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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. ronkupper
    Spot on!

    Not sure I got the professional users part. I can see them in both group but would say the latter (2U) if needed to choose one. Studios uses racks no?
  2. musicday
  3. Richter Di
    No, not really. Especially not if I would have got it to the promised date May 2017.
  4. CanMad
    Cool do u have a good system to do a calibration for? I would be prepared to offer a calibration at my place for you.
  5. raband
    Nah, am just on a Sonos system in the lounge/house, so not really anything to calibrate at my end.

    Your offer sounds great.

    Would be interested in seeing if there's a few of us local who could team up for an arvo to do calibrations at a proper studio - sharing the rental
    (if there are any worthwhile studios around that'd be willing to hire out the rooms)
  6. musicday
    Anyone else in London, South London getting the Realiser A16?
    Will need to organise a local meeting.:)
    Last edited: May 4, 2018
  7. sphynxxx
    So I've heard that it "doesn't matter" if you get the HD800 or HD800S because of the way the Realiser processes the audio but still what do you guys think to be the better option? I know you miss out on some of the clarity and soundstage with the S but its a more well rounded, refined listening experience so I am leaning towards the S. Thoughts? I can't really go the electrostats route financially right now but can manage the 800(S) and am sure they'll bump up the experience compared to the HD650s I currently have.

    Also, I switched from the 2U to the Headstand model by emailing them last night and got confirmation from James Smyth this morning. Much more conducive to my personal setup!
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  8. Takeanidea
    You can get some of the plusses from the s incorporated into the standard model and keep the soundstage by missing it. Please see my review it'll tell you all you need to know
  9. Sordel
    Although it's tempting to buy new headphones to “have them ready” for the Realiser, you'd be better off experimenting once it arrives with the cans you already own to work out where you need an improvement. I really hope that the 650s are adequate because I'm intended to use the 6XX myself, alongside the Oppo PM-3. Only if I feel that the headphones are holding the A16 back will I upgrade.
    J.Villain likes this.
  10. sphynxxx
    It is VERY tempting to "get ready" for its arrival. I'll admit I'm going stir crazy with eagerness. But thanks for reigning in my unnecessary preparation. Saves me a few dollars to say the least.

    The HD650 should be a great starting point I think it is safe to say. We are all in this together.
  11. sphynxxx
    Link?? Sounds helpful.
    I looked but didn't find it.
  12. musicday
    From my understanding every headphone should sound good with the Realiser A16.
    But very important is to have a light weight headphone, very comfortable. I think I will try with Pioneer Master 1 are only 45 Ohm and can be driven fantastically by the Tera Player.Also resolution, soundstage and bass is substantial. HD800S is a very versatile, and you can add genuine leather earpds.
  13. Dixter
    This article might help you.. .the 800 mod is super easy and takes about 15 minutes to perform... you can also buy the SuperDupont Resonator from ebay... if you go this route check out youtube vids for a step by step directions for the mod... super easy and you save some money ... (you don't have to take the headphone apart... just pull the dust screen out...)

  14. J.Villain
    I got ready a year ago and replaced almost my entire home theatre based on what they were saying the ship date would be. I would have saved >$1500 and ended up with better equipment if I had waited until now. My advise to every one is save up the money to get what you want. But if it is some thing where better options are coming or prices are dropping think twice before pulling the trigger. If what you are after is some thing that seldom changes and prices are steady then pulling the trigger makes sense if you can get the benefit now out of what you are getting. Don't dive into debt based on an imaginary ship date.
  15. Fox1977
    5 weeks passed since the last email we got from James Smyth. An update would be appreciated... maybe something will come up this week... So far this year, we got an update at the end of each month (January, 29th - February, 28th and March, 31st), but not in April...
    jgazal likes this.
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