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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. CanMad
    Really? Only measurements over analogue outputs? Are you sure? A lot of modern receivers don’t have analogue multichannel inputs any more. Also this would mean no way to measure atmos height speakers as 7.1 input doesn’t have four more for atmos height speakers.

    This can’t be right. It would mean no one can measure the full sixteen channels on a home system.

    The last two receivers I have owned including current one did convert analogue signals to digital for room correction and eq and delay based on distance. U had to choose the pure direct mode to bypass this.
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  2. jgazal
    If the perception of vertical rotation from the interpolation algorithm is not fully convincing for the vast majority of users, then personalized HRTF by modeling from morphological data will have indeed at least on tangible advantage over acoustical measurements of a few transducers.
    Or in the other hand Smyth feels that vertical rotation is not so essential to avoid the soundfiled collapsing and decided to program it later.
    @sander99, sorry, I forgot that they indeed mentioned the lack of vertical rotation in some of the previous updates. I went through all this observations before.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  3. sander99
    From the update:
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  4. sander99
    For multichannel analog in it converted all channels? Not just 2, or just for the analog stereo inputs?
    What is the brand and type of those receivers you own(ed)?
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  5. mercury79
    In my case i use only analog for all my 13.2 atmos, in fact my system is calibrated with a minidsp ddrc-88a and Dirac Live which is also analog! why? i don't know but from sacd and dvd-a im been forced to use analog instead hdmi or other digital formats. so i'm grateful about the analog in and outs
  6. mercury79
    In my case is the same, im using the preouts from an onkyo for the 13.2 channels

  7. esimms86
    Just to clarify regarding DTS-X and Auro 3D. My OPPO player can process both formats. I am correct in my understanding that I can then enjoy those formats by connecting my OPPO player via analog outs to the A16?
  8. CanMad
    Both were/are Pioneer. And have multi channel analogue inputs but only 7.1. For sacd DVD audio etc. not for the height channels of Dolby atmos. That must be in a Dolby digital or Dts x bitstream fed via HDMI and decoded by the receiver.
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  9. esimms86
  10. sander99
    Only as many channels as your oppo has as analog outputs and can send decoded and converted Auro 3D to (how many does it have?).

    By the way watch out: CanMad was responding to my question, not yours (I think)!
  11. sander99
    I have been searching the internet for multi channel analog to LPCM over HDMI converters already. Those would make things a little easier. No luck. Somewhere I read you won't find those because it is somehow related to copyright issues.
  12. CanMad
    Your Oppo would only have 7.1 analog out not 12 (for 7.1.4) or 14 (for 7.1.6) or 16 (for 9.1.6).

    This lack of test signals via HDMI and/or disc as was promised, is a major omission. Basically most users with a home atmos system will not be able to measure their height speakers in any reasonably straight forward way. Making it no better than an A8 in many ways apart from the one Atmos PRIR it ships with :triportsad:

    And for owners of lower end Atmos receivers which don’t have a multichannel input at all you won’t even easily be able to measure your own 7.1 system.

    Look at the top of the range Denon receiver for example, 15.2 analogue pre outs but only a 7.1 analog input

    Even the top of the line Marantz 8805 Av pre-amp only has 7.1 analogue inputs
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  13. sander99
    It is a real bummer for sure.

    But it is not impossible. If the combining of speakers from different PRIRs is possible, as I wrote you can measure 1 or 2 speakers at a time each time using an analog stereo input of the receiver, for which the roomcorrection will work. But it is a lot of work. Re-callibrating and moving or recabling speakers for every next 2 channels.
    If you do the 2 speakers in a fixed position method, re-positioning yourself towards the left and right front speakers, it is not too much work: Just connect the first 2 of the 16 analog outs to an analog stereo input of the receiver. For all different positions do a complete measurement (so you get a bunch of 16 channel PRIRs of which only the first 2 channels contain a real measurement.) You won't have to re-connect anything, and won't have to re-calibrate your receiver. If you are worried about also measuring your center channel like this (using the left or right front speaker standing asymetric in the room) you could just do a little bit of extra work: put one of your front left right speakers in the center position (or connect your center speaker to the left or right front output of your receiver), re-calibrate EQ on your receiver, and now measure the center channel. This "symmetrical placed" speaker might also be suitable to measure as 90 degrees side surrounds. You could also just use one symmetrical placed, and EQd speaker in a fixed position to measure all the channels.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  14. Sanctuary
    People were saying this previously back in 2017 when I mentioned it being nonsense that it could not even handle HDR10 at the time (until they later updated it). You can't use just any old HDMI splitter though. I think the few that I've found that actually split audio and video into separate and dual 4K (with various format support) streams start around $70. Not huge compared to the A16 itself or likely the rest of one's gear, but just saying. Ironically, I ended up just getting an Oppo-203 anyway that already has this.

    I think we both ordered at approximately the same time. Funny enough, each time I go out of town for a few weeks, I hope that either the A16 isn't going to ship during that period, or that Smyth will be communicative enough to actually contact me to verify my address (which I really doubt honestly given their history) and any special shipping hold.

    This time, I go out of town for eight weeks, starting August 3rd, and the thread blows up with ultimatums and tantrums, but then a day or two later it is finally announced that they are actually shipping. The snail pace rollout is "bad", but at least they are finally going to ship, instead of it just being a bunch of "we intends". Personally, I am glad that I purchased an A8, and I honestly was not expecting to have the A16 until sometime Q3 or Q4 of next year anyway. Financially I would have had to wait to use it anyway because I need to buy a much better, more modern receiver and a handful of other speakers and stands, as well as having enough to rent a good room for a day or two.

    Hopefully the virtual height speakers that can supposedly be added to an already existing PRIR function adequately enough. That way, at least if I get my A16 before I have enough funds for what I want, I can still use my 7.1 PRIR from the A8 and add the heights to hopefully get a working Atmos field, but I dunno...

    So this wouldn't work then? I don't even see any analog inputs for channels if those "pre-outs" aren't it.


    I would think that as long as the A16 has the necessary outputs, it will still be doable, even if your receiver only has 5.1 inputs. I had to use an older 5.1 receiver to get a 7.1 PRIR. It's just unplugging from the A8 "surrounds" and plugging those same cables into the "rear" outputs. As long as the speakers are setup correctly, and you're in the correct position, it shouldn't be too terribly difficult to get your 7.1 measurement, then add in the heights before finalizing. But I have no idea. They could have completely changed the way the A16 works for that compared to the A8.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  15. Got the Shakes
    I tried to get James to divulge some more details yesterday about expected timing of preorders shipping. It was one question that just kept being avoided.

    I did get tracking info this morning for my A16 unit that I paid the difference on. Does not have a delivery date yet, but they used 2 day shipping and James told me yesterday that it would either arrive Saturday or Monday.
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