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Oct 30, 2017
Apr 18, 2014
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Connecticut, USA
Cashier and tobacco shop

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500+ Head-Fier, Male, from Connecticut, USA

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Oct 30, 2017
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    Connecticut, USA
    Cashier and tobacco shop
    5 main things: Computers and pc games, books, and music, manga/LN and comics/Graphic novels, and Anime
    PC games, reading fantasy novels, computers, games with the kid, movies, writing poetry.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Monolith M1060 planar headphones
    Hifiman HE-560(grill/pad modded Balanced -SOLD)
    ZMF x Vibro's(OCC hybrid balanced cabled(Gone)
    Earsonics SM64v2
    Fidue A83(Sold)
    Havi B3(Gifted)
    Sound Magic HP-150(sold)
    Audiofly AF-1120 6BA IEMs
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Alo Pan Am hybrid tube amp, with GE Jan 5654W tubes and Vokshod
    Audio GD NFB 28 Class A fully balanced and discreet amp.
    Gemini Doctor WS 1.2 amp
    Cmoy BB 18v(Gone)
    Meier 2move
    iBasso PB2(balanced out used for ZMF Omni's--Single ended for AF1120)
    Meier 2Stepdance(my upgrade from the 2move)
    Source Inventory:
    Denafrips Ares DAC, R2R DAC
    Audio-GD NFB-28 Balanced DAC/amp
    Alo Pan Am
    iBasso DX90
    Rockbox Ipod 5.5(Gone)
    Fiio X5III
    Cable Inventory:
    Canare 3.5mm to RCA cable
    Sennheiser Canare cable
    Canare rca cables
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Aune Speakers
    Music Preferences:
    Indie rock, classical, classic rock, new wave, indie pop, alternative, metal(older), hip hop, some jazz, and video game music.
    Well I have a 5930k 6 core intel chip, 16gb of Crucial DDR4, 2 980's SLI, in a Phantek case being display with a Benq G27ht WQHD IPS panel and a Samsung 4k panel. I own a Realforce 87u 55g Topre keyboard, and a Leopold FC660c 45g Topre 60% keyboard. I also have a Samsung Note 4(awesome device) That is all I have on top of my head.
    Music. PC games, reading, audio books, being a dad


    Desk: Audio-gd NFB 28 balanced DAC/Amp---ZMF Walnut Omni's
    Away from desktop: DX90---PB2/Meier 2Stepdance---ES SM64
    OTG: DX90---Ibasso pb2/Meier 2StepDance---ES SM64
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