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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. sahmen
  2. JohnEW
    Is it an optical illusion or does the screen on the U2 look small compared to the headstand version.? I thought both models used the same components, just in a different position.

    This was taken from Kickstarter page

    Smyth Research on January 17, 2017
    The reduction in height of the headstand, the increase in screen size, and the re-arrangement of some of the internal circuitry, necessitated some change in the shape
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  3. Got the Shakes
    I’ve thought that a couple of times, but just assumed it was an illusion. It would be a weird difference between the models as it would be cheaper for Smyth to buy say 1,000 of the exact same screens vs 500 of one size and 500 of another (at least that’s what I would assume based on economies of scale).
  4. sander99
    It is an optical illusion. I checked measuring in pixels relative to the size of other parts like the volume knobs in one of the pictures with both designs.
  5. Richter Di
    Speaking about weird, isn‘t it weird to offer different modells. I mean, I like the Headstand, but I would have wanted an Realizer A16.
  6. sander99
    It is a bit weird, but I can guess and understand how this came to be. Someone had the brilliant idea that it would be very nice and original to make it in a headstand form, and that this could be an additional selling point. But then someone "realised" (ha ha), that there always will be people who just want to put it in a rack. For example professional users in studio's. So they decided to make both.
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  7. Thenewguy007
    I don't think I seen Tyll that impressed by anything quite awhile.

    Even when he was reviewing or auditioning good high end gear, he had a very subdued type of attitude, but in that video he is legitimately hyped!
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  8. Got the Shakes
    I’ve always thought it was a bit weird for a few reasons. First it’s likely to be a low volume product and it’s so niche that I don’t think people would complain about the one style that is produced since you can’t find a comparable product anywhere. Second, as a new product launch from a small company multiple form factors just complicates the manufacturing process.
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  9. Richter Di
    Yes. It was lovely to see.
  10. Richter Di
    Right - exactly what I thought.
  11. musicday
    If i am mistaken the headstand uses a bigger LCD screen then the 2U unit, both of same resolution: 480 x 320.
    Also in this picture appears the two have different screen sizes, but i may be wrong.
    Nobody has seen the 2U in real life. 20180430_233753.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
  12. sander99
    The diagram in your post shows the old head stand design.
  13. dsperber
    Not true. If you recall back on April 8 I posted pictures from LA CanJam 2018, including this one showing the four total real world demonstration units, two of each headstand and 2U types that the Smyths have obviously been flying around with.


    One 2U had "ears" for rack mounting, and the other 2U had wood ends. No firm decision yet on how these optional finishes will either be requested or paid for by the customer, or in fact if the wood ends will even be an option. One headstand unit was on the table here, and the other one was set up to do the demonstration calibrations every 15 minutes.

    Looks to me like the display screen is the same for both 2U and headstand. I think when its lit up (as the one was which was doing the demo calibrations) it just looks larger.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
  14. sander99
    I rescaled one picture to match the other as you can see from the size of the volume knobs, and the distance between the volume knobs (that are atached to the same PCB inside), duplicated one picture and part of the other, and voilà: the optical illusion is unmasked.
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  15. Richter Di
    Wow! Well done.
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