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SilverFi IEM Cables - Top Class Sounding IEM and Headphone Cables - Impressions and Appreciation Thread

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  1. shakur1996

    Is my feeling right that IEM2 pairs very good with Harmony 8 Pro?
  2. MikePortnoy
    Yes, Chris. Exactly it is. IEM1 would be better with SE5 and IEM2 would be better with H8P. So, you have two perfect earphones to understand the cables during the tour. 
  3. AmberOzL
    But I like IEM2 more with the SE5way. IEM1 was I remember it nicely but the stunning performance came from IEM2. It has been a long time though, I wish I could demo them again and hopefully with the new additions but nowadays I am really busy, ain't got no time for audiophile world.
  4. shakur1996

    Maybe the difference between your assesement and Mike's is the fact that IEM1 was recently rebuild (at least this is how I understand Mike's post).
  5. MikePortnoy
    Both new IEM1 and IEM2 are very good cables. New IEM1 is a bit more energetic (without piercing or fatiguing) than the older one. However, IEM2 is more sophisticated and detailed than IEM1.
    Surely, SE5 would sound good with IEM2 too. Probably with better detail articulation than IEM1, but we should take synergy of pairing and personal preference into consideration.  
  6. Blackmore
    To understand the differences you do need to try them both, no other way. Like I wrote in my review, tonality is the key, as all of SilverFi cables are good, period.
  7. AmberOzL
    Whatever I tried from SilverFi was good, I think that we can all agree. Wish I had time to do a comparison/review by using my SE5way. Maybe in the future we can arrange something like that but nowadays it seems pretty long shot.
  8. MikePortnoy
    I have recently discussed about retuned IEM1 character with Mr. Saktanber. He told me that IEM1 has a similar sound signature with IEM3. Both of them have a bit open-bright sound compared to IEM2 and IEM4.
    So, we can say that IEM2 and IEM4 are suitable for earphones such as NT6, H8P, Mentor or NT6Pro; IEM1 and IEM3 are suitable for earphones such as SE5way,InEar StageDiver SD3. IEM-Reference is a flagship which is neutral as much as possible in HIFI world. We probably say that IEM-R carries a combination of IEM3 and IEM4. 
    That's why Mr. Saktanber offers both IEM1 and IEM2 for the tour. 
  9. MikePortnoy
    Mr. Saktanber has started to reproduce IEM-X with a unique retune. IEM-X is very good cable for SE5way. He has also retuned IEM3, IEM4 and IEM-Reference1 with hybrid design. Now they are made from a combination of silver and gold plated silver. 
    For SilverFi audition tour: http://www.head-fi.org/t/745982/silverfi-iem-cables-worldwide-audition-tour-limited-number-of-participants
    IEM1 ..............      249.- USD.

    IEM2 .............       376.- USD.

    IEMX ..........         485.- USD.
    IEM3 ..............     632.- USD.  (***) 
    (Hybrid design with silver and gold plated silver conductors)

    IEM4 .............     765.- USD.  (***)
    (Hybrid design with silver and gold plated silver conductors)
    IEM-R1 ..........      997.- USD.   (***)
    (Hybrid design with silver and gold plated silver conductors)
  10. gyx11
    I have just heard the H8P with the IEM4... in that one instant, every doubt that I had about the benefits of cables vs placebo effect finally ended.
    oh. my. goodness.
    that's all i can really say for now.
  11. MikePortnoy
    My experience with H8P and IEM2 is very positive. As an upgrade to IEM2, IEM4 must be shining. These cables take the earphones to another level. It is not a placebo as you say :)
    Nice to see a happy owner mate. Please share more impressions about its sound. 
  12. MikePortnoy
    By the way, for anyone who wants to demo SilverFi's cables, here is the world tour thread:
  13. gyx11
    Well I'll only share some very brief impressions. Two reasons:
    1) there seems to be a slight problem with the cable, and hence some sort of imbalance with the cable that's making the left side more muffled than the right (I'm sorting it out with Sezai atm, who's been very communicative throughout I must add)
    2) The recommended burn in is 300 hours and I am nowhere near that at the moment (whether or not I believe in burn in is a separate matter. But I once thought cable changes were total hogwash, and look where I am now, so who am I to say?!)
    Build Quality:
    Build Quality is superb. Even though there is a DIY feel to the cable, the wire and braiding looks like an art piece rather than an actual cable. It is also feels solid and sturdy. It is flat braided and really thick, but all things considered, extremely flexible.

    Connectors fit easily into the H8P, which is the only IEM it has been paired with so far. The heat shrink is longer than how I like it though, and as a result, when looped over my ears, it doesn't sit very nicely, and 'unloops' from time to time. It's not too big of an issue though, and can be remedied by simply trimming the heat shrink.
    Comfort and Usage:
    This cable is definitely recommended for indoor usage only. Mainly because it's so thick and looks so unlike a cable, that if you wear it outside, people are going to think of you as a fashion disaster. But another reason is to do with the microphonics of the cable. It is the only true downside IMO. Microphonics are very pronounced, even with small movements and rubbing against clothes/fabric.
    Sound (with the H8P) - Compared to stock cable and a Toxic Cable Silver Poison (an excellent aftermarket cable in itself):
    Bass is FREAKING AMAZING. The H8P bass is superb by itself... The IEM4 makes it better, by a lot. The definition, authority, rumble and slam are further enhanced. A nice balance between sub-bass and mid-bass. The bass is the best I have ever heard by a country mile. This is quite unbelievable for a silver cable.
    There is a nice tinge of warmth, which might not work with already warm sounding IEMs, but the H8P is relatively neutral, and the warmth is welcome in this case.
    Detail articulation is a lot better, but also done with a nice smoothness about it. Going back to the Silver Poison, the sound is slightly harsher and less cohesive.
    The overall presentation is brought very far in front, almost as if smack in the middle of the performance (no, not in the front row... right in the middle of the performance). I can imagine some people who prefer a more 'spacious', back-row presentation who might not appreciate this. It took some time for me to get used to it as well, but the musical experience is really quite something to behold. I close my eyes and the vocalists sound just inches away from me. For reference, the Silver Poison has a MUCH more laid-back approach.
    Soundstage is something which is quite difficult to describe, and especially so in the case of the IEM4. The very forward presentation makes it hard to actually get a grasp of it, but the best word to use is 'enveloping' (ties in with the forwardness I suppose). 3D-esque.

    Frankly speaking, I am astounded at how much a cable transformed the sound of the H8P. The sonic improvements are very drastic, and while I think most people will embrace it, some who like a laid-back sound might not. Added in with the several gripes I had with the length of the heat shrink, the microphonics, and the artsy-ness of the cable, how to put it best is that the IEM4 is a 'niche' cable which is absolutely marvellous if you are willing to have certain trade-offs. F
    I've used the IEM4 for about 4-5 hours since they came to me brand new. Preferably, I would have wanted to experiment a little more with other sources, amps, and other variations to get a better understanding of its sonic attributes before posting anything. However, because I have another full length review to finish up, and time is running out before I'm fully jammed for the next 2-3 weeks, I can't really afford a more comprehensive review. You can PM me if you want more impressions, but be patient as I might not reply immediately.
    Sources used: HDP-R10, Glove Audio A1, Hidiz AP100, Laptop HO
    Music Genres tested: Rock, EDM, Alternative
    I'll update this thread when I can, to report on the other sonic aspects of the cable, i.e changes to the mids, highs, clarity, e.t.c
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  14. MikePortnoy
    Nice impressions Gxy, 
    I am sure Mr. Saktanber will repair or send a new one if there is a real problem. He offers a very long time of warranty. 
    I am glad to see another person who cannot believe that SilverFi's cables are pure silver :)
    As I said before,in general, IEM line does not offer a big stage. It focuses to music and real tones of instruments. For me, the biggest changes with IEM2 are weight and true tone. In my opinion, if we listen to music, instruments' sound should be close to reality. 
  15. Blackmore
    Very nice impressions gux11, thank you.
    After need it break in period, cable will open up more, just run 24 hours a day, if you can, you will be amazed several times more.
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