Smyth Research Realiser A16

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  1. mlkri
    I am talking about using two amps at the same time and merging their contents before headphones. So, two amps and zero cable upgrades. I don't know how, but I believe it is possible.
    Let's dance !
  2. sander99
    No not dual mono, but as Stephen Smyth says:
    on this page:
    In bridged mode the user A right amp outputs the left signal normal, the user A left amp outputs the left signal inverted, the user B right amp the right signal normal, the user B left amp the right signal inverted. So each driver of the headphone is connected between two "hot" amp outputs that output opposite polarity signals effectively doubling the voltage that the driver "sees". What does "hot" mean? That there actually is a changing voltage - sometimes positive, sometimes negative. With a normal unbalanced amp one output terminal is neutral (denoted -), and only the other output terminal (+) has a changing voltage (the actual amplified signal), that's why it is called hot. A balanced amp has two hot outputs, each with the opposite voltage compared to the other. In balanced mode the left and right channel amps of user A together form one balanced amp for the left output channel, and the left and right channel amps of user B together form one balanced amp for the right output channel.

    Edit: I discovered that my use of the terminology is not correct. The word "hot" is used to denote the output or contact with the normal, not-inverted, signal. The output or contact with the inverted signal is called "cold". But is doesn't change the essence of the post.
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  3. illram
    I see. Maybe I just misspoke, I just mean a L/R splitter to balanced XLR. That won't work?
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  4. musicday
    Happy New Year from UK to everyone that is going to get the A16.
    Hopefully we will have it delivered April 2018 the latest.
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  5. Richter Di
    Happy new year.
    I guess May will be more likely.
  6. sander99
    And all the other people here?:)
    Happy New Year!
  7. musicday
    Forgive me for being mean:)
    Happy New Year to everyone everywhere.
  8. sander99
    Yes, 2 standard TRS jacks tip and ring only to one balanced 4-pin XLR (female): that is exactly what you need if you already have a balanced 4-pin XLR (male) terminated headphone cable. (The latter is supplied standard with the HD800S, but not with the HD800 I think).
  9. sahmen
    Well, since you seem to be in a generous mood on this New Year's eve and you seem like someone who could answer some questions about the A16, I have a few about the PRIR's I shall use in the early days after I have received the unit, before going through the learning curves associated with their use. So far I have not had any PRIRs made... I do have some nice speakers in my house, but ideally, I would like to get the first PRIR measurements done in some studio or location nearby where they have a properly set up room with the appropriate equipment and expertise to take those measurements. First of all, I do not know how to go about taking those measurements on my own, so I am wondering what Smyth would do to help the end-user negotiate or get over those initial early hurdles before they can get to use the Unit. The other question is whether there are any locations, or canjams or meets in in the US at which one can get the PRIR measurements done (professionally or not, but expertly done) between now and the release date? That would be all for now. Any helpful thoughts you have would be highly appreciated.e
  10. musicday
    Sorry, i do not know much about this at this stage, but my advice is to relax and do not worry. There will be many high quality PRIR measurements inside the A16 once you receive it plus there will be the free database to download extra.
    And on top of that this community has some nice people that will be willing to share the measurements with the rest of us.
    So just enjoy, get used to the ones already preload and experience later after, i would say.
  11. sahmen
    Thanks for the reassuring response, but I am also thinking I asked you the question, in the first place, because I might have mistaken you for a direct affiliate of Smyth because of your "Happy New Year" message cited below. I apologize if you're not.

  12. wink
  13. musicday
    As of today the price is still $1995 probably not for long. Just wanted to mention it for those who haven't pre-order it. Time to take advantage before the new $2295 price kicks in.
    And it will be a Happy Year:)
  14. castleofargh Contributor
    the tip and first ring (so, usual left and right) are what we need to link to the 2 pins on one driver for balanced use. pretty straightforward to DIY. but do they isolate the "ground"/sleeve part of the female plug in the A16 when in that mode? if someone used a TS male plug, will it end up with a short circuit of sort from the sleeve overlapping on 2 areas? I guess people should indeed only use TRS plugs and leave the S alone for safety.
  15. sander99
    My guess is the same. I think the balanced mode was an afterthought, that somebody got the idea you could do it as a pure software change. You just sent the appropiate normal and inverted digital audio streams to the appropiate DAC-channels (so the DAC's themselves also work together in balanced mode) and no hardware change is needed. To avoid the short circuit you mentioned they probably would have to do a hardware change and maybe they did not do that. This maybe also explains why it can be done in single-user mode only. (In theory they could have chosen to support a second user as well, only via SPDIF out, but I guess the hardware topology is such that SPDIF, DAC, analog line, and amps are in a fixed connection together and that would prohibit using the spdif for something different than the DAC).

    [Edit: By the way: this is my 100th post! And I am pretty sure it is my 50th consecutive post in which I did not use the Y-word! (Y***a):)]
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