SilverFi IEM Cables - Top Class Sounding IEM and Headphone Cables - Impressions and Appreciation Thread

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  1. maguire
    Yes I agree with Blackmore on break in time, they really do open up & have that wow factor.
    I also enjoyed your impressions, especially the comparisons withe the Toxic SP. But you have to remember IE4 is much higher grade than the SP. And it shows too. Good work Sezai, Just need to modify a few things on the cables as it looks.
    I'm not going on the cable tour because I know I will be hooked, Ive already tasted Sezai's cables & am too scared of what I will hear.
    This will be the end of me......My wife will definitely leave me......[​IMG] 
  2. MikePortnoy
    Too bad mate [​IMG] I wish you could persuade her [​IMG] 
  3. maguire
    Me too......Thanks Mike.
    I can only add...If anyone has any doubts about what a cable can bring.....And not scared of the Misses leaving ya....
    Please do yourself a favour & get in on tour & experience it for yourself, its a great opportunity to taste & hear what these cables can bring.
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  4. MikePortnoy
    Hey Maguire, a headfier from Sydney has been added to the tour list. Taking your location into consideration, you can participate too [​IMG]
  5. MikePortnoy
    Sneak peek for IEM-X cable:
    I have been listening to SilverFi IEM-X cable for a while. It is a tad brighter and energetic than IEM2. Also, IEM-X also carries the general SilverFi’s approach to sound like the rest of the IEM cable range. All SilverFi’s IEM cables have some kind of organic sound; IEM-X is yet energetic and realistic as well as very controlled, while it has SilverFi’s organic sound.
    Without doubt, IEM-X is a perfect cable for IEMs, which have a bit darker and need a bit more energy on mids and highs. Thus, IEM-X doesn’t over brighten the overall spectrum and doesn’t thin note presentation, but gives life and brings realism to notes with a very well weight to the spectrum.
    For exact impressions, I need more listening sessions.. More to come..
  6. Blackmore
    Looks great mate, thanks for sharing I would say, dont say anything, before first 150 burn in hours are done, but thats half way as well. Keep posting.
  7. MikePortnoy

    Thanks mate, surely I will make it burned for more impressions. As you say, it would be better.
  8. maguire
    I also am looking forward to more impressions with further burn in Mike....:)
  9. proedros
    IEM2 looks like a great match for my NT6 ,if anyone here has one that he feels like getting rid of it [​IMG] ,please drop me a pm
  10. chaiyuta
    Could anyone tell me how many wire are in each IEM series (1-4, R1-R4)? I can't find this information from the official website.
  11. quadels
    Is Mr. Saktanber still making Silverfi cables? He just blocked my email to ordering a D2 digital RCA cable, after quoting a price on it.
  12. AC-12
    I just made a purchase from Silverfi. No problems at all. Smooth transaction and excellent communication.

    Mr. Saktanber is a stand up person and just one of us whom pursue audio bliss.
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  13. AC-12
    Many thanks to Sezai for making this happen and the enjoyment that his products bring. I had a brilliant purchasing experience and hope to do again if I get into speakers.

    If you have problems contacting Sezai at the e-mail address, try the gmail address:

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  14. squirrelman
    I swear every picture I've seen of a Silverfi cable has a 3.5mm plug, does anyone know if you can get one built with a balanced connector (specifically a 4.4mm?)
  15. AC-12
    IEM-??WirePrice (USD)Review / Impressions
    24389r1, r2, i1
    X4496i1, i2
    46875r1, i1
    R18999r1, i1, i2, i3
    R2101.295r1, r2
    R5122.495r1, i1

    ContactPayment MethodNotes
    saktanbers@gmail.comBank Transfer or Western UnionSezai is a very honest individual. I have made multiple transfers and purchases without hesitation. It's no different than purchasing from Moon Audio, but with a personal touch. Drew offers a personal touch as well, but they are quite automated these days versus when it was more personal when I purchase my first headphone cable from Drew (Moon Audio) back in 2006.
    I plan on more future purchases as I narrowed my upgrade path to Chord, SilverFi and UE + SE Customs. The Curious USB Cable is important piece in the chain as well.
    Since this is a niche boutique shop, patience is required in communication, build process and final shipping. Since Sezai is a master craftstman, one needs to give him space to perform his art. I look at these products from a long-term enjoyment perspective versus FOTM mass produced cables.

    Modern Blog Home Landing Page
    Classic Official Home Landing Page
    6 Moons (2005) Review
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