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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. Krutsch
    Check out the Sony NW-A50 Series. I wrote a mini-review with the Shure SE535LTD. There is no "hissing" with the 535s.

  2. joshnor713
    I +1 the BTR3. It's no Mojo, but great convenience and sound for the affordable $79 price. I'd recommend it to anyone who loses the headphone jack, and would sound better anyways than a standard headphone jack (only exception being LG's dedicated-DAC smartphones). And it's low output impedance and dead silent with the SE846.
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  3. tbritton
    Other exception is the HTC10, also with a dedicated DAC. (Love mine!)

  4. joshnor713
    I used both (HTC 10 and BTR3), and well as LG's offerings, and sorry to burst your bubble but the HTC 10's Qualcomm-supplied DAC isn't anything special.
  5. MichaelYYZ
    Mark, what do you feel is better about the BTR3 than the ES100 that makes you use it more often? Also:

    1. Which one sounds louder with the same earphones?
    2. What is the output impedance for the BTR3? (I know that that for the ES100 is 0.5-1 Ohm.)
    3. Which one has lower S/N ratio (less hissing noise)?
    4. Which one has longer battery time?
    5. Which one sounds more like the wired connection to an iPhone (in terms of sound quality, not loudness)?

    Anything else that is worth sharing about the two? Thanks.

  6. tbritton
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  7. joshnor713
  8. kp297
    I've been listening to Audioslave today with the SE846, just loving this IEM. Comfortable, isolating with the wonderful Shure house sound. In the world of Headfi where manufactures are coming out with new releases several times a year, Shure has remained unchanged from the SE846 debut. They haven't even reduced the price haha love that confidence.
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  9. tbritton
    It isn't just that. Please do not spread misinformation. Read about the two DACs inside the HTC-10. I gave you the link to the thread that may be most helpful. Also this review:

    The HTC-10 does not use only the Qualcomm Snapdragon DAC, which may be where you found disappointment.

    Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
  10. joshnor713
    Just hard when everywhere you look regarding the HTC 10 DAC you see "Aqstic dedicated DAC". HTC also didn't help by making it a mystery, unlike LG who specifically state they use ESS Sabre DACs.

    Regardless, I heard the HTC 10 thoroughly and my opinion is that it's definitely better than a standard chipset DAC, but a step behind LG's solution, and even something like Fiio's BTR3. It's good you love and are completely satisfied with it. That's the goal after all :)
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  11. joshnor713
  12. plakat
    Just saw that new BT option. Since I quite liked the original one, I think I'll get the new version despite my new N8... somehow I just like the SE846, and that is a simple upgrade. Codec support looks good, battery life almost double.

    My SE846 is now almost 4 years old... I really like that Shure does not feel the need to produce a new model every year. Getting the Bluetooth cable (my favorite word) gave it a new life after the iPhone, which is my main source on the go, lost its headphone jack. It holds up better than many others I owned in the mean time, like the Vega or even the PP8.
  13. ryaneagon
    Thanks for the info. I've been using these with my Shure's


    I've had nothing but good results, and they are super inexpensive, but build quality is fantastic.
  14. MarkF786
  15. ryaneagon
    I guess. I have both Shure (old model) and TRN and I actually prefer the TRN. The Mic is a little better on the Shure, but I don't hardly ever use it, so oh well.

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