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SilverFi IEM Cables - Top Class Sounding IEM and Headphone Cables - Impressions and Appreciation Thread

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  1. MikePortnoy
    Mr. Saktanber from Turkey, is a silver cable maker. He already has top class interconnects, digital cables, speaker cables in his store. Blackmore had reviewed most of them. He had mentioned a lot of good idea about Saktenber’s cables. By taking these long reviews done before into consideration, I won’t do a long introduction.
    Here is the link for Blackmore's review:
    Before starting, I would like to talk about Mr. Saktanber himself. He is a very nice person and opens to learning as much as he can, even though he has been a cable maker for 17 years. 
    He is also very helpful and wants to learn what we think about his cables. He does not sell cable to customers if he thinks that the cable is not beneficial for them.
    He listens to cables before selling; if he does not satisfy, he starts to improve them for mass production. He makes his own raw material, as well. A passage from his introduction:
    ‘’We use our own creation of silver-alloy and silver and both are hand drawn in TURKEY by our experienced technicians. Thus, it can be said that SilverFi is one of the rare cable manufacturers that produce its own metal/alloy, and draw its unique solid silver conductors used in its original designs. ‘’
    A short time ago, he has started to make IEM and headphone cables too. They are made by silver as you can guess. 
    I will mention some ideas about three cables made by Mr. Saktanber: IEM1, IEM1 Balanced and IEM2 Balanced.   
    Here is the first impression about IEM1 of Mr. Saktanber. I have made a short comparison between Westone stock cable and IEM1 (Not balanced). The cables have enough burn-in hour to make a serious listening.
    First of all, the stock cable has a bit bright sound; tonality is not good enough. Not even close to real sound of instruments.  IEM1 takes Mentor’s sound to next level regarding tonality and the balance between frequencies. It gives an organic body to the sound and eliminates too brightness for a good listening. The IEM1 absolutely takes control of UM Mentor’s top end without decreasing its quantity.
    Also, the stock cable has some tonality problems on upper-mids. Thus, the instrument separation is not good due to the tonal similarities between upper-mids’ region instruments. IEM1 fixes this problem on upper-mids and makes separation better and better.
    IEM1 musicality is really amazing on the entire spectrum. It has an organic sound and instruments tones are very close to reality. It does not have a huge soundstage like Tralucent’s silver cable, however layering and imaging is a lot better than the stock cable.
    Vocals are too forward with the stock and may be fatiguing. IEM1 puts vocals in the middle of the stage. That helps to make better separation and imaging.
    It is really hard to believe that IEM1 is made by silver. Since, it has copper’s warmth and silver’s micro details. Also, it is really difficult, almost impossible to knot a tie in silver cables easily :) Mr. Saktanber takes this dream into reality. The cable is really light, soft and flexible.
    Equipments for impressions:
    Hifiman Hm802
    Hifiman HM901
    Unique Melody Mentor
    I hope you like this short review. Next time, I am gonna write about IEM1-IEM2 comparison.
    Here is the price list for IEM cables:
    IEM1 ..............      249.- USD.

    IEM2 .............       376.- USD.

    IEMX ..........         485.- USD.
    IEM3 ..............     632.- USD.  (***) 
    (Hybrid design with silver and gold plated silver conductors)

    IEM4 .............     765.- USD.  (***)
    (Hybrid design with silver and gold plated silver conductors)
    IEM-R1 ..........      997.- USD.   (***)
    (Hybrid design with silver and gold plated silver conductors)
    He also makes headphone cables for Audeze and HD800 with balanced plugs. 
    For his blog and contact information:
    I have just asked Mr. Saktanber why he is not using black sheath at the moment. 
    He said that IEM cables are much different than interconnects in terms of hygiene.IEM cables touch a lot to human body; he doesn't find the painting on current black sheath healthy. He thinks that black painting may have allergic and carcinogenic effects and white sheath is much more healthy compared to black sheath. He is looking for a healthy black sheath to use within cables. Once he find the proper one, he will make cables in black sheath.
    In sum, it is about health and I think it is a good production logic.  

  2. MikePortnoy
    SilverFi IEM2 Cable Impressions
    I would like to share my short impressions about Silver-Fi IEM2 cable.
    I have recently made a brief review of IEM1 cable, but Mr. Saktanber has decided to retune and revise IEM1. Now, it has more transparent sound with energetic highs and mids without piercing and overcoming whole frequency spectrum.
    IEM2 has a smooth sound signature with rich tones on both mids and highs. IEM2’s low frequency is very tight and yet punchy. It gives your earphone tighter and more bodied low frequency response. Mid-bass presentation is not very prominent, but it is easier to hear resonances’ details compared to stock cable. 
    In general, mid-bass section creates some problems such as veiled presentation or making stage smaller due to their too much-bodied response.  In spite of bodied mid-bass section of IEM2, there is a spacious and unveiled presentation. So, we can say that there is a very balanced mid-bass presentation with IEM2. 
    IEM2 mids are very rich, make instruments tone more bodied. Some say that it gives a thicker note presentation to earphone. This would be good for earphones which are on the thinner side of the presentation.
    However, we can say that there should be a more transparent center-mid presentation regarding our earphone. For example, I have no complaint about mid presentation’s transparency with UM Mentor, but we can have some transparency compliments with slightly U shaped earphones. Surely, IEM2 is very transparent compared to stock and previous IEM1 cable. We should review IEM2 cable in its own perspective.
    There is an interesting texture on the whole spectrum, especially on mids. This is not a grain or something disturbing. This unique texture takes instruments’ tones to reality and makes presentation more musical.
    IEM2 has a smoother and very controlled sound signature on treble notes. It has copper taste presentation with silver’s detail articulation. It is very hard to believe that IEM2 is a pure silver cable. Although its smoother presentation compared to stock cable, there is no roll-off problem with this cable. Thanks to its smoothness, upper-mid region is very well controlled. Sudden attacks of vocals and instruments in this region are not piercing.
    As other Silver-fi products have, the main aim of IEM2 is to give a closer sound signature to real tones. Making a large soundstage is not a goal for Mr. Saktanber. Indeed, IEM2 does not have a big soundstage. Its depth is very good, but we shouldn’t expect a very wide stage.
    The biggest improvement on the stage and instrument separation is its very dark background. Also, this black-dark background’s stability is superb.
    I think IEM2 is a top class cable for earphones on analytic/bright side. Surely, this idea may change depends on our preferences, since we all have different tastes.   
  3. maguire
    Enjoyable review, love the way Sezai's cables look. I would love to be able to compare them to Frank's Toxic cables Silver Poison, Silver Widow & Virus that I have on hand.
    Now that would be a battle Royal....2 Great cable makers.......
  4. MikePortnoy
    Thank you :) If you don't mind, which silverfi cables do you have? Looking forward to your comparisons. 
  5. maguire
    I have no Silver fi IEM cables...If that was what you meant? I am currently the guy who has the 3 interconnect cables with XLR terminations, on the world tour.
    I have been waiting to pass them on to the next Aussie (Jester) but his Blue hawaii amp has not been sent as yet.
    My impressions of the cables are on the Silver Fi thread.
  6. MikePortnoy
    Oh, I didn't know you have interconnects cables on the tour, sorry. I meant ''any'' of silverfi cables, not only iem cable :) I wish you could try IEM cables too. Do you have only a desktop system?
  7. Blackmore
    Talk to Mr. Sezai mate, he may send you one of the 2 for comparison, as you have great IEM's and cables on hand already.
  8. maguire
    I have the UM Miracle & UM Merlin Custom IEM's. I run them through Clas-ipod - ALO RXII combo or else with Meier Quickstep.
    I have also purchased some cheaper DAP's Sansa Clip-Zip & for $29 AUD the best kept secret - Kogan MP4 player. (Only available in Australia)
    But Ye I would like to compare these one day...As the Toxic Cables are very good.
    I see your point Mr Blackmore....But having already 3 of his cables with me already....well I just kinda feel bad asking him for more....
    Plus the "Minister of Finance"Might not be too happy.....I might like Sezai's cables...[​IMG] 
  9. MikePortnoy
    UM Miracle & IEM2 combo might be a good option for you. I listen to IEM2 with my Mentor. It is pretty organic and detailed without being harsh. I like its detail level on entire the spectrum. 
  10. AmberOzL
    Sub'd. When I go back in Turkey, I will probably shoot an email about these cables. The prices are a bit on the higher side though but we will see how it goes [​IMG]
    Thanks to portnoy for making me discover these secret diamonds.
  11. maguire
    AmberOzL, you will be blown away by these cables." Secret Diamonds" a great analogy my friend...That they truly are...
  12. MikePortnoy
    You'r welcome buddy :) I am sure that you will like them. No disappointment at all, especially for IEM 2.  
  13. Mimouille
    Quality looks good, not mad about esthetics though.
  14. MikePortnoy
    The cable itself has a really good built quality. Also, it is more comfortable and flexible comparing to many aftermarket pure silver cables.
  15. AmberOzL
    Sure I am gonna try. If I really like it and find good sonic differences, I think I am gonna order one for my SE5way too.
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