Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
  1. musicday
    What enclosure did you guys choose and what colour? 2U and black for my needs.
  2. Fox1977
    I chose the headstand.
    As for the color, headstand exists only in silver and 2U is only in black.
  3. musicday
    You wrong, you can have it in silver or even custom painted if you like.
  4. Fox1977
    Are you sure about that ? because the Smyths clearly said a while ago that eventually there would be no choice in color. So, unless I missed something since then, it should be silver for headstand and black for 2U.
  5. musicday
    This what I've been told :

    Preferred enclosure?


    Preferred front/rear panel colour?


    What future accessories might you be interested in?

    -Soft travel Case
    -Desktop cover(Headstand)
    -Wooden side panels(2U)
    -Customised painting/hydro printing
  6. Fox1977
    That was when ? Because a year ago indeed i answered this survey asking, when it was planned to propose both versions in both colors.
    However, on July, 31st James Smyth answered that to a purchaser on Kickstarter :

    So, unless they changed their mind since then...
  7. Richter Di
  8. musicday
    The writing above was from 8 hours ago. Probably there is lot of demand for various colours,so why not? Once the A16 will be released more people will want to get in various colours, i assume.
    Who believes that will be released before April let us know:)
  9. Fox1977
    It's surprising ift they changed that point and did not inform customers, because some chose 2U but wanted it in silver color for example. That might explain though why the pictures of the metalwork from China showed black headstands rather than silver...
    On their website, they still show a shipping date for march-april for the phase-4 purchases... So i hope the Kickstarter backers will get theirs in february (even though over the last 9 months, i learnt not to hope too much when it comes to the A16 delivery date !)
  10. m8o
    I blame the hdmi moving standard. Happy Smyth went the extra mile to keep their new device from being outdated the day they delivered serial #1 to its new owner.

    Heck, I have a practically brand new 65" curved oled lg that will never be able to play the full ultra 4k standard over hdmi input, but it can from a streaming source. #$&@#% hdmi standard & lg for knowing what was happening yet not making the hdmi input modular and upgradable.
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  11. sander99
    What you saw in one of the pictures of China where the sides of the headstand, the sides of the silver headstand are black, this you can see in the pictures of completed headstands.
    I think they just continue asking the same questions to keep monitoring what people would like to have. The only problem is that they don't explain clearly that it is just a survey and not a real choice that will be honered. When I first got those questions I assumed I would get whatever I chose, only later we heared that it was just a survey.
    Maybe for future batches (phase 4 or later) they will produce other color-model combinations if enough people ask for it, but I assume the first batch they are working on will only be black 2U and silver headstand.
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  12. Richter Di
    Balanced Cabel for the HD 800 arrived today. I really hope that we will get the A16 May latest.
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  13. raband
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  14. musicday
    That's looking good. Definitely you will enjoy many movies and music with the A16 once released.
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  15. Fox1977
    I have a bit of an off-topic question : when i get my A16, can I use the in-ear microphones to experiment and make binaural recordings ?

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