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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. GarrHaal
    This is the worst company I've ever bought from. No communication whatsoever except when they take my money. What is so ****ing hard to spend couple minutes and write something to us customers. How are they going to communicate when its out? Firmware updates etc. I feel like I'm ignored and worthless to them. This is problably my first and last product from them.
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  2. Got the Shakes
    They’ve somehow been getting worse with communication as they’ve been getting deeper into development. I sent them an email yesterday asking for some info and I have no faith that they’ll actually email me back. I mean you’d think for a nearly $1800 preorder they could at least acknowledge that they received my message.
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  3. raband

    Development is finished - if they're still developing then we're a good 18-36 months away from any product.

    Finishing touches were happening back in December with certification being finalised.

    Hopefully it's only software side of things that's needing to be finished.

    From the sound of what ^^ reported from his French contact - it's still a fair way off.

    No...,,,, they haven't.

    They promised monthly updates to all kickstarters.

    They have never delivered.

    Updates looked better for a couple of months because they sent them out for a couple of months.

    We're back to service as normal now - 4 or 5 previous updates (after 2 years) close to the new month does not make it the rule :frowning2:

    Hell, Tyll?? from IF has had to retire, pack his bags and move on before he got an update - if anyone could have pushed the product forward after the launch it would have been him :frowning2:
  4. sander99
    Tyll is going to build a mobile home and live like a nomad... maybe he thought now is the time because he can take a high end atmos 9.1.6 theatre with him on the road! (Assuming the A16 is finished within the 2.5 years he needs to build his mobile home, let's hope that is not too unrealistic to assume!)
    Edit: Oh no, I understood it wrong I think: the mobile home is finished already, except for the shower.

    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  5. musicday
    Let's wait till the end of the month and if we don't get an update with with a genuine shipping date we will think of something:)
    Maybe some will get it quicker than they would expect !
  6. Got the Shakes
    Sorry. When I said development I meant software development. Not of the actual physical part of the A16.

    This is actually what I was told as a preorder customer: “You are now a valuable customer to us and we will update you every two weeks on the development of the Realiser A16.” I did go back and look at Kickstarter and they delivered on monthly updates starting May or June of last year. They only missed hitting one monthly update since then, two if you include the current lack of an update from April. So from an original promise of two weeks, then going to monthly updates, to now sitting at 6 weeks and counting I’d say they are getting worse at communicating. The reason may very well be because they are in software crunch mode and very close to launch, but they could have taken a few minutes to state that. These past few weeks have been the first time I’ve been this frustrated with the communication from them, and honestly I’m not even sure what sparked my frustration.
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
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  7. Sordel
    It doesn't improve my mental health that I'm subscribed to this thread which means that every time someone posts their impatience I'm reminded to be impatient myself. There really is no excuse for not giving us more news ... even some feedback from conventions would be welcome.
  8. ajax1
    When I talked to Mike Smyth at CanJam SoCal, he said that they had not yet submitted for Dolby Atmos certification but would very shortly.
    The user interface was the hold up. He thought it would be ready almost immediately or in a couple of weeks.
    He thought certification would then be received within 30 days.
  9. Fox1977
    Unfortunately, they don't take lessons from their mistakes. After people really got grumpy from the lack of communication and the always-postponed release of the A16, the Smyth started to give news pretty much once a month since the end of last year. But now, they got silent again.
    We're already half-may. They had enough time to whip up a full demonstration in LA CanJam 5 weeks ago, but can't take 10 minutes to give us an update... In the past year, i guess i wrote to them 3 times, and they never answered back. That's not how you treat people who trusted you with 1000 - 2000 €/$
    That is really disrespectful. All this will probably be forgotten when we get our hands on the A16 but in the meantime, it's very frustrating and even a bit infuriating... they also stopped answering to comments on Kickstarter many months ago, though they used to answer regularly before.
    i can understand that it's annoying to hear people complain, but if they were communicating about progress, people would be complaining much less.
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  10. arnaud Contributor
    Will it make you feel better if you receive an update saying, "We're still working on the software, work in progress, thank you for your patience!" ?

    On my side, that does not change the result so, why bother.

    It's not like any of you can give a hand to smyth to finish their work based off the status update, is it?

    I bet that, if anything, all the whining is more demotivating than anything and making them think twice before posting an update. From the look of this thread, if there's any lesson to learn is that no matter how hard one might try, whiners win and one might as well ignore it and work on, which I bet is what smyth is doing now :).

    Just let them get the darn thing done ffs...
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  11. Maestroso
    Honestly, I don’t see much complaining on Kickstarter - just kindly asking for an update. The same applies to this space. It seems as if people have remained quite civilized and that’s good - but it shouldn’t be mistaken with ignorance. We all are eagerly waiting for some news. And Smyth Research is aware of that and check their Kickstarter on a daily basis. However, the reason for them not responding is simply beyond me.

    Even a short “we are working on it” will calm people more than just leaving them hanging out there in the dark. My 2C.
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  12. Maestroso
    How weird that I would feel better if they had provided an update - and a few others, too.
    In fact, I could help out too, if they were in need and asked for it.
  13. mercury79
    I whish at the end, that head-fi make a tool to filter the pessimistic and non sense post in this thread so can be possible to read the most important info, i agree with many people but we need to be realistic, its a matter of time, im triyin to stay calm since we can see that the a16 exist and many people test it at canjam, this is not a toy, its a professional audio equipment and we deserve quality, as backers as we are, we need to asume all the conditions of a product in development.
  14. Fox1977
    Yes, it will make me feel better and i don't think i'm the only one. I may remind you that they first announced that A16 would be released A YEAR AGO. Then they promised they'd give people an update twice per month. I'm not asking for that much. The once-a-month update that they had been sticking to over the last few months was fine for me. Though even then they were systematically avoiding the main question that people wanted an answer to "When will we get it ?". Even if they couldn't provide a date, they could simply say that due to whatever reason they had, they can't tell us a firm date but they are projecting that shipping can start in june or july.
    I don't think it's whining to ask for a bit of news. A few lines to say where they are, what is left and how it is impacting the release date is not much to ask i think. Kickstarter backers have been waiting for nearly two years, now.
    If you were ordering a product in a physical shop, they told you it would arrive within 6 months for example and one year after this 6-month period, the product had still not arrived and the shop was not answering your questions about what is going on, why it is still not here and when will it come, i doubt you'd remain that patient.
    We don't even know if the A16 passed certifications when it was supposed to happen in january...

    I don't doubt that the A16 is a great piece of tech, that we'll receive it eventually and that the Smyth are working as hard as they can on it. I am not implying at all that they are conning us or something like that.
    If we were not paying them and remaining silent to their requests, they would not accept it wisely thinking "It's ok, they will pay someday, when they can", would they ? I don't think so.
    I am very calm about it, but simply asking for more information. That is all.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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  15. musicday
    In theory it should be easier for you then the rest of us to wait. At least you have your french dealer that provides you with essential information and you may even get to play at the end of this month with the retail unit:)
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