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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. raband
    Will be interesting to find out where the unit needs to be verses where focal point is.

    A16 on side table near the couch and (within reason) screen in front..... zero cable issues
  2. Got the Shakes
    I can’t say I 100% know how the head tracking works, but do you need the Realiser in front of you underneath the tv your watching for the head tracking to work correctly? Like does it need straight on line of sight from your headphones with the tracker on them to the A16?
  3. Evshrug
    I mean, if you would rather use that TV, it makes sense. My space is small enough that anything bigger than my monitors would be too big... in fact I almost never use both of my monitors at the same time.
    I don’t know about that TCL P tv, what’s the special selling point? My TV downstairs is a midrange Panasonic Plasma, which has been so good so far that I’ve been able to save up my fun bucks for other goodies :)
  4. Evshrug
    The head tracker is a separate unit from the Realizer, so you can move it above or below your screen
  5. Got the Shakes
    In my case I wanted something that could do 4K and HDR. The monitor options at the time I was looking either had poor HDR implementations or were crazy expensive (like $2000+ for a 32”). The TLC tv has one of the lowest input lag numbers out there for a tv so it’s quite suitable for gaming, as well as doing both HDR10 and Dolby Vision. All for $600. But instead of having a desk setup which would have fit into my existing space much better, I ended up converting an extra bedroom into my media and gaming space so the downside was losing a bedroom. Essentially the tv was cheap enough and punched above its price range in terms of features that I felt like it was a significantly better value than the monitors I was considering. Although I’m not really into the competitive gaming scene anymore, if I were I would have gone the monitor route for sub 5ms response times.
  6. mbyrnes
    I would think head tracking is calibrated somehow, placement shouldn't matter. Something like "look at the center of the screen". Hopefully it doesn't matter, that would be a design fail.

    I completely forgot about head tracking. I'm really going to have to plan this out. I may move my sources next to me with the A16, and just run an HDMI cable to my TV (I only run a stereo setup for audio).

    I'm very fortunate where I have no WAF to deal with. My hatred of wires across the floor goes back to the Astro Mixamp. 10' optical, 10' USB for power, controller wire, 3.5mm to RCA into a Schiit Magni (and it's power cord), Headphone and microphone cables connecting into amp and Mixamp. This setup was a nightmare, and while the A16 wouldn't be quite this bad, it's close. Hopefully I can figure this out before it comes. Don't want to be waiting for cables to arrive in the mail AFTER the A16 comes, lol
  7. Evshrug
    3ACD59F9-1337-4D3B-AECB-FF7F4CD707ED.gif LOL, that Mixamp life! I have a short video of what my buddy had to do every time he wanted to use it, let’s see if I can upload it...
  8. BunnyNamedCraig
    Lol! That feels so long ago.

    I hope people notice me repping the official unofficial t shirt of the deals thread.
  9. Evshrug
    I hate you :p
  10. musicday
    Stax 009S has been announced. Now that will be a fantastic headphone to use with the A16. Very pleased to see so many headphones being released lately,will make it easier for us to choose when is finally shipping.
    Also prices should go down slowly but they will:)
  11. mbyrnes
    One nice thing to paying off the A16 so long ago now, is I really dropped out of the Head-fi rat race. I have NO idea what to expect, and I have a decent collection of gear already. Why spend money until I know, what I really want, after the A16 arrives.

    Agreed with the headphones thing you said. Seems tons of good headphones and amps are releasing, or will shortly. Since I've paid off, probably 10 headphones have come out that I'm curious about, but won't buy until I get a good feel for the A16. The Realizer may have been expensive, but it has definitely saved me money overall. I hope it stays that way (wishful thinking I know).
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  12. sander99
    There are two devices at work for headtracking: the headtracker it self that is mounted to the headphones and the optical set-top reference. The latter doesn't have to be used, it is just something that avoids a slight drift that otherwise could occur.
    From the A16 FAQ (http://smyth-research.com/A16Q&A.html):
    More details about headtracking are on the first 2 pages of http://smyth-research.com/downloads/additional_KS_info.pdf
  13. FastAndClean
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  14. musicday
    Thank you for the link. This was definitely a very interesting video where you can clearly see the headstand A16, most likely the final version.
    Is beautiful, but i belive the 2U version will look great, and will be very handy for those who don't have much room where they live.
    Delivery should be according the Stephen Smyth from now : 4-6 weeks, to the ones that pre-order it first.
    Still demonstrate the surround capabilities with HD800, nice. Less money spent on headphones:)
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2018
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  15. Richter Di
    Thank you!
    Finally he has heard the Realizer. And as he is very critical it is good to know that he liked the A16.
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