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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Got the Shakes
    I can't believe I'm seriously considering doing this, but I'm not sure I'm prepared to wait another year for my order. Of course I'll feel really stupid if they ship out all of the preorders by the end of the year.
  2. J.Villain
    I'm in the same boat. A year seems completely insane. For now I am holding onto the hope that they ramp up their shipping rate as it goes along due to efficiencies or they manage to bring in some money so they can hire some help. When I ordered it was supposed to ship in a few weeks. Now with the unit "completed" shipping alone is going to be a year? You couldn't make this stuff up.
  3. m8o
    That is one seriously light boat. Doorstop, I could understand. But anchor?

    So based on my positioning on the order list, looks like I'm still a few months off. I'm quite sure at this point it will arrive the day after I close on sale of my house or gear and can no longer measure my systems right into it. (Ya, I know there are other ways. Really just want to measure the systems by and into this. Have enough issues in my life.)
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
  4. Eich1eeF
    I would assume that the angle is used to determine the weight of the adjacent PRIRs for the purpose of derotation.

    With the HPEQ editor, it may be possible to "emulate" other headphones, i.e. if I had only headphone A, and another user had headphones A and B and published both HPEQ curves, it may be possible to apply *only* the difference of those curves to emulate headphone B with my own headphone A. That's only useful to check how B might sound *without* the Realiser, using the Realiser, which isn't very useful at all in my opinion.
  5. VandyMan
    I'd wait. There is a reasonable chance that they will be able to ship faster after they get their processes optimized.
  6. VandyMan
    Given all the speculation about Smyth running out of money, I'm ok with them selling a few extra units for full retail. It does not sound like it will delay shipping to the rest of us. Perhaps this will allow them to hire another person to speed up the testing/shipping process.
  7. Got the Shakes
    I’m torn for sure. I’m a June 2017 preorder so I could be like 600th in line at this point. Under the best circumstances would I see my order before like March of 2020? The prospect of getting this thing early next week is really tempting.
  8. VandyMan
    That is pretty far down the list. I'm *hoping* that it will be 10-20 a week for awhile, then 20-50, etc. On the other hand, keeping us waiting is a Smyth specialty.
  9. Sordel
    Yes, we have to weigh a long wait against the possibility of Smyth going out of business completely. Under those circumstances I'm happy to wait, and I do think that they'll get faster at getting these things out.
  10. sander99
    I would never go for the deal to pay the difference with the new price to get it earlier. I think it would be a lot smarter to just buy an extra A16 for the new price to get it fast, and sell one once you have received them both. If you have the money lying around, of course.
  11. Got the Shakes
    Well because I'm impatient and impulsive when it comes to technology, I ended up paying the difference. I was told it ships via 2 day shipping and will arrive either Saturday or worst case on Monday. I'm pretty excited obviously, even though I know that probably should have just waited. Oh well, you only live once, right?
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  12. mercury79
    Congratulations! you do it right! skip all the frustation of wait! (this cost for sure) I will be alert of your next post, one of the first reviewers! enjoy it friend! you deserve it as many of us who will need to be patient.
  13. illram
    I was pretty close to buying that unit for full price as a second A16, so don't feel bad. After this long I don't blame you at all for not wanting to wait any longer. And now you're going to be our guinea pig! We want pics.......
  14. Fox1977
    Awesome ! Lucky you ! Christmas is early this year ! :yum:
    We'll all be waiting for your first impressions !! we want pictures :slight_smile:
  15. Got the Shakes
    So to do this, I basically was chatting with James all day via Facebook Messenger because we were trying to work out payment stuff (long story). As we were going back and forth I asked about preloaded rooms. The unit ships with one Atmos room preloaded is what I was told. Not sure if we knew that yet or not.

    This was probably the much smarter route than I went. As someone else stated buying one new and waiting for the original preorder to ship makes much more sense in many ways, I didn't want to part with quite that much cash.

    I'll be posting an album of them once the unit arrives as well as impressions. I never even got to demo one at a trade show so this is all going to be new to me.

    We'll say that my graduation present to myself came early this year since I'm finishing up a second degree this fall. That's a good justification, right? :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
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