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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. CanMad
    mrmac was order number 3 so ahead of me. Raband is a pre-order, so theoretically at least behind me. But we have already had confirmation that KS back number 46 was contacted the day of the shipment notification as well.

    Only two explanations I have is, totally random, or as someone else suggested payment order. I don't recall waiting too long to make my KS payment, but would have no doubt that I wouldn't have been the 9th one paying. It was the first time I used kickstarter. Ironically will be the last thing I will receive from KS too, now that I have my Yarra.

    @raband a while back I offered that you could do a PRIR at my place. That offer still stands. You don't have to have received your Realiser by then. Just need a 16GB or less micro SD card. Of course you may get yours before I do, who knows at this point lol.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
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  2. teacher1000
    Yes, I'm #46
    I'd written James an email almost exactly a year ago and he finally replied to it asking for my shipping details last week (but not answering my actual query of course)
    This makes me think that he was individually mailing backers rather than using a mailmerge.
    I don't see any reason why I'd get mine out of order (i'm fairly early on the list anyway)
  3. CanMad
    Do you have a tracking number or ETA? I'm number 9.
  4. teacher1000
    No tracking number
    Has James even contacted you yet?
  5. CanMad
  6. teacher1000
    It doesn't make sense. The only reason to go out of order in my mind would be to send batches to the same regions, but mrmac's unit is almost with him, so that obviously isn't their plan. (I'm assuming that you are somewhat in the 'same region', give or take a few thousand miles)
  7. raband
    Yep - thankyou :)

    Have bookmarked the offer
  8. jagxjr15
    This could be a long wait for all you a16 buyers and backers. I myself don't need an a16 unless my A8 dies. There is almost no music with Atmos mixes, apart from Abbey Road, unless you like what 2L is doing. Also, if you read Widescreen Review, the native Atmos soundtracks are mostly awful (little or no content in the height channels), so they have to use proprietary Auromatic up-conversion to generate the height channels so their extra high-end speakers don't go to waste.

    Another thing that I was thinking was that since the wait will be long (years) for the a16, and then it could take several more years to debug them, there is a real possibility that some people will die waiting. That could really mess up the supply chain. Come to think of it maybe some backers have already gone to a better (or worse) place. Also, the Smyth brothers themselves are not young, so what if they die before all of the orders are filled? In fact, maybe that's why the responses are so few and far between: they could be literally cheating death and gasping for breath every day. If this is not true, why would they ship a16's with no manual (which they literally had years to write)? Speaking of cheating death, I wonder how Keith Richards is doing?

    Just a little food for thought, in case you waiters get tired of trying to reverse-engineer the manual from the metal lump in your mailbox.

    Maybe they should have just stuck with the cough drops.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
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  9. sahmen
    Don't know about the "food for thought" part, but you may have probably just won the award for the creepiest and most morbid sounding post of the year, so congrats to you..
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  10. anach
    Sharp and refreshing, thanks!
  11. audiohobbit
    Sorry, not funny.
    (especially so because my father is very ill and will die within 1-2 years, who knows.)

    I whish the Smyth brothers a long and healthy life!
    As I already said, I've been talking to Mike at the High End show in Munich and he was a really nice guy!

    The fact that he's not mentioned on the team on their website made me already worry about his health condition!

    So again, I'm sorry, but this is not funny at all. :frowning2:
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  12. Takeanidea
    I didn't buy the A16 for it's 16 speaker facility; I wonder how much I would use that, I have no such content. I bought the A16 for what realism it could provide as a 2 speaker setup, mimicking the top speaker and top rooms I could find. I've also had a full set up done for me at CanJam London. I expect the 16 speaker system that was captured will be reconfigurable either automatically or manually to a 2 speaker setup or a 5.1 dependent on what my blu ray player is using through my hdmi connection
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  13. anach
    Don't shoot the messenger, jagxjr15 has a point. Main focus of this thread now seems to be welcoming first units with overwhelming joy. But some of us still see the absurdity of the game.
  14. phoenixdogfan
    OMG. Hardest I've ever laughed so hard on this thread. And the reactions! Priceless! I think Keith will outlive most of the twenty somethings. Probably drinks a cocktail of their blood to maintain himself. :D
  15. Fox1977
    If you play a stereo soundtrack, only the left and right front speakers will be active.
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