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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. raband

    Realiser A16 Units Now In Stock

    Limited amount of stock available for purchase

    Message us for more info! [​IMG]:)
  2. audiohobbit
    Hm, and those links you found are so secret that you can't share them here?

    What I also meant:
    while dsperber said:

    There has been a document with pictures of the GUI before, either on KS or somewhere else, can't find it at the moment.

    Honestly I don't much appreciate such hints and winks and so on. I'd prefer if s.o. clearly states what he read and heard and what is speculation etc.
    Or are you under NDA and the Smyth will shoot you (with a Smyth&Wesson, lol) if you tell us...? :p
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
  3. Got the Shakes
    You know, I wondered if they were going to take this approach after telling us Kickstarter/preorder customers that it will take several month to ship out units and low and behold here we are.
  4. raband

    KS can feel farked off

    Pre-orders can have a claim to righteously so
  5. audiohobbit
    With the A8 the angle values are just informations where the speaker had been relative to your head. Changing those numbers does nothing to the PRIR. That is impossible.
    I can't think of a way how this should work now in the A16, if I understand you correctly.
    You can do a PRIR with a sinlge speaker but you have to record at all the different angles relative to your head where the speakers of a multi-speaker system would be. So for the center you put the one speaker in front of you, for the left front 30 degresse to the left, for the right front 30 degress to the right. You can keep it in place and turn your head/body instead but the speaker has to be recorded at the relative position to your ears and head as a real speaker would be.

    Maybe I understand it completely wrong but to me it sounds like you want to record a speaker once and then change the angle settings in the GUI to place it to different positions virtually. if so: That's impossible IMO.

    and what you write about the HPEQs I don't get at all, I'm sorry (maybe it's my not 100% perfect english..?)
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  6. audiohobbit
  7. raband
    Hi Andrew, thanks for getting in touch. We understand your position; the KS and pre-orders are progressing, in addition to this we have had a small number of cancellations and therefore have a limited amount of stock available to purchase. Now that we have advised we are shipping, we can only sell these items retail and therefore as our post and website now states 'Limited stock available for purchase'. You will receive your pre-order in due course.
  8. Dixter
    @audiohobit Information is now changing and its hard to pin down links that are being changed/removed... and... I never once mentioned dsperber by name... nor do I know of any commitments to him as I don't have any of that information... wishing him and all best of luck...

    there is also communication out this morning explaining some of the statements for DTS accuracy ...
  9. Fox1977
    I wonder if those who buy a A16 now from those in limited stock will receive it in priority...
    It could make sense as they'll pay it full price and it will bring a bit of cash to the company, even though it could sound unfair to us poor lads who will have to wait weeks and months to get our unit...
  10. raband
    As a "pre-order" I was OK with KS and us getting them in order - even if it meant we're at the end of the queue

    If any go out retail before "pre-order" though.......
  11. Got the Shakes
    So what if I told you I could pay the difference between my preorder price and the retail price and have my unit delivered by Monday....?
  12. Fox1977
    I’d say “Great for you!” and i’d be a bit (a lot ?) envious but in my case, that would mean an extra 3000€, so there is no way i’d line up such big sum to get it a few weeks before...
  13. Got the Shakes
    It would be $2250 USD for me. Basically my point was that I was told that those units they are selling now would ship immediately.
  14. SergioPOE
    I understand why the Smyths are making available a small number of units at the "new and improved" price, but this is yet another big middle finger to their KS and pre-order customers.
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  15. illram
    I was told the same although the explanation was that these cancelations are people who were early in the order already.
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