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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. KaiSc
    As mentioned the HRTF/PRIP measurement is done one speaker/channel at a time, therefore the limit is the A16's capabilities only - 16 positions if I understood the sparse information available.
    This approach should improve the precision too.

    The price is 69€/h, but I will give a very, very reasonable discount to the first one to come here, as I have to find out the exact process first, I do not have an A16 yet.
    Multiple persons at the same time can save, as the setup needs to be done only once per session.
  2. phoenixdogfan
    The price to new customers has not changed, at least in the USA. They must have added VAT for Sierra Madre, b/c the only thing on my quote was a $20 bank fee and shipping. It was still $4k base price.
  3. sahmen
    So does it mean you have decided to buy one, or was the quote just a 'dry run" so to speak?:)
  4. sahmen
    @KaiSc : This sounds like an excellent, and reasonably priced service. Might you be aware, incidentally, of any person or studio on the East Coast of the USA (preferably located in the New England area) who is properly set up to provide similar services?

    This is a question I am also directing to the rest of forum members too.

    I would also like to ask the Smyths the same question, but you all know how their response habits are.
  5. sander99
    The A16 can render virtual speakers at at most 16 different positions simultaniously, but you can measure more positions to create several different speaker layouts. For example for Auro 3D the height speakers should ideally be in different locations than for Dolby Atmos. In particular the Auro 3D center front height (30 degrees above the center speaker) and the so called "voice of god" (straight above the listener) are totally different from what occurs in the Dolby Atmos height speakers.
    Even though the A16 initially can not decode Auro 3D, you can measure an Auro 3D speaker layout and connect for example the pre-outs of an Auro 3D capable receiver or pre-pro to the analog inputs af the A16 and enjoy Auro 3D that way.
    Also the optimal surround speaker placement for 7.1 (90 degrees pure side surround) and 5.1 (110-120 degrees) are different. Ideally I would want to have both available.

    Soon we will know if the A16 offers the promised possibility to combine speakers from different PRIRs/BRIRs into one preset. [Edit: we now know this is indeed the case.]
    If that is the case We don't have to measure for example the front speakers again for each format to create a complete PRIR for each format. Instead you would have to measure each position only once. For example make 1 PRIR with all 11 "ground ear level" speakers you would ever need. (center 0°, front L,R 30°, front wide L, R 60°, side surround L R 90°, alternative surround L R for 5.1 120°, surround back L R 150°) Another PRIR with all 6 Atmos height channels and all 6 or 8 (I don't know if Auro 3D will ever need surround back height speakers) Auro 3D height channels. With that the user can then create a preset for each format, choosing speakers from the different PRIRs.

    By the way: I found the Dolby Atmos speaker layouts description on Dolby's website a bit vague. They mention some leeway in possible positions for the "ground ear level" speakers but they don't clearly state what (if at all) the consequences of that for the positioning of the height speakers are. (Dolby Atmos height speakers should be at 45° elevation).

    Auro 3D is much simpler and straight forward: all the first elevation layer speakers are 30° above one of the ground ear level speakers, and the third layer speaker is straight above the listener.

    [Edit: I changed all occurences of "ground" to "ear level" because in the A16 manual "ground level" has another specific meaning: for speakers that are firing upward from the floor (used in ambisonics I guess)]
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  6. KaiSc
    Thank you for this valuable information.
    The way I intend to do the calibration gives the possibility to use an unlimited number of positions, it just takes a little more time.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  7. Evshrug
    I heard from Lorr Kramer today, US employee of Smyth Research. Nothing too exciting, basically told me that the U.K. home office had our orders and he couldn’t see them from this side of the pond.

    Cool that Shakes got his! I honestly waffled a few times about getting the headstand or 2U model, so I wouldn’t mind if I got the other variant. The Headstand is out of the ordinary, but I really appreciated having a headphone stand on my Creative Soundblaster X7 from an organizational and desk-footprint perspective, and honestly the A16 will be a show piece at my house either way. That said, I chose the 2U version (I keep thinking U2 and Bono), though I don’t really have a good clear space to put it (I don’t have a rack unit, though I did end up buying a coat rack/tree recently to hang my headphones).
  8. Got the Shakes
    When I first preordered, I so badly wanted the headstand model because it’s just such a striking piece of kit. It just didn’t make sense for my setup though as the 2U will fit so much better. I unfortunately have to go with functionally over form in this case as it would have taken a major reworking if things to get the headstand to work with the space I have.
    Evshrug likes this.
  9. Evshrug
    I can understand. For me, either model is just going to be stacked on top of my HDV 820, even if the idea makes some people cringe. It’s just the only way I’ll have space for it on my desk (within fiddle-reach!) without buying a new set of shelves just for it.
  10. phoenixdogfan
    I'll probably have a go next year after I get my income tax refund, but that's contingent on what happens regarding price, availability, perceived stability of the company, the viability of the exchange, and overall opinion of the many reviewers it's certain to have in the next 4-5 months.
    sahmen likes this.
  11. phoenixdogfan
    What that really means to me (and it makes perfect sense) is you're going to have to calibrate for Atmos, DTS-X, Auro 3D, and 7.1 separately which will take some time especially if you're using the 1 speaker/twist yourself about method, or 3-4 different room setups if you plan on just looking straight into space.
  12. phoenixdogfan
    I take it you're in the EU if you're quoting your rate in Euros.
  13. sander99
    Karlsruhe in Germany
  14. audiohobbit
    KaiSC is in Germany as it seems (Karlsruhe, which is in the southwest, west of Stuttgart, near french border roughly).

    Still no manual...
  15. Got the Shakes
    I sent James a message about the manual hours ago since I’ve received my unit and would like to have some idea how to set it up. Still no response from him.
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