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Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifiguy528, Dec 19, 2010.
  1. Richsvt
    @HungryPanda Always nice to see you in and about. I'm sure that is just the tiniest fraction of what you could show...
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  2. HungryPanda
    Just what is on my desk at the moment
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  3. Nautrachkfriend
    My setup has more balls! (Added M-Scaler)

    B2CE2EBD-6BB1-4D80-B721-9BF779865AF0.jpeg 4DB81990-F2C6-4629-AFB2-7B2D815155BE.jpeg
  4. MattTCG
    Ballsy or not...you need to get off those Beyers and get some real headphones, sir. :ksc75smile:
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  5. Nautrachkfriend
    Empty wallet :triportsad:

    I am accepting donations if your Ether 2 is collecting dust! :beyersmile:

    I’ve been looking at the Hifiman Arya though as a filler potential before Empyrean/Susvara. Surprisingly enough adding the M-Scaler tamed the Beyerdynamic T1 so that they aren’t as hard to deal with.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  6. MattTCG
    Bahaha! I like you. Very funny. Yes, I imagine that the ETHER 2 would rock my world on your setup. Very impressive. We should all be slumming it like you :)
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  7. CreditingKarma
    If you get a chance check out the abyss AB-1266 phi tc. I like them more than the susvara and they are leaps ahead of the empyrean in almost every aspect. They are almost speaker like.
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  8. interweb-tech
    The latest acquisition: new-to-me Audio-gd R-28. Valiantly resisting the call of the Master 9 offered for sale close to me.

  9. SalR406
    You know what the Borg say about resistance...
  10. Krutsch
    IMG_20190914_134748.jpg IMG_20190914_134755.jpg
    The new office rig using some old + new gear.

    Walkman NW-A55 → iFI nano iUSB 3.0 (5v + audio)Sony PHA-3 → 4.4mm-to-3.5mm balancedHD-660S
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  11. PinkyPowers
    Pinkys Listening Station 01.jpg
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  12. BobSmith8901
    That cable is a monster! What is it? Looks like a 64 core but I don't have any experience with balanced XLR.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
  13. MattTCG
    Looks like a Norne Audio Draug 3.
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  14. gimmeheadroom
    What keyboard is that?

    AKG makes electrostatics? When did this happen?!

    I like your setup. Is that a TASCAM recorder on the right under your Furman? I'm going to buy the DA-3000 when I get the money. Nice desk btw, I've been wanting some rackage but I don't have the room for a rack-desk. Well I do, but it's not in the right place. I always ask people who have Hegels if they like them, since they're available here. Do you like yours? I went with Musical Fidelity instead but I'm going to be buying another integrated amp in the next six months probably. Surprising how many don't have line out.
  15. gimmeheadroom
    Yowza! HF3s! How are you liking them? I have to see if my local Grado guy can get these.

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