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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. sphynxxx
    It’s hard to tell if the head tracker will be compatible with a headband like the one on Mr. Speakers Aeon flow. Anyone able to tell if it’ll work?
  2. sander99

    Maybe not always good looking, but always possible.
    I guess the small horizontal object between the actual head tracker and the headband in the animated image above is the "Universal head tracker mounting bracket" mentioned below.
    If nothing else it can always be attached to the two "wires" that form the top part of the Aeon headband with tyraps and/or some adhesive tape (the latter to avoid sliding sideways over the wires).
    But maybe the "Universal head tracker mounting bracket" can clamp itself to the two "wires".

  3. raband
    Well, the delay is really helping me get the stuff ready for the arrival of the A16.

    Since I ordered the unit I've been able to save up and get:

    Oppo UHP-203
    65" 4k HDR TV
    And today - Stax SRS-5100 system

    I think I should be ready now - they can start sending the units out :wink:
  4. Indisch
    I wrote with James a few days ago and he told me that I can expect my A16 in late july to August. I ordered it while they had the 15% discount during the CanJam in LA. So anyone who participated in the kickstarter can expect their unit 1 to 2 months earlier. At least that’s what I was told the last time.
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  5. musicday
    Lucky you, but if the TV set is not OLED,you can't have the full cinematic experience :)
    Last edited: May 14, 2018
  6. Fox1977
    The french dealer of the A16 received on friday both versions (headstand and 2U) for the SoundDays exhibition in Paris on May 26th-27th.
    He says that the software is still quite far from being finished. Some functions are not there and some menus are not active yet. It wouldn't make sense to send units already to us with this incomplete software. But by the time the exhibition takes place, he will have received a more complete version.
    He confirms that Dolby Vision works through the A16. The LCD screen shows what is going on for each virtual speaker while playing a soundtrack. Setting A16 up is rather complicated, much more than the A8.
    And he also says that Atmos in 9.1.6 works great !
    He adds also that headtracker works without a receiver near TV (but it is unclear if it's just one way of using it and if he still got a receiver or not. I think both ways are supposed to be possible)
    He doesn't know about the shipping date for the moment.
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  7. musicday
    This is way great news then no news.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Not long now.
  8. mbyrnes
    I honestly wouldn't care if the software was incomplete. If I could get it working, even with a pre installed setup, that would be fine. Hell, I'm a beta tester for almost every electronic in my household. Firmware has broken features on my TV, Xbox, PC, enough times that I'm used to it. Just getting a start on measuring my headphones would be nice. It'll take a while just to get a feel for it.

    Wish they would offer an alpha program to us. Some may prefer to wait, some may not care if it gets bricked, and need to send it back. I like finding problems, but I know many despise it. I'd probably do better with less features at first, and once things are added, it would be less to learn, making it easier for me.

    With Summer here, I'll be busy and it'll get here when it does. Enjoy the weather!
  9. Got the Shakes
    I feel the exact same way. I’m also the person that is always in a beta program for iOS, Xbox One dashboard updates, etc so I’m ok with using firmware that isn’t totally polished. I’ll be the only user of the A16 when I get it so as long as it shipped with some ability to measure a room and then a pair of headphones I’d be happy.

    I did just for the hell of it email James to see if I could get any insight as to where we stand since it’s been 6 weeks since the last proper update. I was very polite about it. I’ll let you guys know if/when I get a response.
  10. mbyrnes
    Hopefully he gets back to you. I would think that the types of people backing this, would also be the type to tinker, take risks on alpha/betas, etc. I would guess the Smyth's thought is get it as close to perfect as possible, then release. I'd sign a waiver/ non-disclosure no problem. Setup a private forum so owners could talk and relay issues back to the Smyth brothers. I'd LOVE this. I'd rather help than sit here clueless as to what is going on. I want this thing to be as great as they do.
  11. Got the Shakes
    Honestly I know they’re probably in crunch time mode and it’s not my nature to bug people, but I figured since it’s been 6 weeks since an update it was worth a shot. I was really polite about asking for an update and didn’t pry for anything too specific. Just asked if they could give me a broad window when we could expect shipping since they said 4-6 weeks at CanJam.
  12. Dr. Strangelove
    No way they'd let it out with unfinished software; just takes one complaining idiot to create a ton of bad PR and ruin their product launch.
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  13. musicday
    People seem to be very upset on Kickstarter. Maybe someone should post the news there from the French dealer. I would like to believe that Smyth Reserch are working had to deliver this product in time and are working on the firmware to make it stable.
  14. raband
    Like.... maybe.... Smyth??

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  15. Fox1977
    Generally i post here on this forum the news from the french dealer because here is the non-official Smyth topic and it's good to share info with non-french-speaking people who are like me "desperately" waiting for my unit, but on Kickstarter information should come straight from the Smyth brothers because it's their official channel of communication.
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