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I have been through many darker paths in my lifetime, I am 31 years old though at times I feel older and other times I feel younger. At the age of 25 years young I ended up ignoring issues I was having with my left leg to eventually come and find out that I had several DVT's(more severe form of blood clot) on my left side and it caused me to be unable to work my job and not walk properly or work out for a year and half( I got better 7 months after but after starting back at work, within a month's time.) which then was found out after switching to the third doctor, who really took their job seriously, that I have blood disease and that I would of have to change many things in my life and with myself to stay better. After all this happened I lost the woman I love when she ended our engagement after being together for almost 7 years and living with one another for roughly the same amount of time. I then had to quit my two jobs, pack up what little I was left with, ask for help from family, attempt to get assistance in MA, and say goodbye for now to my little girl that I had been raising since her age of 18 months...she is now going to be 8. I went through a mental break after leaving realizing that I was truly happy and feeling a severe lack of purpose and contentment, I began to start over. Fast forward 7 weeks later I am currently enrolling in courses for Technical Computer support via online school, still looking for at least some form of better work( living off my savings from past work) Am back to living with family for the time, due to my lack of possessions and career at the moment going in on some form residence with them is financially and even emotionally necessity for myself right now.

I own a little maltese, whom I named Willow, she is a vibrant color in my life and has been with me since I first found out about my blood disease 4 years ago. I still stay in regular contact with my daughter, Justeen, she and or I call each other daily if at all possible. I am moving into a bigger apartment/Housing with my mother her boyfriend and my cousin at the beginning of April, and which is very exciting for me to have my own space again, where I can have my daughter visit and spend time with me on her vacations from school. I hope the job options open up for me more as I keep searching and applying, because I do have some small work that I do weekly, but neither is it enough financially or mentally for myself.
I love this community and all that it opens up for us musical lovers, diyer's, hobbyist, and audio nerd's out there. I also love the people that I have come to know through these forums and classified ads, and I think for those newer members it is easy to spend a lot early on as you are searching for your preferences and the best sound for the money, but take it from me it really is about the experience in many ways and not an ending.
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PC games, reading fantasy novels, computers, games with the kid, movies, writing poetry.
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Monolith M1060 planar headphones
Hifiman HE-560(grill/pad modded Balanced -SOLD)
ZMF x Vibro's(OCC hybrid balanced cabled(Gone)
Earsonics SM64v2
Fidue A83(Sold)
Havi B3(Gifted)
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Audiofly AF-1120 6BA IEMs
NuForce Primo 8 quad BA Iem's
Saving for Eikon or Ether
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Cmoy BB 18v(Gone)
Meier 2move
iBasso PB2(balanced out used for ZMF Omni's--Single ended for AF1120)
Meier 2Stepdance(my upgrade from the 2move)
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Denafrips Ares DAC, R2R DAC
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Aune Speakers
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Indie rock, classical, classic rock, new wave, indie pop, alternative, metal(older), hip hop, some jazz, cinematic soundtracks and original scores, Folk, blues, and some country( dependant on the style and Artist)
Well I have a 5930k 6 core intel chip, 16gb of Crucial DDR4, 2 980's SLI, in a Phantek case being display with a Benq G27ht WQHD IPS panel and a Samsung 4k panel. I own a Realforce 87u 55g Topre keyboard, and a Leopold FC660c 45g Topre 60% keyboard. I also have a Sony Xperia Premium XZ which I really like thus far. That is all I have on top of my head.
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Desk: Denafrips Ares Balanced DAC-- Cavalli Liquid Platinum w/ 1960s 4003 Briars/ Cavalli Liquid Carbon X---Hifiman Arya/ AR-H1
Away from desktop: LG V30+/Meier 2Stepdance---Grado Gw100 Version 2 or Acoustic Research AR-H1
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