms will be few and far between.
  8. Got the Shakes
    I mean I’m willing to help, but not having used an A8 and not having a manual, I don’t really even know where to start.
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  9. phoenixdogfan
    Whenever the bastards ship that damned order!
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  10. JohnEW
    Sorry I did not mean that in a negative way. I should rephrased that better.
  11. Got the Shakes
    No problem. I didn’t take it as negative. I wish I could be more helpful, talk about the setu and capture process, etc. Just a bit frustrating to have a product that I have no idea how to use.
  12. sahmen
    he he he! It's not exactly what i had in mind, but I've got to admit that it has spirit and attitude... I should have thought about something along those lines. it certainly expresses one of my present emotional dispositions well.
  13. Got the Shakes
    Well I ran into problem #1. The supplied power cable is the one for the UK. I’m in the US so that not ideal.

    Edit: Solved that problem using the power cable from the PSVR.

    Edit 2: My A16 arrived with firmware 0.86 on it. Have the MicroSD card in the Realiser and it found the firmware and is currently authenticating it.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
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  14. Camano
    Here's a (hare-brained) suggestion for something to try while waiting for the manual. Plug the A16 into ethernet. See if you can navigate the A16 interface enough to find the assigned IP address (something like settings->network?). Or you can find the assigned IP address from your router.

    If you can find the IP address, try opening a web browser on http://<IP address>. I dying to know if (1) they implemented the web interface and (2) what it looks like. I'm hoping it's a lot easier to navigate the web interface than pushing buttons on the A16.
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  15. Got the Shakes
    I will actually try that after this firmware update finishes. I have an Ethernet cable right here so it will be convenient.
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