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SilverFi IEM Cables - Top Class Sounding IEM and Headphone Cables - Impressions and Appreciation Thread

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  1. Mimouille
  2. MikePortnoy
    Taking that SilverFi IEMs cables are made by using same technology and logic with SilverFi interconnects into consideration, we can guess that we will be able to get same sonic differences from them. 
    I too listen to some aftermarket cables including Whiplash and Tralucent silver cables for several times. Mr. Saktanber cables have more true tone compared to others. 
    If a R&D cost is high, so cable would be in higher pricing. The magic thing about these cables is its physical softness and also its soft touch to sound. 
    I think you may consider getting a cable which gives ''body'' to your Ety. I don't know if you are happy with your Ety's sound signature with stock cable. Please don't get me wrong, I find Ety a bit lack of body and bass response. 
    Perhaps, Mr Saktanber may look for a black sheath. Have you asked for it?
    Chris, of course you can share your opinions. That would be helpful for Mr. Saktanber to think about the price policy, but please keep in mind, it is very difficult to make a cable starting from zero point :) 
  3. Blackmore
    I will wait until Mr. Sezai is ready to provide them. Yes, Ety's needs EQ to sound fuller and I dont know what to say about stock cable as I never compared to any other out there.
  4. Mimouille
    Yes, and he said no.
  5. MikePortnoy

    Sorry to hear that mate.
  6. Mimouille
    No need to be, he is the one who lost business, plenty of great cable makers out there.
  7. MikePortnoy

    Perhaps, there may not be a black sheath which carries the same quality with the white sheath. The sound may be better with white sheath, since there is no shield within the cable. I don't know, the white sheath may be better in terms of technics. He is using the same sheath on his interconnects. Let's ask him this situation.
  8. MikePortnoy
    I have just asked Mr. Saktanber why he is not using black sheath at the moment. 
    He said that IEM cables are much different than interconnects in terms of hygiene.IEM cables touch a lot to human body; he doesn't find the painting on current black sheath healthy. He thinks that black painting may have allergic and carcinogenic effects and white sheath is much more healthy compared to black sheath. He is looking for a healthy black sheath to use within cables. Once he find the proper one, he will make cables in black sheath.
    In sum, it is about health and I think it is a good production logic.  
    AmberOzL likes this.
  9. shakur1996
    Mike, do you know what is the difference between IEM-X and IEM-2?
  10. MikePortnoy
    SilverFi WorldWide Tour thread has been posted. 
  11. MikePortnoy

    I don't know actually. It seems that IEM-X is out of production for now.

    I will be able to listen to IEM4 and maybe R1 in close future.
  12. Mimouille
    I have to say that Sezai wrote me a very kind message on the subject of sheathing and that he would replace my sheath for free if he ever finds a good black sheeth in the future. He is a very commercial and proactive guy and I am considering getting one of these again.
    AmberOzL likes this.
  13. MikePortnoy

    Nice to see that mate. He is also very good listener and he knows what he hears. Depends on our system and preferences, he helps getting the correct cable regarding their sound signature. Without hesitating, we can take his advice by asking and discussing which one would be suitable for our system.
  14. AmberOzL

    Glad to hear that Mim. I am sure you gonna like it as I have been very happy with the demos I spent time with.
  15. MikePortnoy
    IEM2's impressions has been posted in the first page. Upcoming reviews: IEM4 and hopefully R1. 
    The worldwide audition tour is going on. In order to signup, please follow:
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