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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Dr. Strangelove
    I personally don't see the use in complaining or badgering them. I know they are working as hard as they can, and a reminder from them of that fact is an empty placation. I expect them to have an update when they've something worthwhile to say, and experience has shown that such is what they usually do. These guys are the ones who created both DTS cinema and home codecs, created the first realizer, and are working on this unit which incorporates many different cutting edge technologies; their reputation isn't in dispute yet, and to act like it is feels disrespectful in my mind*. Smyth's work is actual science and unequivocally delivers exactly what they say it does, and I honestly don't care if I've to wait another few months to get back in to that AIX mastering room because, in the end, it's an absolute steal.

    *especially given the ridiculous amounts of money spent on/praise directed towards completely worthless, over-hyped, snake-oil esque tripe by members of this forum, purely based on the word of those who made the product or on an purely emotional response.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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  2. Fox1977
    You're absolutely right ! Thanks to him, we get more informations that people from other countries. For example, he was the first to release a picture of the remote. It may be nothing but still it's better than being without any news.
    I was not only thinking about myself when i wrote my message above, and that's why i share here the information the french dealer releases.
  3. 462429
    In May 2017 this attitude would have sounded quite reasonable to me.
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  4. jgazal
    Dr. Choueiri is in his 5.0 version of his Bacch-dsp software with forth order Ambisonics, but not easy way to measure a high order PRIR and no decoding for ready available proprietary codecs. The software also deals with crosstalk in a very peculiar way.
    A16 has its own hardware, advanced procedure to measure a high order PRIR and Atmos, Dts:X and Auro decoding.
    I wish the A16 externalization for headphones could also incorporate a HOA engine and crosstalk algorithm similar to those developed by Dr. Choueiri.
    I guess that would worth the wait.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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  5. sander99
    All very nice but please they can do that in firmware version 3.0 or whatever, let's first have some usable 1.0 to start (and ship) with, and all the promised functionality - as far as still possible with the current hardware - in 2.0, and when all of that works perfect then take the next step.
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  6. Richter Di
    I was a bit surprised to hear nothing about when we get the A16.
  7. sphynxxx
    Talk about a nothing update. Glad the business side is going well. WHEN THE FUG ARE WE GETTING ANY SHIPPING NEWS???? 4-6 weeks was a load of sh**.
  8. Richter Di
    Just left this comment under the Facebook post about the update.
    If you have an Facebook acount please use it to comment there.
    While Smyth might choose not to react here or even read, they actively use Facebook. So comments there are relevant for their image.
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  9. Got the Shakes
    I wish I could say I’m surprised by the lack of shipping update, but I’m not at this point. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m starting to think they are going to ship anything at all this summer.
  10. Sordel
    This update does explain the delay. Smyth has had the assemblies for a while and you don't manufacture stuff until you're ready for retail, so I was worried why they were prevaricating. They have obviously been putting into place some financial security and risk management, which they couldn't talk about publicly for obvious reasons. Now they have that security they also have the time they need to bring the best product to market. That sucks for us, who have been waiting so long, but the Kickstarter did not raise a massive amount of money and Smyth have had to eke out their money. Now they seem to have done an equity deal of some sort, which gives them everything they need to bring the A16 to market.

    Frankly, it doesn't do us any good having the A16 in our homes if the next thing that happens is Smyth going out of business and ceasing support. This is an important step; it's just that I would have rather had an A16 to play with at an earlier point.
  11. Got the Shakes
    There is no doubt that Smyth securing a partnership that will allow them to put more resources into the long term viability of the A16 is a good thing. It’s certainly understandable that they couldn’t discuss any of that while the details were being worked out and finalized. However, it can be assumed that the discussions of their partnership took months of negotiations to get worked out and they knew where they stood in that process while telling Tyll at CanJam 4-6 weeks was when they hoped to launch. Maybe they planned to hit that window and the business side pulled them away from finishing up 1.0 of the UI/firmware or maybe trying to finish the firmware has been such a mess that they need more time for that. The fact that there is zero mention of where they stand on that front isn’t a good sign though.
  12. profsbg
    I feel this is a very positive update. I just found out that my Kickstarter cost about 25% of the current price, and the product will now have a sound financial basis for future support. I hope to see a refined product shipped by the end of the year.
  13. Fox1977
    We were asking for an update, we got one !
    Now, the main point is still avoided. We still have no idea when it's gonna be ready, nor how much they progressed on the software development since the march update.
    I googled this Heavenly Sound company and it led me on a page of the companycheck website informing that the UK branch of this company has its address in Bangor (like Smyth Research) and that the director is Stephen Smyth, appointed since january 2018.
    It's interesting to know that they made a deal for a partnership to expand the company and their technology. The retail price of the A16 got a huge bump, i can imagine that Heavenly Sound will be receiving most of the extra cost.
    It's good for us to know that we'll eventually get it with such a big discount compared to retail price (it was already big before !), maybe Heavenly Sound will help them completing the software.
    Let's hope to have more information soon...
  14. Maestroso
    As a matter of fact, the Heavenly Sound UK office incorporated on 17th January 2018 (see https://companycheck.co.uk/company/NI650305/HEAVENLY-SOUND-UK-LIMITED/companies-house-data).

    Quite some time ago ...
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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  15. musicday
    I am not saying that this is not a very nice and very capable of surround sound through headphones device, but i wonder how many will sell at the new announced price?
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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