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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. musicday
    Is there anyone that heard the Realiser even at the very beginning when it was a prototype and didn't like it, or had something negative to say about it? I don't think so, anyway not too long now :)
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  2. padam
    It's easy to see its drawback. Even though it is an extremely well made illusion, it is still an illusion. You need to remain in that "sweet spot" if you want to keep that illusion.
    If you want an immersive spatial experience without being in a place like that, it is the only product that'll do that for you. It also changes the frequency response of the headphones to much more like the speakers you are calibrating (but it still keeps some of its own attributes). The SR-009 is pretty much the best headphone you can use for this, because it was designed with a Stax headphone, it is airy and extremely revealing but a little thin-sounding. That will be gone once you apply the equalization and the transparency and speed remain. In short: the better the headphone (and DAC, I suggest using an external one as well), the "firmer" this illusion can get.

    As for myself I could never get the L and R channels perfectly even because of my own hearing imbalance (it was very slight, but I could notice it and changing the adjustments didn't fix it.
    I didn't feel it as much when there is no equalization applied I guess my brain compensates it better.)

    It was also weird that if I used a big room profile when I was in small room, my brain kind if didn't want to accept the fact that the virtual speakers are positioned farther than the wall in front (since that's physically impossible).
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  3. Got the Shakes
    In theory if the 4-6 weeks thing actually happens that would be quite soon since the video was taken at CanJam 3 weekends ago.
  4. MichaelJames99
    Question on setup.... I currently have 2 HDMI cables running thru the wall to my 2013 Panasonic VT60 65" tv. Its not 4k and doesnt support HDR obviously. So would i run the HDMI out to my Marantz AV7702 or directly from A16 to TV? Does the A16 have onscreen support if I go directly to TV?
  5. musicday
    How many have pre-ordered the head stand? I was thinking to change my order, the headstand looks very good and won't take much space as the previous prototype model shown before.
  6. Richter Di
    Yes, I ordred the head stand.
  7. mercury79
    One Headstand here! Most original as the realiser itself
  8. Got the Shakes
    When I first learned about the Realiser and decided to preorder my original intention was the head stand model. Then I changed around my tv and gaming setup and the head stand model wouldn’t have fit so I had to go 2U. I like the look of the head stand model more though.
  9. sander99
  10. Fox1977
    I also ordered the headstand model. I like the design much better... I bet it will draw attention of guest who will be visiting and I’ll advertise the qualities to them !
  11. mrtim6
    I initially ordered the M2 but requested to change to the headphone stand version also.

    Also to quote from James Smyth email to me from 8 July 2017

    “Shipping is expected to start late August.
    No exact date has been set.”

    Makes me wonder why he said that?

    Anyway I hope shipping will be this year in June.
  12. musicday
    Don't worry too much about it. At CanJam Los Angeles James has told Tyll from Innerfidelity that shipping will start in 4-6 weeks and the first ones to receive it is the campaign backers.
    Anyway, everything seem positive so far.
    I changed from 2U to headstand also as i would like to have a bigger screen amoung the original shape.
  13. Got the Shakes
    Assuming that nothing happens to delay things further, based on what Tyll was told shipping should begin somewhere from 1-3 weeks from now. Obviously with the way things have gone it’s totally possible we hear of more delays.

    We should be due a Kickstarter update from the Smyths soon I would think. The last real update was March 31st, the only thing after that was their announcement of CanJam signups.
  14. sahmen
    How does one make this change? I originally selected the 2U, but I am also considering changing my choice. Thanks. Patrick
  15. musicday
    Email James and ask nicely.
    Your welcome. Levi
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