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SilverFi IEM Cables - Top Class Sounding IEM and Headphone Cables - Impressions and Appreciation Thread

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  1. MikePortnoy

    Actually, they respond quite fast. Which email do you send it to?
  2. Mimouille
    Yep he replied in a day to me...
  3. gyx11
    Ahhh apologies. I just received a response. Took about 1.5 days. 
  4. gyx11

    I've got 2 really quick questions
    1) Which of the cables you received so far, IEM1 and IEM2, paired better with the H8P?

    2) Build quality. It's been echoed by several guys on here already, but how's the 'tidiness' of the cable? Is it solid, sturdy, as opposed to being rather soft and flimsy as depicted in the photos?

    Thanks a bunch! 
  5. MikePortnoy

    Are you consider getting one Mim?

    I had IEM1 and IEM2 when I listen to Mentor. Both cable has very refined and controlled sound compared to stock. IEM1 has a bit boosted to lower end and it is very musical. IEM2 has more detail and clarity while it has a tighter lower end, and blacker-more stable background . Also, IEM2 is more refined compared to iem1. I prefered IEM2 on my mentor actually.

    I like IEM2 on my H8P. Some people find H8P a bit analitic. Iem2 takes it from being analitic to more musical. The cable thickens the note presentation. I don't find iem2 bright at all, although it is pure silver.

    Taking silver components of SilverFi IEM cables into consideration, I think they are softer and more flexible than any other silver cable that I tried so far. For example, Tralucent pure silver cable is a disaster for me regarding its build quality. Thus, their memory wire section is shorter now, more comfortable.

    Apart from other cable makers, Mr Saktanber has his own cable making machines. He creates his own sound signature by trying several techniques. He doesn't get cables from companies which are already prepared and finished.
  6. Mimouille
    I was going to try, but the white sheath is a problem for me as it will get dirty fast and I am totally OCD.
  7. MikePortnoy
    Honestly, the fabric sheath needs to be protected in a case. Yes, it may get dirty, but not quickly. At least, my own cable is still clean after 5 months of use. However this white sheath gives an elite look to the cable.
  8. gyx11
    Yea my concern is precisely that the cables are a little too flexible. The fabric is also a recipe for disaster where I live since the weather is quite humid.
  9. MikePortnoy
  10. gyx11
    Yep of course it is! But overflexibility might bring other problems like tangling. But of course, I'll choose flexibility over non-flexibility any day :)
    I'll probably go ahead with the order soon, to utilize the Black Friday promotions!
  11. MikePortnoy
    Oh it is not overflexible :) there is not much tangling problem as very flexible stock cables have. Anyway, the cable has 4 braids, it is not possible to be super flexible. However it is the softer cable that I have tried as an aftermarket unit, including Whiplash cables.

    Hurry up for the BF sale :)
  12. AmberOzL
    I tried Mike's cables with my SE5way for a short duration, I found the ergonomics quite good actually, I wouldn't doubt its flexibility. If I had cash to burn, I would probably already order one for me.
  13. Mimouille
    What about the sound, any noticable improvement?
  14. AmberOzL
    There are noticable improvements but it is not like turning SE5way into different ciem, it just adjusts small things, makes some nice changes. I remember liking IEM2's low end tightness while keeping the good body and weight. Also increased clarity in the treble region was nice too.
  15. MikePortnoy

    Of course, the difference wouldn't be like day and night :) I expect that a cable should make the earphone better and balanced on the entire spectrum.

    For me, the best part of IEM2 is its organic presentation with a very dark backgound.
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