audiofly af1120
  1. audioflymarketing

    Audiofly Pro launches new packaging and upgraded accessories

    We're excited to announce a new makeover for our Audiofly Pro range of IEMs (excluding the AF100 MK2). Locally designed and engineered in Perth, our Audiofly Pro IEMs will be outfitted with brand new colourful packaging and receive an upgrade in their included accessories. These new...
  2. Audiofly AF-1120

    Audiofly AF-1120

    Top of the line universal in ear from Audiofly, equipped with 6 BA Drivers in each earpiece, delivering a very flat response.
  3. jelt2359

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    Could only find an announcement thread, and since they're here in my hands and I appreciate them, therefore this thread.   Driving them from the headphone out of my HM801 (GAME card), I immediately hear the bass I've been hoping for. It extends very deep, and is extremely punchy in a way my...