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SilverFi IEM Cables - Top Class Sounding IEM and Headphone Cables - Impressions and Appreciation Thread

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  1. AmberOzL

    SE5way has already the darkest background so I don't remember any improvements over there [​IMG] but I do remember I like the sound more compared to the stock cable.
  2. MikePortnoy
    Mr. Saktanber has recently released his new IEM cables. 
    IEM-X: 319 USD,
    IEM4: 773 USD,
    IEM-R1:997 USD
    Now there are 6 different kind of IEM cable. I was very impressed with IEM2, I cannot imagine how R1 sounds.. Oh my.. 
    Here is the store link:
  3. Mimouille
    I never really accepted this "let's pay 1k for iem cables" thing. Most I paid is 500$ and I already find myself quite moronic for doing so.
  4. MikePortnoy
    Well the flagship is not cheap. I think we need a really good system and ciem to understand its capacity..
  5. shakur1996
    Well, I don't believe in those cosmic technologies used in such highly priced cables so I'm wondering whether such cables aren't just overpriced piece of equipment. And I do think that if one need to have "special" CIEMs to understand capacity of such highly priced cables CIEMs like 5ways, Harmony and any other TOTL CIEMs should be consiered as such "special" CIEMs.
  6. Mimouille
    I have 6 TOTL iems 4 TOTL DAPs but still remain skeptical about 1k cables. Not critical, just skeptical. Each time I was considering the Uber for instance, I remembered I could get a TOTL iem for that price. What I am saying is I think cables bring the smallest gain in SQ per $, if any.
  7. MikePortnoy
    Of course, it is not a cosmic thing my friend. :) The important thing about these cables is that R&D. Mr. Saktanber does not buy cables from other companies. He has cable making machines and he decides on which components should be used within cable. There is no cable which is ready for shipping once you order. This is a true hand-made product, that's why it is a bit pricey. 
    I think any of TOTL ciems would be capable enough to understand how much difference there is. Of course, if we have a ciem or iem which is not considered as TOTL, getting R1 is not logical. 
    Do you have UBER? Yes, the cable may make small difference. However, we can guess that the difference wouldn't be like day and night. These pricey cables exist for better articulation and detail hearing. This is about options, for sure. You prefer getting a TOTL in place of an highly priced cable... 
  8. shakur1996
    Mike, when I see CIEM cables for 500-1000 USD I think to myself that the only possible reason why they are so darn pricey is that they must use some sort of cosmic technology:)
  9. MikePortnoy
    Haha, you are right [​IMG] As you say, these cables have to be made by a cosmic technology or they have to be really good for their prices. :)
    As I said, if we don't have a super good system, it is not logical to get the flagship.. We can consider getting lower models for our portable system
  10. AmberOzL
    Considering the research and development behind the cables as well the hand made built, if the increase in SQ is also good I think it can be okay to pay high prices. I had my doubts about cables and how much they affect the sound before too but once I tried some different cables and see the difference in them, I started to think why some of them cost like 500 dollars or more.
    IEM2 was truly an eye opener for me so I believe all the new additions to the family will bring something magical or well let's use "cosmic" here.
    Seeing how people pay 1200 dollars or something for Uber and pretty much everyone complains about ergonomics and the fragile built of the cable, I think SilverFi here might have a winner combination. Good ergonomics, nice durability, awesome sound.
  11. maguire
    Well if it means anything, I have some of Sezai's XLR interconnects, & they made a huge difference to the sound. Yes Huge, I knew this only when after listening to them for a few weeks then thinking lets try the ol' cables again......My My I was left with a kind of deflated feeling. What just happened to my system?
    The guy makes great cables, to my ears & everyone elses who has tried them also. As far as IEM cables go I cant say cos I have not heard anything from his stable of cable....
    I have tried a few different cables though & found the best were Frank's at Toxic Cables. Again I havent heard Sezai's. Both are Masters of there trade.
    Some or many of you I know dont believe in cables....If thats the case consider yourselves blessed....Cos you will save heaps of doe. But for people like myself, I can hear it instantly.
    Then I cant go back to the stock cable.....Never should have heard it in the first place scenario.....Then I must have it.
    Different strokes for different blokes, to me though cables bring another in another dimension to your already good system making it better sounding kinda tailoring it to your liking.
    AmberOzL likes this.
  12. Blackmore
    I am with maguire here, right to the point, try first and then talk. I know a little more about Stan systems, where one is very revealing and hide nothing, so, if anyone understands about such matter than is it maguire for sure. Of course, open mind and good ears are need it for any research and review, otherwise its pointless.
    Mr. Sezai is not just third party cable seller, he develops and build them by hand from A to Z in a beautiful land Turkey. His speaker and headphones systems are top notch and I am completely convinced in his passion for music and nature, nothing should sound, look, smell or feel artificial, that’s how "crazy" he is, and to me, if you can create this, your must be gifted for sure. And now, we are blessed, at least, I feel like it, because we can not only buy, but also try them before that. How many well-known companies, who sells thousands USD expensive cables, do that? I don’t know any. And, I am not even starting about 20 years of warranty.
    When folks saying that his cables are expensive, well, they may have the point, but why starting from the top, just give it a shot for his basic / middle line and be prepare willing to keep them right away. With an budget of USD 445 you will be able to buy Digital 2  and Spirit Interconnects from SilverFi and believe me, that is an very good and competitive investment. When the time is right, I will be trying more of his craftmanship, maybe also IEM cables for my Ety's.
    Go and read his blog, if you don’t believe us.
  13. shakur1996
    Nevermind. I don't want to engage in useless discussion about cables. Everyone can have its own opinion. Please though bear in mind that it is proved that price/luxury areola over a given product have vey big impact over our perception.
  14. Mimouille
    I would try...if it was possible to have a sheath other than white.
  15. Blackmore
    Not sure will be possible, think that coating material and process are part of the final product, unless you mean color only, but you may like to ask Mr. Sezai about it.
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